We use cookies to make wikiHow great. These plants can tolerate partial shade too, but if your backyard is also the north side of your house, I’m guessing its probably deep shade. Does it get enough sun? The pink evening primrose thrives in full sun and will need the soil to be having dry to medium moisture. This perennial flower should work nicely to add some color to your green spaces. Will they continue to grow? How do you divide these plants? Evening Primrose Seeds O. macrocarpa. Find seeds for this plant at Seedville, available via Amazon. To grow evening primroses, you’ll want to plant them in a sunny area with plenty of space for them to spread out. I bought a Mexican evening primrose but heard it can be quite invasive – is that true? Is this true? GARDENER'S PATH® IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF ASK THE EXPERTS LLC. The young seedpods can be served steamed. I have had common evening primrose in my garden for several years and I love them! O. Berlandieri, or Mexican evening primrose, on the other hand, is a spreading perennial. Gretchen, I am entranced by your site, and your energetic and lighthearted bio! Evening primrose ‘showy’ (O. speciosa) also thrives in heat and is drought-tolerant. This Evening Primrose completes its life cycle in 2 years, its basal leaves becoming established the first year, while flowering occurs the second year. Although I tried to transplant some of them to my back yard, none have shown up in back, I’m thinking probably too much shade back there. I did some checking and the ASPCA lists Primula vulgaris in their database of toxic and non-toxic plants as indeed being toxic to dogs and cats. The entire Evening primrose plant was a staple food for many Native American tribes. Native Americans used this plant not just as food but medicine too. References Some people consider it a weed based on its rapid self-seeding and ability to easily grow in many areas. Thanks! What a lovely comment! Many of these places contain a gardening area with a wide selection of seeds. And let us know if there’s a plant we’ve haven’t covered that you’re interested in learning more about. Then you can fill in any extra space with additional soil. I believe I have the common evening primrose. Pull up the roots and separate the plants. We occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products. New (to me) plant showed up in my garden this spring. My Mom-in-law has several established evening primrose growing alongside her driveway. Because they flower in the evening, they are little used by butterflies, but certain bee species and many species of moth will be attracted to them, so overall it is a pollinator-friendly plant. What are the differences between regular primrose and evening primrose? Younger plants often have red leaves. It will do fairly well in poor soil, but it will really thrive in soil that has been amended with some organic matter. That’s what I have. They will tolerate light shade, but will bloom more when placed in full sun. It germinated! It has to be at least 15 inches since they grow really fast. It’s also grown for its beauty. Mine have spread loads this year and I’d like to put some in other areas. What is the germination time from seed? It looks great and it is twice the size when we got it 2 months ago. Unfortunately, the plant is a tasty treat for lygus bugs and leafhoppers, as well as Japanese beetles. With brilliant yellow, pink, or white cups or goblets, beautiful evening primroses are so easy to grow that you'll see them thriving uncared for along roadsides. Oenothera displays large, goblet-like flowers in yellow, white, or pink — each bloom with four petals. Each spring they’re such a source of beauty and delight I don’t have the heart to cull them. Once seedlings have obtained their second or third leaves, they can be transplanted into the garden. If you’d rather let the plant go, you can definitely try training it up… Read more ». Clover Seeds. Thanks for reading this article, Mary Ellen! Primrose seeds are very rewarding to grow. I think you’re right. This biennial produces produces leafy stalks the first year, which are adorned by large, lemon-yellow flowers in the plant’s second year of life. When the seedlings have two or more leaves, it’s time to transplant them outdoors. Almost the entire Evening Primrose plant is edible and can also be used for health remedies or cosmetics: roots, leaves, flowers and buds, and seeds. But boy does your patch in the photo look amazing! Hi Lisa! You can plant the seeds indoors initially to help the seedlings get a jump start. This could be problematic because it could crowd the existing plants, or overtake their root systems in the pot. I am told that these types of flowers are a wonderful attraction for bees who are drawn to the nectar within the flower. It wasnt until the 1930s that researchers discovered the oil was powerful. Yes, after the flowers fade, you’ll see a seed pod. O. pallida, or pale evening primrose, is a