Secondary languages are activated and added to the website when Customer completes translated content for the languages contracted. Customer must also ensure all accommodations for crew members are covered during scouting and filming. The most popular and trusted block explorer and crypto transaction search engine. For standalone Guest Management Solution Order Form and Agreements, the Services will begin on the earlier of: (i) the date the GMS platform is connected to the PMS; or (ii) 90 days after Effective Date. However, if Customer exercises the Termination Right, Customer will pay to TravelClick within 10 days of giving written notice to TravelClick an amount equal to the greater of (i) the average monthly fees multiplied by the number of months remaining in the Term or (ii) the minimum monthly fees multiplied by the number of months remaining in the Term. Monthly Minimums. Customer acknowledges and agrees that under no circumstances will TravelClick be liable, in any way, for any of Customer’s acts or omissions (including any Customer Changes) or those of any third party, including but not limited to damages of any kind, related to, or incurred as a result of Customer’s, or third party’s, management of its website or its CMS account security. Customer agrees not to send any unsolicited, commercial email or other online communication (e.g., “spam”) through to TripAdvisor users and shall comply with all applicable TripAdvisor policies regarding bulk mail. The license granted to KAYAK includes the right for KAYAK to utilize the Link. Customer will ensure that: (i) rates submitted to each Consortium and for each corporate RFP are honored for the entire calendar year ending on the “End Date” referenced in page 1; and (ii) all confirmed bookings and availability are honored. on gds under the travelclick chain code wv. Upon payment of the Termination Fee, TravelClick will (i) provide Customer a file comprising the HTML, CSS, Flash and JavaScript specific to those elements used in Customer’s website (the “Website Content”) and all Customer Content to Customer and (ii) grant a perpetual, royalty-free, revocable right and license to use the Website Content. OFF. 5mm New 14K Gold Iced T ennis Chain 24" for Cyber Monday. So that TravelClick can continue this mutually beneficial practice, Customer hereby grants to TravelClick a worldwide, fully paid-up, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to use any of Customer’s ideas, modifications, improvements or any other suggestions that directly relate to TravelClick’s products and services. “Website Redesign Every Two Years” Condition. These Terms and Conditions will be deemed to be controlling over all other writings or agreements of any kind between the parties covering the subject matter of the IO, except for alternate (a) payment or (b) cancellation language, as specifically provided in the business terms in the IO or Schedule Detail Page. Privacy and Compliance. Customer will pay $150 per hour for any additional edit requests beyond the two rounds of feedback. TravelClick reserves the right to change the definition and length of the Attribution Model at any time. CONTRACT TERM ​Notwithstanding Section 3 of the General Terms and Conditions, the Initial Term of this Agreement for websites is one year from the Effective Date of the Agreement, to be superseded by the specified term in the initial contract. Customer will pay for all fees (the “Fees”). Customer may not (i) assign the Agreement, website or deliverables to another Hotel; or (ii) share the website with any Hotel not listed in the Agreement. It is a short (usually 3-5 characters long) alpha-numeric (or combination of both) code and differentiates between different travel agency offices. Customer will ensure that: (i) all applicable Consortia rate plans and rates are entered into the iHotelier system, including rates, seasons, room types; (ii) all data and information provided in connection with the Addendum or submitted to TravelClick or any applicable Consortium, are complete, accurate, and not misleading, even if such data or information is entered into the iHotelier system by TravelClick; (iii) all deadlines for information submission, as established by TravelClick from time to time, are met; and (iii) Customer has secured all intellectual and property rights, including consent rights, for the data and information submitted. The “Term” means the Initial Term and any Renewal Terms. TVS online product terms review – Nov 2019. iTrak Scripts. Each Third-Party Distribution Partner and TravelClick, respectively and separately, may add or drop OTAs and other room inventory distributor vendors (“Distribution Vendors”) at each party’s sole discretion. You can contact Apple Support to verify your identity and try again. Auf Ethereum kannst du Code schreiben, der digitale Werte verwaltet, der exakt wie programmiert ausgeführt wird und der von überall auf der Welt zugänglich ist. Request to Re-Shoot and Produce New Content. This section only applies if Customer is purchasing iTrak. Guest Management Solutions Implementation. There are a whole range of events in the game, which can result in positive, negative and mixed outcomes for a player's empire. If requested by Customer as part of the questionnaire, TravelClick will also do a strategic review of current website copywriting to incorporate relevant parts of it in TravelClick’s copywriting deliverable. Except as specifically provided herein, this Insertion Order and Terms & Conditions constitute the entire understanding and Agreement between the parties and supersedes any and all prior understandings and/or Agreements between the parties with respect to the subject matter. Gain access to everything you need to make your hotel successful and maximize your revenue with TravelClick’s innovative, cloud-based and data-driven software solutions. Should the Customer elect to refresh their website the buyout fee schedule as specified above will reset. 