In its simplest form, a compost tumbler is a container that can be turned to “tumble” or mix the compost that’s being generated inside. When he's not busy researching on a new product, then he's probably spending time adventuring the outdoor life. While these are also barrel-shaped, they’re mounted on a stand vertically with a central post running through the sides, and with the hatches at the ends of the barrel. EJWOX Garden Compost Bin Tumbler is a plastic made compost equipment which despite its compact design, it can hold a lot of waste which can be as high as 43 gallons. While garden spiders are common everywhere, some people do like to collect and use their compost tea as fertilizer on their non-edible plants, so if you want to collect compost tea, this is not for you. But what’s the best compost tumbler for the job? The bin has a large capacity as well that will ensure you can prepare a large amount of compost for your large garden. If you are looking for a large sized compost bin and don’t mind paying higher, then this is a game changer. While that’s fine in a smaller unit like the other Compost Wizard mentioned earlier, this should have easier access. This is a large capacity compost bin tumbler which has the capacity of 70 gallons. Your compost tumbler’s location plays a huge role in its composting ability. First, you’ll want to assemble your compost tumbler. The process happens even quicker if the composter is positioned in a sunny spot as the extra heat speeds up the composting process. Proper ventilation to ensure the waste decomposes properly. Miracle-Gro Single Chamber Compost Bin, 1. Finally, there are single-chambered and dual-chambered tumblers. Scan for details about material, size, capacity, cost, and important features. You can also switch to bokashi or vermicomposting in the winter, but that requires another composter and a different process. Here’s a comparison of the top varieties. The moisture can produce “compost tea” or leachate. Tumblers, by their nature, are at least partially protected from the elements, and many have a collection area to catch the “compost tea” or leachate that’s generated from your kitchen waste so you can use it as a fertilizer source for your non-edible plants. Overall, it works and does what it’s supposed to. Best Compost Bins and Tumblers Comparison. As long as it’s kept damp, your compost tumbler will work fine. While a stationary composter can offer some insulation, many types of tumblers can be brought inside a garage or shed during the cold months and still used as normal, producing regular batches of compost in preparation for the spring. Compost starter contains the microorganisms that naturally form over time in a compost bin, so it speeds up the process significantly at the start. Spin Bin Composter Tumbling Compost Bin, 8. Various Landscaping Ideas for Gardens and Courtyards. This garden innovation is important because it eliminates waste effectively and saves you the cost of expensive fertilizers to maintain your plants, garden, and lawn. As a closed-bin system, compost tumbling matures compost faster than compost heaps and has the advantage of being rat, dog, monkey and pest proof. The support base is firm and steady to hold the bin in place and to prevent it from tipping over as a result of carrying too much waste. With dual composting compartments, this bin allows you to prepare compost efficiently to ensure your plants receive healthy nutrients for proper growth. Being able to hold 35 gallons, it is a good choice for people who need a medium sized compost bin. The market’s best-selling compost bin tumbler is the FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter. The sliding door tends to be a problem to move. Strong and sturdy build makes the bin durable. If it develops maggots, you also need brown waste – and you need to keep the flies out unless you want maggots there. Special features: Adjustable air vents, Two-chambered design, durable structure. After, you want to start adding your food scraps like eggshells, fruit skins, vegetables, and fresh grass clippings; Remember to keep the ratio 1 part green to 3 parts brown. It is designed with 8 sided dual chambers which makes it easy to mix and turn compost to ensure a continual and effective decomposition process. For at-a-glance information, these comparison tables provide key information about the different composters reviewed in depth below. Another style is the vertical barrel. Using the tumbler itself seems very simple – just put stuff in it and spin it, right? In this guide, we will go through list some of the best compost tumblers in the market as well as some of the things that one must keep in mind when choosing the perfect one. This compost bin tumbler is UV protected and locks in heat. @2016-2020 - Trustorereview. It has a sliding panel that can access both chambers, and the panel can be flipped around to indicate which side is cooking compost and which side is available to add to. But I’m personally going to stick with my YIMBY for the continuous flow of waste in and garden goodness out. Strong and sturdy build make the bin durable. It arrives fully assembled, just set it outside and start filling. Check Price on Amazon. The base has rollers built in to assist with turning the compost. That can be true of most vertical composters in general, but in this high-capacity model, it’s even more pronounced. But you have to turn the compost to aerate it and mix it even when it’s in a stationary composter, which can be a laborious task. This will contribute all the microbes that will help to speed decomposition along a little. The base and the barrel are black, but for the dual doors, you can choose green, blue or purple. Green waste has a lot more moisture and tends to be nitrogen-rich. 1. The bin also lets in heat through its dark surface, and this will greatly hasten the composting process. This article contains incorrect information, This article is missing information that I need. We Help You Find Your Best Wished Products. In the winter, the composting process can slow down due to a lack of heat. Once it’s full, you stop adding additional stuff to it until what’s inside breaks down. Both types work equally well. Tumblers contain the compost in one specific spot and out of sight, so you don’t see decomposing plant materials in the yard and the pile doesn’t gradually spread. If gardening and backyard farming is in your blood, then you already know how compost is important in ensuring a fertile land that is suitable to grow healthy plants. It is made from galvanized sheet metal which not only makes the compost bin sturdy but also weatherproof and stands any kind of outdoor abuse. While you wait, turn it regularly, and unless you have a stationary composter or another alternative, you’re producing waste again. