Tom Bowers’ company, Bowers Group LLC, has been in the sound suppressor business for a number of years. Its weight with the insert is approximately 18 ounces (varies depending on the selected insert). This is a good choice for.375 SOCOM,.375 Raptor,.375 H&H, AKs and FN 5.7, as well as slower.30 caliber applications, 9mm,.380 ACP and others. For TONS of great information on 375 Raptor plus a bunch of hunting photos (animals taken with 375 R) from Africa to Alaska, please check out 13/16-16 to 1/2-28 5/8-24 Threaded Adapter . $950 with one standard Versadapt™ insert. Also many of you may not realize that the Dead Air Wolfman is … snakeriverarms. $135.99. Retrofits consist of a complete tear down and inspection, followed by the installation of an AIMS™ mount for the Versadapt™ insert system and the latest Versadapt™ baffle stack made for that model/caliber. The inserts have a hexagonal head to ease removal, and if a second insert is ordered a free wrench is included. If the suppressor baffles were damaged as the result of a bad threading job, or because the can loosened during firing or filled with crud from firing thousands of rounds, no problem. We say: A detailed, neutral, and hugely enjoyable sound performance from a well-constructed 5.1 pack – proof that Bowers & Wilkins can do affordable as well as high-end. Every full auto Friday we remember America before 1986 when all Americans could purchase new fully automatic weapons at any local gun store without any significant hassle or exorbitant pricing. If you are familiar with the popular website, you will probably recognize the name Tom Bowers, the former owner of that site. The Bowers Group Vers 50 is a .50 caliber high-efficiency silencer. Only 15.4 ounces, for .375 as well as .30-06 and .308. Designed for those who need a unit capable of taking the pounding from a full-auto .458 firing supersonic rounds, but who do not want the bore size of a Vers 50. The Vers 30 and Vers 30T are both rated from 17 HMR to .300 RUM/.300 Weatherby and nearly everything in-between. Nominal length of 8.6” 15.4 oz; Nominal 1.75” diameter; Rated to pass .375 through the bore. Versatility! $795.00 The Vers 375 suppressor can pass up to.375-inch bullets through the bore and features a titanium stack; the Vers 375 is designed to handle velocities of up to 2,650 feet per second. This is a good choice for .375 SOCOM, .375 Raptor, .375 H&H, AKs and FN 5.7, as well as slower .30 caliber applications, 9mm, .380 ACP and others. $24.99. The thread size is laser engraved on each insert for easy identification. Its overall length is 11.25 inches, with an outside diameter of 1.75 inches. Its overall length is 8.6 inches and it has a 1.75-inch diameter. Vers 375; Vers 30; Vers 458; Vers 50; Vers 9; Pistol. Some of these pistol silencers are very easy to install and disassemble due to the inclusion of a wrench. With the exception of the Vers 30 and Vers 30T, the Vers series cans are high-volume cans engineered for heavy full-auto fire using the rated cartridges, without barrel length restrictions. Taking into account the overall size of this suppressor, aluminum is the best material to use in terms of weight. Being fully aware of the carbon and the hazardous lead dust and particles mess, as well as the environmental consequences of disposing of the cleaning agents, I do not like to clean suppressors. There is also the bowers vers 375. Posted: 5/21/2020 1:39:29 PM EDT Quote History. I was pretty much looking for a suppressor that had the “look” and size of the original MAC suppressor for a .380 caliber MAC 11, but with a modern, wipeless baffle design. The Vers 45 is a .45 ACP submachine gun and carbine suppressor, rated for heavy full-automatic fire. 2010 Versatile 375, 375HP, Quad Shift, 4 Remotes, Fronts weights, rear weights, Cummins QSM 11, good rubber, clean tight tractor, runs and drives good, no known issues. The Vers 375 suppressor can pass up to.375-inch bullets through the bore and features a titanium stack; the Vers 375 is designed to handle velocities of up to 2,650 feet per second. Type C 9" Length 1.375" OD - 1/2-28 5/8-24 Single Core Fuel Filter. $19.90. After adding a few