1. e. Public Announcements. Customer will pay Fees immediately upon receipt of invoice or Effective Date, as applicable, but after 30 days outstanding invoices will bear interest at a rate of the lesser of 1.5% per month or the maximum permitted by law and any collection fees related to late payments. Both parties shall ensure that any collection, use and disclosure of information obtained pursuant to the related IO comply with all applicable laws, regulations and privacy policies, including all of the requirements the CAN-SPAM Act. The Hotel is responsible for negotiating and paying the broadcasting rights for the music, if applicable. In addition to any other remedies available to TravelClick under this Agreement (including those specified in Section 3 in the General Terms and Conditions), if Customer fails to pay the Fees for more than 60 days after the invoice date, TravelClick may suspend hosting services for Customer’s website until Customer has paid in full all outstanding unpaid Fees. Any person or entity that uses or engages in any transaction of any kind via the iHotelier system will be deemed to be a client of Customer (each, a “User”). TravelClick will also provide the Hotel with all necessary so called “open graph tags” to be integrated on the Sites to allow sharing of the Videos. 7. The extension simplifies how you create, build and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum ledgers. ADA Compliance TravelClick will use commercially reasonable efforts to assist Customer to develop websites that comply with applicable laws, policies, rules and regulations, including website accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), but Customer understands and agrees that Customer is responsible for determining the applicability of the laws and regulations to its websites. If you need further information about our hotels, feel free to contact us via telephone or e-mail. Because TravelClick hotels are independent, they each have unique names which do not include TravelClick in the name, however your TMC can easily find them by searching the TC master chain code. Search Engine Marketing. EXCEPT AS OTHERWISE STATED HEREIN, TRIPADVISOR MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR ANY WARRANTIES AS TO THE NUMBER OF VISITORS TO OR PAGES DISPLAYED ON THE TRIPADVISOR SITE OR THE FUNCTIONALITY, PERFORMANCE, OR RESPONSE TIMES OF THE TRIPADVISOR SITE. The Lofts Hotel 55 E Nationwide Blvd Columbus, OH 43215 Rates recently viewed: ( $259.00 - $429.00 ) 4 Star Hotel. WEBSITE CHARACTERISTICS & DELIVERABLES Customer understands and agrees that (i) any changes, additions, or deletions of the deliverables listed in the Agreement require a written amendment to the Agreement mutually executed by the parties and (ii) such changes, additions, or deletions may increase the Fees (as defined in Exhibit A) and/or may delay the launch of the website. The parties acknowledge and agree that TripAdvisor may archive an electronic copy of the fully executed Agreement. In addition, Customer is responsible for maintaining the security of Customer’s account and for all activities or actions taken in Customer’s account in connection with the website. If you are doing open source blockchain development, the extension has built in integration for open source tools such as Truffle, Infura, and OpenZeppelin.An Azure subscription is optional. Conrad Hotels & Resorts, is launching its own dedicated GDS Chain Code “CN”. Arrive, check in and make yourself comfortable. Customer will pay the True Amount as “Fees” under Section 2 of the General Terms and Conditions. Personal Data Processing. All private label chain code requests are subject to availability across each of the GDS partners. TravelClick grants Customer a limited, non-exclusive, revocable and non-transferable license to access and use the Services (and any software related to the Services) during the Term. DerbySoft is a Third-Party Distribution Partner which extends the number of OTA’s to which Customers can connect through TravelClick’s iHOS product. Die Verwendung eines geschirmten Kabels ist nicht vorgeschrieben. Fees will increase by 5% each year of the Term after the one-year anniversary of the Effective Date. The terms and conditions apply to all TravelClick products and services except for Third Party Services, which are solely governed by separate terms and conditions located here under the title Third Party Services below and so these General Terms and Conditions do not apply to those third party services. Any attempt to assign or delegate this Agreement in violation of this section is null and void. Customer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless TripAdvisor, TravelClick and each of TripAdvisor’s and TravelClick’s agents, customers, subcontractors and affiliates, and the officers, directors, and employees of any of the foregoing, from, against and in respect of any and all losses, costs, (including reasonable attorney’s fees) expenses, damages, assessments, or judgments (collectively, “Liabilities”), resulting from any claim against any such parties in connection with Customer’s advertisement, except to the extent that such claims directly resulted from the gross negligence or willful misconduct of TripAdvisor or TravelClick. Schmuck für die neue Streetwear-Kultur. TravelClick will notify Customer of the transition and after the completion of such transition, all inquiries by Customer will be handled by the TravelClick Web Support Team (international) or Customer Care Team (US). TripAdvisor may redesign its site at its sole discretion at any time. Customer agrees and understands that a consumer may choose to select other hotels or other booking mechanisms so that the consumer would be redirected to another hotel’s website and/or another booking engine. For