Les Paul Forum Homesite Color is your choice. … Looks great! Note: I see there is going to be a Gibson Les Paul Studio Tribute 2019 this fall. Sounds great! I have the same gold top from 2017. No specials or highway one's. Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2018 has 0 ratings (Score 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings ).. Disclaimer. The 2018 L.P. Hi, This is my first post here. Classic 2018 (2017 in fact due to the first season runs). Four questions: 1) Which finish is more classic, quintessentially Les Paul, or generally best for this guitar? Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2018 - Satin Honeyburst finish - $900 + $75 shipping (local pickup available for Nashville) Official paperwork and travel bag included. Slim Taper neck profile. Oliver zeigt euch eine schöne Goldtop, deren Farbe genau der frühen Goldtops entspricht, also genau dem Wunsch Les Pauls persönlich. 7 used from $1,049.99. See a photo and more information. I have no issues with the 490s, but I prefer 57s and burstbuckers usually. Buff out those frets and rock! Original owner. Seth Lovers - never tried them but they have great reviews. Stony Point, NY, United States. HNGD!!! -- Deeper gold It feels lighter than some of my 9-hole Les Pauls (it weights 9lbs) although it's a solid one. It has the satin finish. 17. Gibson Les Pauls. Super light weight. Im about to order Les Paul Tribute and Im wondering (since its going to be my first Gibson) if its worth getting 2018? Whats your opinion on that? Comes with the factory plush soft case. Got from SweetWater and played it for a … 2011 Tributes are chambered. Contact Us I'm in the goldtop fan club. USA made. The new 2019 line has a "Tribute" of the Les Paul Studio, SG Standard, Firebird, and LPJ -- with the Tribute line be a stripped down model. It is a magnificent instrument that is beautifully put together. The two finishes are Satin Faded Honeyburst and Satin Gold Top. Sweetening the deal with the Tribute 2018 is the availability of all models in left-handed for the exact same price and cryogenically-treated frets across the entire Gibson 2018 catalogue, topped off by all-new brown leather gig bags that are equally as sturdy as they are pleasing on the eye. Les Paul Models SG Models ES-Style Models Basses Designer Models Gibson Custom Shop Acoustic Guitars Super Jumbo Models Square Shoulder Models Round Shoulder Models Small Body Models Songwriter Models Here it is in the case: mazzefr, Feb 17, 2018 #4. Justin’s Desert Music Moutain . Now you just need to add a 335 to the collection. Scroll Down And Click On All Of Our Sponsors' Logos For Their Websites! Gibson les Paul tribute 2017 gold top (El Cerrito) $900 Like new Gibson Les Paul Tribute T 2017 Satin Gold Top, gig bag, box (Upper West Side) $1,200 2018 Gibson Les Paul Tribute $800 I want my Les Paul to have more weight. //-->. Woah, that’s beautiful. -- Default Mobile Style They all offer great utility, tone, multi power options, excellent amp models from clean to scream, full Boss fx and online upgrades and usb for deep editing of amp and fx. Top It also comes supplied with a classic Gibson hardcase. Discussion in 'Guitars' started by mazzefr, Feb 17, 2018. I was a nice deal ($1800 new). Discussion in ' Guitars in General ' started by Jarick, Jun 30, 2018 . Would consider a trade for an American standard strat only. Soft case. $750. Non- smoking environment. This page contains information, pictures, videos, user generated reviews, automatically generated review and videos about Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2018 but we do not warrant the quality, accuracy or completeness of any information on our web site. I like those pickups and recommend playing them a while to see if they grow on you. Gibson says weight relief adds to sustain. Nice guitar! Great collection and congrats on the NGD! Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2018: Which Finish and Other Questions, Miscellaneous Music Related Items For Sale / Trade, If this is your first visit, be sure to This was the first ever run of Tributes to come with humbuckers. Very nice quality axe. For sale: A 2018 USA Gibson Les Paul Tribute guitar in excellent condition. Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2018 Honey burst. The finish is the same. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > mazzefr Well-Known Member. 1) I'd get a BOSS KATANA. When Gibson revamped everything into the "Modern Collection" and "Original Collection" (introduced at the January 2019 NAMM show and released to the public in April 2019) this model carried forward to the "Modern Collection" but they moved the jack to a rim-mounted jack (and added a 2-pickup Les Paul Special Tribute Double Cut). Like the other guitars in the 2018 Gibson range, the Les Paul Studio benefits from cryogenically treated frets meaning that they’ll stand up to wear much better. Has the 490r-498t paf-boosted pickups. Plays very nice. Original owner. Today, I found out about the Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2018 and am now thinking about getting one. It has a two piece light back, 490R/498T pickups and a beautiful (pre-customs seizure) rosewood fretboard on a nice fat neck. Maybe a Hot Classic or something there? I love the swirl on the back. So the "Les Paul Tribute" you are seeing is likely a 2018 or earlier model -- note: I would grab the 2018 LP Tribute because it (likely) has the trapezoid fretboard markers instead of the 2019 Tribute's dots. 2) Musician's Friend started carrying this line of guitars a little over a year ago. BTW I had a 2019 Tribute Les Paul that weighed exactly 7# 9oz. Add to Cart. Been a rough few months at work and decided to treat myself to celebrate getting into a new, better situation. This particular guitar is pretty lively so I don't think the Seths would be too warm, but I could be wrong. It was close in design and specs to what I was looking for. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. 490R neck pickup and 498T bridge pickup. check out the. How is it that one comes by a solid mahogany back? Mojotone 59 Clones - wanted to try these as well. 26. I always like the neck but the bridge seems a bit bright. vBulletin_init(); JavaScript is disabled. Just looking around and it doesn't seem worth it to pay $100 for the same thing that someone spent 15 minutes soldering when I can do that myself. Congrats!!!. The tributes are phenomenal guitars, based on my experience with the one I have (not a lot of experience, I admit). Topic Area for the Historic line of Gibson Les Paul Reissues. The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. I splurged and picked one of these up today after looking at them for the last few weeks. The Les Paul Tribute captures the vibe, feel and tonality of a traditional Les Paul and is available in four classic finishes. Thanks.