low-growing biennial native to the western United States. And it’s definitely time for a happy dance when she’s able to beat the squirrels to the peaches, figs, or loquats. I just order 2 cone plants yesterday, would they work in either of those areas? It chokes out any other flower that grows nearby. Definitely, please stay in touch! Or less? Have no idea where they came from. On. Ask your local greenhouse or hardware store. Gardener’s Path and Ask the Experts, LLC assume no liability for the use or misuse of the material presented above. Unlike the roadside weed, Oenothera biennis, O. lamarckiana makes a good meadow plant. Common evening primrose, Oenothera biennis L., can grow as tall as 6 feet. Always consult with a medical professional before changing your diet or using plant-based remedies or supplements for health and wellness. I've watered them and given them miracle grow but nothing has helped. O. Berlandieri, or Mexican evening primrose, on the other hand, is a spreading perennial. I don’t know what is causing this, any suggestions? Because evening primrose spreads so rapidly, you don’t want to plant it in a place that would need a self-contained plant or one that requires much care to spread into overgrowth. Alternatively, you may wait until early spring to cut down the previous year’s growth. Help! What time of year is best to transplant an evening primrose? COPYRIGHT © 2020 ASK THE EXPERTS LLC. To avoid leggy plants, cut all the dead stems to the ground at the end of the growing season. The yellow evening primrose plant is happiest in dry open areas similar to the open meadows where they thrive in the wild. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. You can grow primroses indoors or outdoors (depending on the time of the year and the climate in your area) from seeds by placing them in an equal mixture of sand, soil and peat moss. Yes, they can be a bit invasive, depending on which variety you’ve planted. Evening Primrose is a versatile plant with many medicinal and culinary uses, the leaves, flowers, seeds and roots can all be eaten. As soon as they reach 1 inch in height, remove all but one seedling per pot, or cell. The Evening Primrose is a long-lived and drought tolerant dwarf perennial that makes a nice ground cover around taller perennials and shrubs. I deadbeat it after the blooms close up. I do love the yellow flowers. Can I expect flowers this first year? Approved. If your plants are in mid-bloom and are falling over, stake them now, and then cut them back after blooming. Which part of the plant do the seeds come from? Seed germination takes place mainly in spring.  Monty Don shows you how in this short video clip from Gardeners’ World. If you want your evening primrose to spread, be sure to leave the buds intact. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Oenothera speciosa, for example, can be quite invasive. Some varieties have an upright growth habit, reaching heights of 6 feet and a width of 24 inches, where others are used as ground cover or for container plantings, growing no higher than 6 inches. Growing from Seeds. Yes, do indeed deadhead your evening primrose for more blooms! Absolutely! So strange…I have one plant doing well. Tips for Growing Primrose from Seeds It must be noted that it can sometimes be a little difficult to grow this plant from seeds. Once sown lightly cover the evening primrose seeds. I've done it and am doing it again now. We’d love to hear about your experiences with this plant in the comments section below. How can you use evening primrose plant internally. Evening Primrose flowers are a sweet addition to salads or as a garnish. Depending on the variety, this plant – also known as coffee plant, golden candlestick, and a host of other nicknames – can be biennial, annual, or perennial. This can be done indoors or out depending on the time of year and the climate in your area. Bee Plant Seed. Maggie Moran is a Professional Gardener in Pennsylvania. Try to choose locations that are south-facing or west-facing, and that are somewhat sheltered from the elements. We’re so glad you’ve found Gardener’s Path and are enjoying the articles. Large, bright yellow blooms are produced freely on bushy, spreading plants. It has grown into a giant with octopus arms! The leaves were traditionally used for tending to minor wounds, gastrointestinal issues, and sore throats. I have it in a flower bed with other perennials and don’t want it to take over everything , I am not sure if I should move it now to a different location. The evening primroses are a group of yellow-flowered plants that range from short “sundrops” to the tall ones like this species. . If… Read more ». Generally, seeds are sown indoors (outdoors in cold frame) during winter. If you see pink evening primrose (the common name is stupid by the way—unlike the yellow evening primrose, this one's flowers open in morning and close at dusk) for sale at your garden center, I have a single word of advice. Get a wikiHow-style