example, a “functional bug”  exists where the end user selects/clicks on ,a “book now” button which, when clicked, does not direct the end user to the booking engine. Added by MCNM. TravelClick will help upload translated content but does not write, proofread or make any revisions to the translated content itself. In order to make the Player and the Videos available on the Sites, TravelClick will provide the Hotel with the access code to display the Branded Video on each specific page of the Sites in accordance with the integration rules and design agreed upon on a case-by-case basis. For GMS, The Guest Management Solution Database is brought online and is accessible for reporting once (i) TravelClick receives historical and current data from the PMS, (ii) TravelClick integrates the data into the Guest Management Solution Database. See Details. There is a minimum monthly fee for Services related to iHotelier (the “Minimum Fee”) per Property, which applies as of the first full month following the Go Live date. Former Corporate Director of Marketing for luxury hotel chain Orient-Express Hotels, Angela directed the company's successful cutover to its own GDS code in 2003/4. If a facility mentioned in the Planning is not available during the filming, the sequence won’t be included in the videos. This can be remedied by … Involved in testing for new chains and existing chain codes. 8.3. The code is unique to each travel agency. If Customer is unable to honor a reservation booked by a User through the iHotelier system, Customer will immediately: (a) use reasonable efforts to relocate the customer to a comparably rated hotel in the nearby vicinity, (b) prepay the room charges and taxes, and (c) notify TravelClick in writing. Rate360 Shopping. Ein EAN-Code besteht am Anfang aus dem Präfix 400 bis 440 für Deutschland. One round of feedback includes all modifications requested by the hotel stakeholder in one consolidated request. Customer is fully liable for any and all Customer Changes, including the loss of direct bookings. NEITHER TRIPADVISOR NOR ANY OF ITS AFFILIATES WILL HAVE ANY OTHER LIABILITY OF ANY NATURE TO CUSTOMER. Customer is responsible for, and will provide support services related to, the hotel portion of the booking. Hotel retains all right, title and interest in and to its Hotel Content and all intellectual property rights relating thereto, subject to the license granted herein to KAYAK. PCC stands for Pseudo City Code and is a GDS code, used to identify the location of a travel agency. Outstanding invoices will bear interest at a rate of the lesser of 1.5% per month or the maximum permitted by law. Website Design Stages. Customer understands and agrees that the Essential Website design package does not include any custom development work or styling outside of built-in options. Customer shall be solely responsible for, and TC shall have no responsibility or liability whatsoever with respect to, obtaining, maintain and keeping such Rights in full force and effect as well as any and all claims, suits, liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses arising from, or attributable to, the Assets, claims of infringement of the Assets of the contractual, privacy or other rights of any third party or that use of those Assets infringe the intellectual property or other rights of any third party. Customer may not assign its rights hereunder to any third party unless TripAdvisor or TravelClick expressly consents to such assignment in writing, not to be unreasonably withheld. All iHotelier Services ​Consortia ​VoicePro ​Channel Management ​iTrak ​Demand Services ​Air + Hotel Booking Engine Expedia Quick Connect Third Party Distribution Partners, Digital Agency Services and Media Advertising, Custom Pro​ Custom Premium​ Custom Premium Responsive Web Design​ Pro Responsive Web Design​ WebBuilder Websites​ TravelClick Web Solutions Maintenance and Enhancements Description of Services Additional Details Roles and Responsibilities, Demand360 and Agency360 Rate360 Shopping ​Click to Call Services Guest Management Solutions & Digital Alchemy Services, Amadeus Instant Preference – Chinese Amadeus Instant Preference – English Amadeus Instant Preference – Russian Apple Third Party Terms DerbySoft Agreement Facebook Ad Terms Facebook Limited Data Use Terms Google Ads Terms IBS Terms and Conditions Ice Portal Terms and Conditions Kayak LinkedIn Ads Terms Microsoft Bing Ads Agreement Ogone General Conditions Payment Processing Terms Pinterest Advertising Services Agreement Sabre Hotel Spotlight Sabre Hotel Weekend Spotlight Sabre Rewards Plus Secure Privacy Service Travel Agent (GDS) Media (Sabre Promospots, Amadeus Instant Message, Travelport Headlines and Accents) Travelport Featured Property TripAdvisor Check Rates TripAdvisor Instant Booking Connectivity Agreement TripConnect Instant Booking TripConnect Instant Booking Addendum Trivago VFML Hotel Agreement Weebly Yandex Terms of Use, TravelClick Data Processing Agreement (EU & UK Customer) TravelClick Data Processing Agreement (non-EU or UK Customer). Website Redesign (i) consists of the same services and functionality that the customer contracted with TravelClick, including but not limited to number of pages and functionality, (ii) does not include the creation of any new content, copy or translation services, (iii) is limited to one design and one round of revision, (iv) customer will have the ability to select from a pre-determined set of templates based on their existing functionality and content, and (v) is limited to one round of revision. Air + Hotel Booking Engine. Outstanding invoices will bear interest at a rate of the lesser of 1.5% per month or the maximum permitted by law. “Videos” means the Branded Videos and the TC Videos. TravelClick Channel Management. Our Google Analytics set-up included in the Website and SEO Packages involves the activation, set-up and