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Compost bins tumblers are designed to accommodate the kitchen organic waste and allow them to rot inside with limited oxygen which in turn makes good organic compost that is suitable for growing. Special features: 8 sided dual chamber, aeration holes & as deep fins. Be it vegetables, herbs or other plants that you intend to grow in your backyard, nothing else beats the efficiency of compost. Our YOLO Compost Tumblers take little space, are odour-free, and they are suitable for homes with large gardens, small gardens or no gardens. Dual compartments for separate composting, Sliding door makes it easy to feed waste into the bin. The Spin Bin is different. As the primary purpose of a tumbler is that it tumbles, you’ll see why this is problematic! By far, the most common tumbler style is a horizontally-mounted barrel design. In her article on fermentation, Kathie shares how they love their Mantis compost tumbler. It is properly aerated as well, with 20 ventilation slots allowing air into the bin for the composting process. When one puts the leftovers inside, the lid is closed and the process begins. It has a large capacity to help you prepare enough compost for your garden. Epic Gardening occasionally links to goods or services offered by vendors to help you find the best products to care for plants. When buying a compost tumbler, you should make sure that the plastic grade or material used in making it is sturdy and tough enough to stand the test of time and withstand protection from animals. Most tumblers share a few key features: they are opaque and darkly-colored to help build heat inside, they have either one or two chambers inside in which you place both green and brown … While a few may still try to get in if something smells really appealing (bears being the most commonly known to do this), most just move on by. Shared above are some of the best that you can buy in the market today. There are lots of compost tumblers on the market. The process of composting begins by filling the compost tumbler up with kitchen scraps and waste matter from the yard. Your outdoor gardening will be more fun if you have healthy compost to feed your plants, herbs, and flowers, and the SQUEEZE master Compost Tumbler Bin is one of the best compost bins tumblers you can get in this regard. In a compost bin you need to turn the waste yourself with a fork or shovel, which can be quite strenuous. It is molded in the USA from the toughest recycled plastic. It is very solid which makes it sturdy and durable. The material they use is supposed to be safe, but after months and months of having microbes and bacteria eating at the inside while sitting in the hot sun, I wonder just how safe it really is. Special features: Dual chamber, Easy slide doors, Compact design. For example, a tumbler is rotatable to help efficiently combine the waste while aerating it at the same time, both of which help the waste decompose faster than in a bin. Get this bin today and make your gardening fun and enjoyable. The materials also offer cold-resistance, and this will ensure the waste is in the right environment for proper composting. Size/Capacity: 60 gallons. And I can’t complain (much) that it doesn’t have a compost tea collector, because not all tumblers do. Fertilisers; Potting Mixes, Composts, Mulches & Manures; Garden Sprayers; Composting. Last update on 2020-12-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. The plastic materials used in making it could be of better quality. The steel frame that holds the bin in place is strong to provide additional support. My problem is that when it’s more than half full, this bin is really hard to spin. The base also has a tendency to slide around when you try to turn your compost. It is also needless to say that the size you opt to go for also determines the amount of compost that you can make at a time. Comes with multi-purpose gloves for gardening use, Made of durable materials that can withstand any weather, Innovative design makes spinning the compost very easy. 4.5 out of 5 stars 115. Whether it’s contained in a frame or just heaped, it’s still a pile. Those with large home gardens will appreciate the Algreen Products Classic Compost bin that has a large capacity that will ensure they prepare enough compost for their garden. Brown waste is dried and occasionally material from plants, and includes such things as wood chips or pellets, cardboard, old newspaper, dried leaves, and the like. The bin is made of top quality materials that prevent leakages as well and keeping the odor in check. Special features: Large capacity, self-watering lid, faster composting, superior quality, easy to assemble, durable construction, easy access. View in gallery. Pour the compost tea into your garden or use it to water your potted plants. It is well built and guarantees excellent durability. Hi, I'm Kevin. It is easy to assemble and with the simple instructions it comes with, you’ll be done in no time. Spinning the bin is difficult for some people. Being a regular shopper who loves to test new things, Gilbert has been a writer and reviewer for several journalism and review magazines helping people like you make informed decisions when shopping. As long as you have a good compost thermometer to keep an eye on your heat levels, your tumbler should be just fine. However, in a dual-chamber, the internal chambers are smaller, so you get multiple smaller batches of compost as opposed to one huge batch. You can add a compost starter to your tumbler to kick off the composting process, and I recommend doing so when you have a brand-new tumbler. It also has smaller doors than some models. From a convenience point, a good compost bin tumbler should let users add more materials anytime ads well as be easy to turn and spin around to let the compost easily mix. The metallic parts of the bin are made of rust-free materials, and this makes the unit very durable and efficient. The dual insulated chambers are well designed to make it easy to fill waster and leftovers as well as offer good sealing for easier breakdown. Tumbler compost bins are sealed compost containers that gardeners use to make compost at home. It