Similar, too, was the revelation, when freedom of speech was at last allowed, of the unhappy effect of the long divorce of the intellect of the country from any experience of practical politics. On the 13th of April 1814 officers arrived with the announcement to both armies of the capture of Paris, the abdication of Napoleon, and the practical conclusion of peace; and on the 18th a convention, which included Suchet's force, was entered into between Wellington and Soult. They wanted to design a machine that was both attractive and. made, but no one had overcome the practical difficulties or actually shown how to do it. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Practical" in Example Sentences Page 1. He had a p He strove to make literature ancillary to politics and to objects of practical utility, and thus started prose literature on the chief lines that it afterwards followed. He had a practical outlook on life: 6. Damiri) is not zoological but legendary, and the works on minerals are practical and not scientific. (Leipzig, 1900); Gore, The Art of Electrolytic Separation of Metals (London, 1890); Blount, Practical Electro-Chemistry (London, 1906); G. Apart from his redoubtable powers as a controversialist, Philoxenus deserves commemoration as a scholar, an elegant writer, and an exponent of practical Christianity. As no practical process of telephone relaying has been devised, it is extremely important that the character of the line should be such as to favour the preservation of the strength and form of the telephone current. A much more valuable practical result of Brewster's optical researches was the improvement of the British lighthouse system. Is it finite, or is it for all practical purposes infinite? High quality example sentences with “a practical matter” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. - Although the history of practical electric telegraphy does not date much further back than the middle of the, 9th century, the idea of using electricity for telegraphic purposes is much older. 🔊 Since you recently lost your job, it is not practical for you to buy a car. Internal, skeletal characters, useless for ordinary practical purposes, are the various apophyses on the ventral side of the vertebrae and the penial armaments fancied by Cope. Spiller, and " A Practical Method for the Improvement of Existing Railway Curves," by W. The practical effect of this opposite couple is slightly to tilt the frame and thus to redistribute slightly the weights on the wheels carrying the vehicle. A disgrace which would have blasted the career of most men made Wakefield a practical statesman and a benefactor to his country. Referring the reader to the article Elasticity for the theoretical and to the Strength Of Materials far the practical aspects of this subject, we give here a table of the "modulus of elasticity," E (column 2), for millimetre and kilogramme. He advanced chemistry, botany, anatomy, as well as physiology, and was incessantly occupied in endeavouring to apply his scientific studies to practical medicine, thus continuing the work of his great teacher Boerhaave. Meanwhile the new facts were the subject of original study by philosophers and by practical men without reference to classical traditions. They practically play baseball all year! The theory preceding is of practical application in the vestigation of the stability of the axial motion of a submarine oat, of the elongated gas bag of an airship, or of a spinning rifled rojectile. Sonya alone directed the practical side of matters by getting things packed. 99 examples: The real universities of crime are the street corners, where the practicals can… And indeed, whilst in theoretic theology Brahma has retained his traditional place and function down to our own days, his practical cult has at all times remained extremely limited, the only temple dedicated to the worship of this god being found at Pushkar (Pokhar) near Ajmir in Rajputana. He introduced a system which, so far as we know, was his own, though founded upon the Epicurean philosophical creed; on the practical side it conformed pretty closely to the Stoic rule of life, thus adapting itself to the leanings of the better stamp of Romans in the later times of the republic. The practical result of his work was the virtual revolutionizing of the common school system of Massachusetts, and indirectly of the common school systems of other states. There was no way he would admit it, but his personal scenario matched Fred O'Connor's to a tee, even though his practical side was embar­rassed to even consider the possibility. James Keill (1673-1719) applied Newtonian and mechanical principles to the explanation of bodily functions with still greater accuracy and completeness; but his researches have more importance for physiology than for practical medicine. of practical policy, were devised with a special view to what was then a new means of transport. Many of the solutions are most ingenious, and some of the constructions of considerable practical importance. The technical training of the factory or the office, the experience of business, the discharge of practical duties, necessary as they are, do not infallibly open the mind to the large issues of the modern business world, and can never confer the detailed acquaintance with facts and principles which lie outside the daily routine of the individual, but are none the less of vital importance.". Old Semitic philosophy was a science not of ontology in the modern sense of the term, but of practical life. For all practical purposes, we have an unlimited supply of air to breathe. The practical annihilation of the old Right in the elections of 1876 opened a new parliamentary era. This last proviso, however, as we shall see, takes away almost all practical importance from the proposition. The best intellect of America outside the region of practical politics has been on the anti-slavery side. practically. 