connection of your site to a Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Profile. Here, travel agencies will find GDS codes and further information concerning our carathotels in Base l /Weil am Rhein and Düsseldorf. “Enhancements” means any service or package related to any Booking. All other terms and conditions of the Agreement continue in full force and effect, as amended in the Addendum. Specific filming equipment and additional production services such as, but not limited to, storytelling (depending on the package), actors, talents, talent casting, make-up, stylist, transportation costs, lighting, drones, script, music rights, logo animation, Director of Production on-site, additional filming day(s), are not included in the Monthly Fee and will be priced separately. A termination of CPC Demand Services will default Customer into equivalent Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Demand Services unless such services are not available or TravelClick is otherwise instructed in writing by Customer. Failure by TripAdvisor to publish any requested advertisement does not constitute a breach of contract or otherwise entitle Customer to any legal remedy. TravelClick - Columbus, OH. So that TravelClick can continue this mutually beneficial practice, Customer grants TravelClick a license to use aggregated data and information collected from the Customer through the Services but not to use any personally identifiable information. Customer is solely responsible for updating and maintaining in iHotelier all availability, rate, and inventory data (“ARI”) that are pushed to and used by Third-Party Distribution Partners and Distribution Vendors. Die Polymerase-Ketten-Reaktion („ Polymerase Chain Reaction “ – PCR) ist die wichtigste Labormethode zur Untersuchung der molekularen Feinstruktur der Erbsubstanz. Customer understands that (i) TravelClick or its licensor will charge the Commission directly to the guest’s credit card as a service fee which will be placed as a hold or charged at the time of booking, and (ii) if the guest adjusts their itinerary the Commission amount will be adjusted commensurately. Where the Customer uses Clickstream Marketing functionality of the TravelClick Guest Management Solutions and any other online behavioral advertising functionality as part of the Services or Digital Alchemy Services, the Customer shall obtain all end user consents and provide any notices required by applicable law (including the European E-Privacy Directive) to enable TravelClick to place cookies and similar technologies on the device of end users and serve ads on the devices of end users. Sehr vereinfacht kann man sich einen Block als Excel-Tabelle vorstellen. If any Customer deliverable is delayed, resources will be assigned to another active project until the Customer responds with the deliverable in question. A project’s estimated timeline is mainly contingent on TravelClick resource availability at the actual time the project starts and confirmed contracted scope of the project. The features of the app is as follow - 1) Browse Product by Category 2) Home Screen Banner Ads 3) Product review and Image Gallery. Privilege Apartments offers a luxury, relaxing and exclusive stay in 40 apartments surrounded by fields, far away from the traffic and full of every comfort you need. Customer will pay the True Amount as “Fees” under Section 2 of the General Terms and Conditions. 2. This section only applies if Customer is purchasing Voice Pro services. TravelClick will include these Final Fees in the final invoice to Customer. Skip to content. The Air + Hotel Booking Engine is a booking solution provided to a Property, comprised of a booking engine and supporting systems, that allows travelers to complete a flight and hotel package reservation, as well as modify and cancel such reservations. The proposal will be built incrementally through the above successive Rounds of Revision. Customer consents to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of courts of Boston, Massachusetts, for all disputes related to the subject matter hereof. “Processing” of Personal Data means the use, collection, storage, processing, modification, transfer, blocking or erasure of Personal Data by TravelClick on behalf of the Customer. Customer may (i) request one Website Redesign every two years, the first of which on or after the two year anniversary of the date that TravelClick delivers the first beta website to Customer or two years of paid fees, whichever comes later, and thereafter each two year anniversary date of each successive Website Redesign beta delivery by TravelClick (the “New Website Date”) and (ii) add features or services at any time during the Term or at the New Website Date, some which may incur additional fees. The parties further agree that TravelClick at all times owns and will own all right, title, and interest to all TC Videos and Mini Videos. Together with the hotel, TravelClick will also monitor the following performance indicators: For use on the Sites, TravelClick develops, maintains and integrates a video player allowing users to share the Videos on Facebook social network. No change, amendment or modification of any provision of this Agreement or waiver of any of its terms will be valid unless set forth in writing and mutually agreed to by the parties. TravelClick will not link the PPC Services to Customer’s analytics platform regardless of whether the PPC Services are purchased separately or as part of a bundle. Term. Customer agrees that the Vendor Integration Agreement with each vendor includes (i) terms obligating the third-party vendor to secure its computing environments including implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures to securely transmit, process, manage and store personal data; (ii) that the vendor will comply with all applicable data security and privacy laws and