meme custom made just for you! I have a Ospeciosa. Once the plants are well-established, they are quite hardy and require little maintenance (other than pruning). Give this native American beauty a try — in the garden, in the kitchen, and maybe even in the medicine cabinet. RUN. The root, which is said to have a light peppery taste similar to salsify, can be eaten raw or prepared as you would any root vegetable. Hi Sharon, I bought an evening primrose seedling this spring and planted it by my mailbox. Extracting the oil from the seeds is complex, slow, and requires an enormous number of seeds for not all that much oil. The plants are 12” high. I’m really not happy with it where it is, but not sure about the best way to trim or transplant it elsewhere. It’s about 18 inches high and two feet wide. The seeds can be used as a substitute for poppy seeds on baked goods. Evening Primrose A Little History and Some Growing Instructions Evening Primrose, also known as Sundrops, are hardy perennials which were discovered in North America and brought to Europe in the early 17th century where they quickly became a cottage garden favorite because of their showy yellow flowers which burst into bloom just as the sun was preparing to set. It only grows to a height of about 18 inches. Today it is used to help restore brittle hair and nails to a healthy condition as well as for many health ailments. Oenothera plants can be grown indoors first. It grows 18 to 24 inches tall and displays pink, pale lavender, or white and pink flowers. It also has many significant medical properties. Last Updated: August 1, 2020 You will need to do very little maintenance once the plant has acclimated to its permanent location. Seed numbers per plant range from 25,200 to 118,500. Beautiful! You can also purchase evening primrose plants if you wish to avoid planting and tending to seeds/seedlings. There are several varieties of Primroses that all can be started with flower seed. Some of these links may be affiliate in nature, meaning we earn small commissions if items are purchased. As primarily annual plants that bloom from spring to fall, evening primrose does not tolerate cold weather very well. Has a nearby tree grown taller? How do I know if I need to prune my evening primrose? At this point, stake the stems, let them… Read more ». Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 84,249 times. To sow Showy Evening Primrose seeds outdoors, prepare weed-free soil and loosen the top 1 - 2 inches. This is maybe the third year since I planted them. Ideal temperature is 60 to 65 degrees F. Germination is between 10 and 30 days. They should be germinated in … The plant produces tall spike stems that reach a height of 8 to 24 inches and width of 15 inches. Oenothera prefers well-drained soil and can tolerate high pH levels. This article has been viewed 84,249 times. Plant pink evening primrose in loose, well-draining soil for best results. Various varieties, some of which are quite fragrant, do well in zones 3-11. Part of the reason that many people regard this plant as a weed is that growing evening primrose is extremely easy to do. Once cultivated for its delectable roots, evening primrose (Oenothera) is now often grown for its omega-6-containing seeds. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. How do you take care of a primrose plant? You may be able to find seedlings at a garden center. During the growing season, prune stems after they finish blooming, to invigorate plants and encourage compact growth. But as long as it's kept under control, the evening primrose produces beautifully fragrant flowers that spread their petals at dusk to invite moths. However, I want to use it medicinally so keeping it from going on seed is not an issue. Thought I’d share a photo I took. Would there be an explanation why? Plant in spring when all danger of frost has passed. They can grow in all types of soils, but the soil needs to be a well-drained one. The plant has also traveled to many other parts of the world. Yes! Bees do appreciate the sweetness the flowers offer. Try diatomaceous earth or insecticidal soap to banish these beasts. I have what looks to be evening primrose plants that are just growing wild in front of my picture window. "Excellent information. If you want to get a head start on your primroses, plant them indoors about 10 weeks before the expected last frost. Indeed! The whole plant is edible: the leaves can be cooked as green vegetables and the flowers make beautiful salad garnish! Since it is September, should I wait until the flowers all die before I cut them back and how much should I cut? Some folks say that young plants are best moved in spring, while older ones can be deadheaded and moved in fall. All Products. Will it climb a trellis? They just pop open right before your eyes!! Common evening-primrose plants produce an average of 140 capsules each containing 160-180 seeds. Is that normal?
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