2 This last ' This statement is mainly interesting as expressing the late Professor Freeman's view; it is, however, open to serious criticism. 52. (313-389), from what appears to be the only MS. Not practical at all. The scheme seems on the surface to be quite, 30. She has theoretical knowledge of teaching, but no, 22. by Moor; Darwin and Acton, Practical Physiology of Plants; Davenport, C.B., Experimental Morphology, vols. The object of both was to collect all halakhoth having a practical importance, omitting all those which owing to circumstances no longer possess more than an academic interest, and excluding the discussions on them and all agada. The practical importance of this peculiar life-history is very great, since larvae thus protected cannot easily be destroyed. What was mistaken for it was fashioned in the heat of controversy by men whose interests were practical rather than scientific, who could not write correct English, and revealed in their reasoning the usual fallacies of the merely practical man' So the " old Political Economy " lies shattered. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "practical" Dave and I have been friends practically all our adult livesThis book gives you some practical suggestions on how to lose weight, and keep it off. Alike in political and commercial affairs they were for all practical purposes dependencies of France. Montpellier became distinguished for the practical and empirical spirit of its medicine, as contrasted with the dogmatic and scholastic teaching of Paris and other universities. They wanted to design a machine that was both attractive and. Some standards seem eminently practical, and some don't. There was a practical motive for using this weapon. The practical unit of quantity of electricity, the coulomb, is named after him. The practical example list of example sentences with practical example. Like nearly all his predecessors since Aelian, he adopted an alphabetical arrangement, though this was not too pedantically preserved, and did not hinder him from placing together the kinds of birds which he supposed (and generally supposed rightly) to have the most resemblance to that one whose name, being best known, was chosen for the headpiece (as it were) of his particular theme, thus recognizing to some extent the principle of classification.3 Belon, with perhaps less book-learning than his contemporary, was evidently no mean scholar, and undoubtedly had more practical knowledge of birds - their internal as well as external structure. It may have some limit in theory, because there is an optimal arrangement of atoms in the universe; but for practical purposes, it has no limit. The influence of Greek culture in northern India is fully recognized, and the distribution of Greek colonies previous to Alexander's time is attested by practical knowledge of the districts they were said to occupy. A treatise on the diseases of women, contained in the Hippocratic collection, and of remarkable practical v alue, is attributed to this school. Galen was as devoted to anatomical and, so far as then understood, physiological research as to practical medicine. This was inevitable in the absence of trustworthy information on an adequate scale, and from the immediately practical aims of the writers. Brought up in a revolutionary atmosphere, his enthusiasm was uncontrolled by judgment. At a subsequent period the demand for instruction in the sacrificial science called into existence a still more practical set of manuals, the so-called Kalpa-sutras, or ceremonial rules, detailing, in succinct aphorisms, the approved course of sacrificial procedure, without reference to the supposed origin or import of the several rites. There is a great deal of practical information on lenses in connexion with the camera and other optical instruments, and the book is valuable as a repertory of early practical optics, also for the numerous references to and extracts from previous writers. Utilitarian, or perhaps rather practical, considerations have very little to do with the subject from a scientific point of view - no more so than the science of chemistry has to do with the art of the manufacturing chemist. The scientific study of practical problems and difficulties is (generally speaking, and with honourable exceptions) far more advanced in almost every civilized country than it is in England, where the limited scale upon which such work is carried on, the indifference of statesmen, officials and business men, and the incapacity of the public to understand the close relation between scientific study and practical success, contrast very unfavourably with the state of affairs in Germany or the United States. Barnes was the author of several other works of a practical and devotional kind, and a collection of his Theological Works was published in Philadelphia in 1875., He died in Philadelphia on the 24th of December 1870. : At their best, they bring a healthy dose of hands-on practicality to their efforts.
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