regulations; and (iii) that Customer and vendor will have tested and ensured compatibility of the third-party vendor integration with the Services prior to making the integration available or using the integration (together, the “Customer Integration Obligations”). TravelClick is not responsible for any errors or omissions with respect to any data or information in connection with the Addendum regardless of the cause. If a Third-Party Distribution Partner removes a Distribution Vendor from their portfolio or if TravelClick no longer supports access to and/or removes a Distribution Vendor, (i) such removal is not a breach of the Agreement by and between Customer and TravelClick and (ii) TravelClick has no obligation to provide an alternative path for Customer to connect with such Distribution Vendor. Make a reservation with the new Palazzo Paruta Booking System. Generosity, a welcoming service and a personalized atmosphere – reasons to look forward to your stay in one of our individually designed carathotels. If Customer elects to refresh their website, the buyout fee schedule as specified above in this section will reset. 7. Customer will pay for all fees due under the Addendum upon Customer’s receipt of the applicable invoice. Customer represents and warrants (the “Login Representation”) that (i) Customer and/or the Property has the right to provide its user name/password to TravelClick for Third-Party Distribution Channels and (ii) TravelClick may on behalf of the Customer and/or the Property login to Customer’s and Property’s Third Party Distribution Channels with Customer’s and Property’s user name/password. Because of performance degradation and information security risks, Customer may not (and may not have a third party do so on its behalf) perform manual or automated penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, scans or similar computer system tests of any nature on TravelClick’s systems without prior written approval of TravelClick. The Agreement begins on the Effective Date and ends on the End Date (the “Initial Term”) but then automatically renews for successive Renewal Terms (which unless defined on the first page of the Order Form and Agreement are for one year periods) unless either party sends the other party written notice of its decision not to renew the Agreement at least 90 days before the end of the Initial Term or Renewal Term, as applicable. 6.3. Customer hereby grants TripAdvisor and TravelClick permission to publicize the fact that it is a client of TripAdvisor in a press release. After thirty days, outstanding invoices will bear interest at a rate of the lesser of 1.5% per month or the maximum permitted by law. Travelclick®, the leading provider of profitable revenue generating solutions for hoteliers worldwide, today announced an agreement with Castle Resorts & Hotels, a growing international chain … This Addendum refers to and is incorporated into the Master Services Agreement by and between Customer and TravelClick (the “Agreement”). There are enhanced functional elements that are available for additional cost. Customer will pay a one-time implementation fee of $500 upon activation of the VoicePro Services. ... Off-Chain Bitcoin payments using smart contracts lightning bitcoin thunder Java AGPL-3.0 161 428 19 7 Updated Oct 13, 2020. api-v1-client-csharp Blockchain Bitcoin Developer APIs - C# C# MIT 95 103 10 5 Updated Oct 6, 2020. Customer will pay Fees immediately upon receipt of invoice or Effective Date, as applicable, but within 30 days outstanding invoices will bear interest at a rate of the lesser of 1.5% per month or the maximum permitted by law and any collection fees related to late payments. Customer is responsible for providing all translated content to TravelClick. Customers enrolled in a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Demand Services program will be invoiced monthly for the amount of Actual Ad Spend, in addition to an agreed upon management fee and a Demand Services reservation fee (i.e. The Initial Term and Renewal Terms collectively constitute the “Term.” A party may terminate this Agreement at any time during the Term, upon written notice to the other party, if that other party has materially breached the Agreement, and the breaching party has not cured the breach within 30 days following the date of the breach notice. Customer is solely responsible for providing, monitoring, operating, and managing Customer’s content, information, copyright, and data in addition to configuring the iHotelier system and any applicable third party systems. Travel agents and travel management companies will have convenient access to Cross Hotels and Resorts accommodation via the GDS chain code. Breach of the Customer Integration Obligations will be deemed a breach of this Agreement. If such payment is not timely made, Customer has no ownership or licensing rights to the Branded Video. Term and Termination. For clarity, if the terms and conditions for the corporate RFP license are updated, TravelClick will update the online terms to reflect such changes. 4) Add/ Delete Product from wish list. For those who want to be captivated by the timeless atmosphere of Venice in the comfort of 4-star service. In addition to any other rights, TripAdvisor or TravelClick may immediately remove Customer’s advertisements in the event of non-payment by Customer within such time period. Customer must complete a change request form any time that there is a material change to any PPC campaign, which may increase the final cost of the PPC campaign. Customer is solely responsible for booking transactions transmitted via the Expedia Quick Connect Services, including without limitation, (x) possible adjustments to base allocation within the Expedia extranet and (y) all management of the base allocation within the Expedia extranet. This section only applies if Customer is purchasing remarketing services. A “Round of Revision” means the following sequence of steps: The below table shows the standard number of Rounds of Revisions for TravelClick deliverables. Media Management and reporting. ... (TravelClick Inc). A “Round of Revision” means changes to the website design such as the, color changes, text changes, placement within the layout and swapping out a picture. If contracted Multilingual SEO page counts and SEO page counts are not equal, the Customer understands that only the contracted number of pages will be serviced and the selection of pages is done at the discretion of TravelClick. Via a multimedia portfolio of products, Travel Weekly and … That's it - You always have Your Travel Memories with You now ♡ 4. Advertisements. Terms of Payment for Website Services and Termination. 