ounces of carbon and lead to my suppressors, I can ship them off to Bowers for cleaning on Monday and will most likely have them back in time to use them the following weekend, all for the cost of shipping and insurance. A shooter’s line of sight can quickly be impaired by the heat mirage emitted from a hot suppressor tube. One standard insert is included with each suppressor. Skip to the end of the images gallery. The Vers 9 is evidence that you don’t necessarily have to pack an abundance of baffles inside a silencer to still achieve excellent performance. As the name implies, the Vers 9 is for 9mm applications. ADD TO CART. Whenever possible, they will continue to make improvements backwards compatible and offer upgrades for a nominal fee. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In a hunting situation you don't always have a … SIONICS-Type Wipeless Suppressor Conversions and Upgrade Service, SIONICS conversions consist of removing the existing internal components and installing a modern baffle stack and a wipeless end cap. As a part of their ongoing support policy for both dealers and end users, retrofits are available for any vintage Bowers fixed mount PAS 9, CAC 9, CAC 45 or CAC 380 suppressors. The Bowers Group Vers 9s is a great budget friendly suppressor! @ruger_arms uses them on some Safari rifles. Product Description When it comes to suppressing big bore calibers, such as .50 Beowulf, .50 Alaskan, .458 SOCOM, .45-70, and so on, your initial instinct might be to choose a one-suppressor-does-all solution. Only Versadapt™ standard inserts may be used with the Vers 30 and Vers 30T silencers. $149.99. The Vers 45 features an advanced baffle stack and is popular with those who want the utmost in versatility due to the larger bore size. While they can be used with traditional semi-automatic pistols, they are not designed for that application, and most pistols will not cycle. $19.90. Using the Sierra 350 grain Match King, the 375 RAPTOR has 60% more energy at 100 yards than the 300 AAC Blackout. Testing the Supersonic and Subsonic ammo on Clear Ballistics gel and hunting in the field with it. It is suitable for the Wilson Combat .458 SOCOM Rapid-Thread Muzzle Brake. ADD TO CART. Therefore, Bowers’ Griptastic™/SUPCOV™ high-temperature insulating silicone suppressor covers have been carefully engineered to provide everything required in a suppressor cover: they are nonslip, low profile and effective insulators that provide IR reduction and encourage cooling through convection by allowing airflow under the cover. Both the stainless and titanium suppressors are rated for limited full-auto use, not to exceed 500 degrees. 0:21. Efficient powder burn in the .375 bore provides phenomenal performance from short barrels and great results when suppressed. The Vers 50 is designed for use with calibers .510 and smaller up to 2200 FPS velocity. This is about the same length as most 30 caliber silencers on the market … $71.99. Both the Vers 30 and Vers 30T measure 1.5 x 9.25 inches. Comments have not been generated for this article. In the video: Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with a Bowers Group LLC VERS375 silencer and some Minuteman Munitions, Inc in the Elite Tactical Systems Group mag Related Videos. CGS Group Wizard Sleeve (.375-compatible variant of the CGS Hyperion, which is the quietest .30 cal suppressor on the market. Posted: August 3, 2019 at 3:55 pm in Rifles; $859.00. Featured ADD TO CART. Posted: February 29, 2020 at 8:32 pm in Rifles; $5,000.00. See photos and video for condition. It's a decidedly odd thread. Suppressors tested include the Bowers VERS 458, VERS 50 and VERS 9S equipped with stainless steel baffles. 375 Raptor Compatible Suppressors: (partial list!). 