Video Demostração do Microfone M-audio Solaris The M-Audio Sputnik is a multi-pattern valve large diaphragm condenser with a difference. I sent it in to a repair center and they informed me that m-Audio/Alesis don't support the product any longer. Neumann M147 vs. M-Audio Sputnik? Top. “The end of microphone envy,” with its saucy overtones, is supposed to say it all. If that shootout is anything to go by, the Sputnik has a lot of presence and would probably work very well as a rock or pop microphone, but I think it could be a little heavy on valve distortion, and a little light on low-end response, for my taste. Doesn't light up, and I've tried replacing the fuse. I opened the power supply up and it seems to be just a case of moving a link to the correct position and changing the fuse to set this for 240V. ... 13490812]Yup, I'm also leaning more towards the condensers after conducting the shootout. The Great On-Camera Mic Shootout 2010! Take the GoodForMe Test and browse through 1 M-Audio gear ranked by the best - based on expert reviews and 23 GoodForMe tests taken by fans of M-Audio gear to discover the best for your music personality. The ultimate list - Updated Nov 2020! No buzzwords have been spared in the promotion of M-Audio’s new tube microphone, the Sputnik. Recording Techniques, People Skills, Gear, Recording Spaces, Computers, and DIY ... but I'd take a Sennheiser mic over an M-Audio mic as well. M-Audio Sputnik tube condenser, cardioid, no pad, no rolloff on 6 mic preamps: Martech MSS-10, True Systems P-Solo, Millennia Media TD-1, Universal Audio Solo 610, Focusrite Red 8, Joe Meek MQ3. M-audio Sputnik schematic. Depends a lot on context though, both with the other mics and end goal/genre. In fact, in blind vocal tests, singers prefer the Sputnik … A Sputnik did very well in a recent shootout on here against an R-F-T AK47 & M16 Mk II, an AKG C414 B-ULS and a Peluso 22 251. Hey slutz, I have a pair of Sputniks, and one of them is dead. The M-Audio tube mics never really caught on that big among the audio masses, but fans of the mic are very devoted. My favorite condenser in that position was an M-Audio Sputnik, but it's on the fritz and I haven't gotten around to the repair yet. M-Audio Sputnik Power Supply 120V to 240V change. mikeyc buyin' gear Posts: 576 Joined: Tue Oct 14, 2003 5:55 pm Location: Muskegon, MI. It works fine but I've noticed that written on the power supply, there are 3 configuration options for 100V 120V or 240V. I’ve compared the Sputnik with other mics (like the AKG C414) and found they more than hold their own. It’s a reasonably priced microphone that arrives in a solid carry case with power supply, shockmount, leads and an amusing manual. Download is enabled so feel free to listen to the full bandwidth file on some decent speakers. M-Audio's latest foray into the mic market combines a striking retro look with the warmth of a valve and the versatility of switchable polar patterns.
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