19mm White Gold 4-Row Gems Iced Cuban Link Chain. Customer may terminate its Agreement for WebBuilder (or remove WebBuilder services from a bundle agreement) by giving 30 days’ prior written notice to TravelClick. For clarity, if any third party provider updates its terms and conditions, TravelClick will update the online terms to reflect such changes. TRIPADVISOR AND TRAVELCLICK DISCLAIM AND SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY OTHER LOSS, INJURY, COST OR DAMAGE SUFFERED BY CUSTOMER OR ANY THIRD PARTY AND SHALL IN NO EVENT BE LIABLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL, SPECIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING LOST PROFITS. General. TravelClick is not liable for any use of cookies through the Services and so Customer is responsible for ensuring any use of cookies through the Services complies with their relevant laws, including European Union privacy laws. Expedia Quick Connect. TravelClick grants Customer a limited, non-exclusive, revocable license to use the TC Web System during the Term. Customer is solely liable and responsible for all claims by or issues arising out of dealings with Users and all User transactions via, or Users’ uses of, the iHotelier system, including: (i) establishing all prices for hotel guests; (ii) accepting, processing and fulfilling orders for hotel guests; (iii) collecting payment, including all taxes or other charges due, for transactions; (iv) managing exchanges, returns, and cancellations; (v) ensuring that the sale of all guest reservations is made in conformance with all applicable laws; (vi) determining all customer service, warranty and/or operational policies; (vii) satisfying all commitments or obligations resulting from each completed registration; and (viii) ensuring that each registration, and the information collected in processing each registration, is acquired and used in conformance with all applicable laws and regulations including privacy and data security. Any additional changes/revisions to the website during the website development stage will be at TravelClick’s standard hourly rates. For Agency360 and Demand360 Customer must comply with the Competitive Set Policy: Functional Elements. This section only applies if Customer is purchasing channel management services from a third-party (“Third-Party Channel Manager”). Customer will pay for any other maintenance, change or support request at TravelClick’s then standard hourly rates in accordance with Section 2 of the TravelClick General Terms and Conditions. TravelClick is not responsible for any Bookings or Enhancements that Customer fails to honor for any reason. As a condition precedent to providing both the Guest Management Solution (“GMS”)  and/or Digital Alchemy services, such as CRM Services, Email Campaign Services or the Digital Alchemy customer service portal (“Digital Alchemy Services”), (i) Customer has and will have all necessary licenses and permissions so that TravelClick may obtain the Guest Data from Customer and its property management system during the Term, and (ii) Customer hereby grants to TravelClick the right and license to use the Guest Data during the Term to the extent necessary to provide the Services to Customer. If TripAdvisor and Customer have entered into a Non-Disclosure Agreement, TripAdvisor and Customer agree that the terms of such agreement will be deemed incorporated herein and further, that all Terms and Conditions of this Agreement will be deemed Confidential Information as defined therein. Post production services included for all Videos: TravelClick may provide music for the Branded Video. Exclusivity and Implementation. In the hotel industry, a two-letter GDS code that gives access to a number of different hotel brands owned or represented by the same chain. Project Timeline. Customer Responsibilities. TravelClick will not be liable for any breach of the European E-Privacy Directive, or any amendment or re-enactment of the E-Privacy Directive, regarding the use of cookies. The standard equipment used by TravelClick crew is a full HD camera (e.g., DSLR camera) together with the appropriate lens, a tripod and a slider. "TravelClick" and all related logos and marks are owned by and/or are registered trademarks of TravelClick, Inc. TravelClick is the owner or the licensee of all intellectual property rights in the Site and in the material published in it. $185.99 $99.00. Customer is solely responsible for implementing a link from the Property and, if applicable, group website to the Air + Hotel Booking Engine. 