13C Gun Reviews 329 views. The suppressor tube is also available in Red Dawn Rose color at no upcharge. The Vers 375 is on the website now, while the Dreadnought .460 is on the secret menu. The smaller Vers 9S suppressor uses the cover model GT1.75X8. It uses the Versadapt™ insert system, which can accommodate a number of host firearms. - #regrann #quietversatility #bowersgroup #bowers @tromixleaddeliverysystems @omega_guns @rugersofficial @hollandandholland_ #375socom #375raptor #375hh #ruger375 #elephantgun … $24.99. Nick and Shawn almost fight at the end. 1/2-28 5/8-24 TO 3/4-16 13/16-16 3/4 NPT Threaded Adapter. Posted by 1 year ago. User account menu. Read More. I was wondering if anyone here had any experience … Press J to jump to the feed. The new Bowers VERS 375 is a 15.4oz silencer that is 8.6” long with a diameter of 1.75”. Bowers Group Suppressors for 375 H&H. The MOSSAD-II is made to fit interchangeably between the full-size and mini UZI submachine guns with no modification whatsoever to the host firearm. Can do everything from 32 ACP to 9mm and 300 BLK for sub $1k WITH stamp! It weighs approximately 20 ounces (depending upon the insert) and features a matte black anodized finish. The Bowers Vers 50 is a .50 caliber, high-efficiency suppressor. Efficient powder burn in the.375 bore provides phenomenal performance from short barrels and great results when suppressed. It weighs approximately 15 ounces. Upgrades to the stack are available to allow additional caliber versatility for all of the Bowers Group subgun/carbine suppressors. For me personally, the main priority in buying a suppressor is sound reduction, not size or weight. Gemtech “Mossad-II” 9mm UZI Silencer $ 699.00. Checking out the Ruger American in 350 Legend and the Bowers Group Vers 375 silencer. We first ran into it on a 375 Ruger we acquired for our Safari/Dangerous Game development program. Silencers VERS 375. Its overall length is 11.25 inches, with an outside diameter of 1.75 inches. Oct 28, 2020 | Guns, Reviews | . ????? The Bowers Group Vers 9S is a small, high efficiency 9mm subgun and carbine silencer, rated for heavy fully automatic fire in that caliber. 458 SOCOM SHOOTING THROUGH THICK BRUSH Todd Huey uses the CMMG Anvil and a Bowers Vers 458 to show how the 458 SOCOM can shoot through small brush and trees. Loved the can too! Vers being short for versatility. The Vers 30T features a titanium tube and weighs in at a mere 15.6 ounces. This is a good choice for.375 SOCOM,.375 Raptor,.375 H&H, AKs and FN 5.7, as well as slower.30 caliber applications, 9mm,.380 ACP and others. Large volume suppressors reduce ejection port blowback, common in open-bolt submachine guns. The service is offered for all calibers. Vers 45 While Bowers Group LLC may not have the advertising budget of some of the larger corporations, their products and service are second to none. Plus $20.00 Shipping. Snake River Arms is a highly active gun broker in Lapwai Idaho carrying inventory for all of the most popular firearms, ammunitions, scopes, silencers and accessories. The Vers 458 is rated to pass .460-diameter bullets, and for velocities up to 2,650 feet per second. Recently added to the insert lineup is the VWC .458. Burn Protection. A majority of Bowers Group’s pistol silencers are wildly lightweight, some weighing as little as two ounces, making them easier to use, especially for those new to silencers. ADD TO CART. View as: Showing the single result. This is the silencer you want for the new .350 Legend! The Vers 375 suppressor can pass up to .375-inch bullets through the bore and features a titanium stack; the Vers 375 is designed to handle velocities of up to 2,650 feet per second. There you’ll find chronograph data for various loads through different barrel lengths, reloading tips and load data, ballistics gelatin test videos, and much more. This suppressor has the company’s latest, most advanced subgun baffle stack and has a matte ceramic-based finish. Edit: just realized you had already ordered one. The bore size and velocity rating combine to make this an extraordinarily versatile suppressor. In this bore size we used the Liberty Suppressors Vintorez, The Bowers Group Vers 375. I use my suppressors on a variety of subguns, so I put a lot of rounds through them. A Blackout option is now available that features two stainless steel blast baffles. Its weight is approximately 18 ounces. Each Vers 30 and Vers 30T silencer comes with a custom Griptastic™/SUPCOV™ high-temperature silicone suppressor cover.
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