can take up to 3 or 4 months or longer when using larger compost bins. However, there are a few major drawbacks to this system. Designed with a compact design, this composter produces good quality compost that will help you nourish your garden and boost plant growth. The bin has a dual mixer that helps mix your kitchen waste to properly to ensure the composting process takes the shortest time possible. A: Aeration and turning the compost is very necessary to allow micro-organisms to uniformly act on different parts of the compost. This Barton compost bin is designed with a two-chambered design using recycled plastic and a solid steel frame to keep in strong and durable. It has multiple ventilation holes that air proper air circulation for the composting exercise. $79.98 $ 79. At 60 gallons, this tumbling compost bin will help you prepare great compost from your home and kitchen waste that you will use to nourish the plants and herbs in your garden. These teeny tiny creatures will be the very ones who’ll do … I find that when I’m using a compost tumbler, if I use one kitchen compost pail of green waste to two pails of brown waste by volume (not weight), it’s about perfect. It’s a single-chambered tumbler that rests on a hollow base to collect leachate, and the base also has rollers that make turning it easy. There’s a wide variety of tumblers available on the market today. I created Epic Gardening to help teach 10,000,000 people how to grow anything, no matter where they live in the world. You need a good ratio of brown and green waste. You may discover a raccoon, deer, or even the neighbor’s cat has invaded the compost pile looking for an easy meal. Tumblers are more heavily constructed since they need to be strong enough to hold the full weight of the composting materials. It boasts having good efficiency, thanks to its aeration system which is able to break-down clippings and leftovers to make compost in as little as 2 weeks. A: Depending on the temperature of your area, you can expect to see different results with the compost breakdown process. So why should you use a compost tumbler instead of just a compost pile, or a bin, or any other method? If there’s a bad smell coming from the tumbler or the contents look mushy or soggy, you need to add more carbon-rich browns. After that, it isn’t necessary unless you’re trying to increase the heat inside your tumbler. Now that we’ve looked at some of the most important things to consider when buying a compost bin tumbler, below is a countdown of the bets that you can find in the market. Most tumbling compost bins that you can buy are plastic. The sun catalyzes the process by helping to build up temperatures and help bacteria work faster. The Good Ideas EZCJR-BLK is part of their Compost Wizard series of tumblers, and the smallest of the series. With the fact that the compost also comes from food leftovers and other kitchen organic waste, you will be getting good quality natural compost without spending a dime. The bin is made of high-grade materials that protect the waste from outside intrusion as well as reducing the odor. They say that it is solid like a tank, and from the materials used, the company surely isn’t far from the claim. 98 $89.98 $89.98. Green waste consists of fresh materials such as vegetable and fruit peels and rinds, apple cores, coffee grounds, fresh leaf or lawn clippings from your yard, manures, and so on. With its beautiful design, this bin will upgrade the look of your garden or wherever you choose to position it. 11% off. The door tends to free during extreme winter weathers. It has a 7 cubic foot capacity that will handle the waste generated by an average household. A: Compost bin tumblers are equipment designed to help break down food and organic kitchen leftovers into reusable compost which can be used to grow plants in the garden or backyard. In its simplest form, a compost tumbler is a container that can be turned to “tumble” or mix the compost that’s being generated inside. The bin does not capture compost tea which is highly nutritious. This style tends to break up the compost more easily as it tumbles end-over-end from a greater height, but some report it to be a little harder to turn when full. If you have the right balance of nitrogen rich green material and carbon rich brown material - in other words a Carbon Nitrogen ratio of about 25 - there is at least some hope that you will succeed. Some of these may be affiliate links, meaning we earn a small commission if items are purchased. A: Compost bin tumblers come in different sizes and depending on how much compost you would like to make, you can pick one that best suits your needs. FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter, Large capacity allows you to prepare a lot of compost at a go, Dual spinning action hastens the composting process. These Tumbler composters have handle to rotate the container so that the material inside it gets mixed properly. When choosing a compost tumbler, inspect the supporting legs and the central axis connection – they should be strong to hold up to years of use. 3.0 out of 5 stars 1. Since the compost bin tumblers are made from different materials, their sturdiness and quality vary. The dark exterior color helps the bin absorb heat that is needed to hasten the composting process. Many have molded or indented handholds to use for turning the compost, although a few rare ones have special handles. Most tumblers have a drain that allows liquid (known as compost tea) to drain out the bottom. Again, like other composters, a compost tumbler works with the help of aerobic bacteria. Frequent turning by rotating the drum gets aerobic bacteria mixed through the organic waste, quickly working to break it down. Best Composters Comparison Chart. It helps to retain the heat needed for decomposition and also turns the organic materials in the box. When assembled, it’s 36” tall, 25” wide and about 22” deep, with each chamber being roughly 12” wide inside. A compost tumbler is a closed system, and one you are hoping is going to churn out finished compost in 2 or 3 weeks. Moreover, it is a durable member – approved by the National Home Gardening Club. Compost tumblers offer several advantages including a faster composting process, less mess, and it’s an easier process than traditional composting. The door firmly secures the bin to prevent animals such as dogs from accessing the waste and interfering with the composting process.
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