1. Following payment of all fees due to TravelClick pursuant to the Agreement (including as applicable the Ownership Fees) for the full Initial Term and any then current Renewal Term, Customer will own all right, title, and interest to the Branded Video. Record matching and identifying duplicate guest records; 3.5. There are enhanced functional elements that are available for additional cost. After the website is completed and validated by the Customer, TravelClick’s Learning Services team will provide Customer with one live remote training session on TravelClick’s Content Management System (“CMS”). However, termination does not relieve Customer of the obligation to pay any fees payable under the Addendum (with the exception of monthly fees for periods of time after termination becomes effective) ) and Customer is not entitled to any refund or repayment of the Consortia Package Fee or any amounts paid to TravelClick under the Addendum. If any provision of these standard Terms and Conditions is found invalid or unenforceable pursuant to judicial decree or decision, the remaining provisions will remain valid and enforceable, and the unenforceable provisions will be deemed modified to the extent necessary to make them enforceable. San Marco 3824, 30124 Venezia phone +39 041 2410835 fax +39 041 2414944 [email protected] Individual property’s codes in Sabre, Galileo,and Amadeus are listed below. Customer may pay for the Website Monthly Fees by increasing the fees for Bookings under its iHotelier Agreement (the “iH Payments”) for a period of two years from the launch date of the website but (i) Customer must execute an addendum to its iHotelier Agreement for the iH Payments; (ii) If the “Term” of the iHotelier Agreement has less than 2 years remaining as of the Effective Date of this Agreement, then the “Term” of the iHotelier Agreement is hereby extended so that it is at least 2 years in length from the Effective Date of this Agreement (the “iH Payment Term”); (iii) if at the end of the iH Payment Term the iH Payments are less than the Fees, Customer will pay the difference between the Fees and the iH Payments in one payment within 30 days of the date of the invoice (the “True Up Amount”); (iv) if Customer adds more Services during the Term, the True Up Amount will increase by the Fees for those additional Services; and (v) the iH Payments are in addition to the Minimum Fee. If there is a discrepancy between the English version of these terms and conditions and a version in a different language, the English version will prevail. Auf Grundlage dieser Informationen können Prozesse optimiert und ungenutzte Kapazitäten reduziert werden, beispielsweise durch die exakte Planung von Wareneingängen etc. If additional pages are requested to be optimized, Customer must execute an amendment to this Agreement or Customer must purchase a specific number of hours at the standard hourly rate from TravelClick Web Solutions. Customer will pay the Fees for Website Development Services as follows: (i) Upfront Fees will be divided into two payments, the first payment is due upon the Effective Date of this Agreement and the second payment is due upon completion of the beta version by TravelClick but by no later than 120 days after the Effective Date; (ii) the Monthly Fees will start billing upon delivery of beta version and are due immediately upon receipt of invoice. This Addendum will enter into force on the date of Customer’s signature of the Addendum (the “Effective Date”) and will end on the End Date, as indicated on page 1 of the Addendum (the “Consortia Term”), unless earlier terminated in accordance with Section 4. Ownership of the Website. CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGES AND AGREES THAT TRAVELCLICK IS NOT RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR ANY ACT OR OMISSION ARISING FROM OR RELATING TO ANY THIRD-PARTY SERVICE. For Custom website Customers, TravelClick will (i) provide Customer with the flat files comprising the HTML, CSS and JavaScript specific to those elements used in Customer’s website (the “Website Content”) and all Customer Content (incl. Weebly. Ownership of the Website. TRAVELCLICK WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOST DATA, INACCURATE DATA, UNTIMELY DATA, INDIRECT DAMAGES, LOST REVENUES, LOST PROFITS, INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, PUNITIVE DAMAGES, LOSS OF GOODWILL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES IN CONNECTION WITH ANY MATTER ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO THE ADDENDUM, AND THE SERVICES PROVIDED UNDER THE ADDENDUM ARE PROVIDED “AS IS,” AS AVAILABLE AND WITH ALL FAULTS. OFF. Customer acknowledges that delays or inaccuracies in such data or information could result in fines, fees, or losses of iHotelier Services and other penalties, all of which will be the sole and complete responsibility of Customer. Global Distributions Systems (GDS) are part of the TravelClick chain with the code designation: WV. Es sind zurzeit 480.000 klassische Reisebüros über GDS angeschlossen. At all times, Customer will maintain competitive rates, make inventory available for direct booking and maintain up-to-date content. Expedia may reject Customer’s eligibility for the Expedia Quick Connect Services at its discretion. TravelClick may reject any proposed Competitive Set or any change to a Competitive Set or may terminate the Agreement if it is not possible to create a valid Competitive Set. Please contact [email protected] 沪ICP备08016371号 However, Customer understands and agrees that Customer is solely responsible for inputting the information and remains fully liable for any incorrectly inputted information which could prohibit content and bookability on any GDS and ChannelPublisher during the Consortia Term, regardless of who actually inputs the information. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA. Section 2: Fees. For any changes/revisions that would require development work, custom work, conflict with previously approved plans or deliverables, or are inconsistent with the scope of the website, Customer agrees to pay additional fees for such changes/revisions. A party receiving Confidential Information (“Recipient”) may not disclose Confidential Information except to its employees and agents with a need to know and who are bound by confidentiality agreements as restrictive as this section. Customer represents and warrants that it has all right, title, and interest in (i) the trademarks and service marks and other related marks of Hotel (the “Hotel Marks”) and (ii) all music, images, photographs, pictures, architectural features, and any other copyrightable content included in the Branded Video and TC Video (the “Hotel Content”). Hotel will indemnify, defend and hold KAYAK and its affiliates, officers, directors, partners, shareholders, employees, agents, and their successors and assignees (each, a “KAYAK Indemnitee”) harmless from and against any and all costs, liabilities, losses, damages and expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys’ fees) (collectively, “Losses”) resulting from any claim, suit, action, or proceeding (each, an “Action”) brought by any third party against the KAYAK Indemnitee alleging or arising out of the infringement or misappropriation of any intellectual property right related to the Hotel Data or Hotel Content. Digital Supply Chain Communication (DISCOVERY) In den Einkaufsbedingungen der einzelnen Marken der Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft finden Sie alle relevanten Informationen für die Zusammenarbeit. Customer must supply all relevant information for a valid competitive set within 7 days of the Effective Date or TravelClick may select a Competitive Set in its reasonable discretion. Section 1: License. TravelClick may increase the Fees during the Term upon 30 days’ written notice. “Confidential Information” (a) means all information disclosed during the Term to Recipient by the party disclosing Confidential Information (“Discloser”) in any manner, whether orally or in tangible form or whether created by Discloser or Recipient, (b) but does not mean information that (i) was in Recipient’s possession prior to disclosure by Discloser prior to the Effective Date, (ii) is in the public domain and is generally known, (iii) has come into possession of Recipient by a third party that is not under any confidentiality obligation with Discloser, or (iv) was developed by Recipient independently and without reference to the Confidential Information. Once updates have been completed, all data will be locked for revisions and no further updates from Customer will be allowed in the Lanyon Corporate RFP tool. The Initial Term of this Agreement begins on the Effective Date and expires 24 months following the date the Website(s) is launched. For additional versions of the General Terms and Conditions, please click here for French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Maintenance and Enhancements are included in the Fees but they are not unlimited and restrictions apply, see Maintenance and Enhancements section for details. “Bookings” means a reservation for a hotel room for the Customer entered into or recorded in the iHotelier system as of the checkout date stated in the reservation. TravelClick reserves the right to limit the total number of Competitive Sets maintained by TravelClick as part of the “Multiple Comp Set Capability” to a maximum of 3 Competitive Sets. Transition. TravelClick will be responsible for the organization of the Production Services directly with the Hotel Representative. The Air + Hotel Booking Engine is meant solely to facilitate end users purchasing travel packages. Customer will indemnify and hold harmless TravelClick for any costs, expenses, claims or allegations, including legal fees, arising from any actual or alleged breach of the Third-Party Design Warranty in accordance Section 8 of the TravelClick General Terms and Conditions. Customer owns all worldwide right, title and interest to the copy, pictures, trademarks and other content provided by the Customer for the website (“Customer Content”), but TravelClick owns all worldwide right, title and interest to all other aspects of the website, including but not limited to the layout, functionality, menus and general design of the website, HTML, cascading style sheets, the content management system, flash, java scripts or other programming code and tools (the “TC Web System”). This section is collectively the “Customer Responsibilities.”. TERMS OF PAYMENT Customer will pay the Fees for website development services as follows: For Essential Websites: Customer will pay Upfront Fees and the first Monthly Fee payment upon the Effective Date and, thereafter, Customer will pay the Monthly Fees in accordance with Section 2 of the General Terms and Conditions. My-Wallet-V3 Blockchain Web Wallet Library - If the amount otherwise due for any month is less than the Minimum Fee, Customer pays the Minimum Fee. For the avoidance of doubt, any reference to compliance with Data Protection Legislation by a party shall mean compliance with such Data Protection Legislation as, and insofar as, they apply to such party. Section 4 TERMINATION. 2.2 Currency. Customer will upload room inventory into the iHotelier system, Sync or Link within 60 days of Effective Date or will pay an additional $400 implementation fee. Additional Rounds of Revisions beyond the standard number will be charged at TravelClick’s then-standard hourly rates and will extend the project’s timeline. In addition, Customer is responsible for maintaining the security of Customer’s account and for all activities that occur or actions taken in Customer’s account in connection with the WebBuilder Website. You can browse the product, add into wish list for future purchase, add into cart and can make payment via credit, debit, internet banking, wallet etc. GDS access codes. Customer agrees that TravelClick may immediately suspend access to any integration between a third-party and the Services in the event of such breach and terminate such integration if the breach is not cured within thirty (30) days (“Integration Termination Right”). Leverage advertising campaigns and preference products and optimize spend across all major GDSs. Specific editing services such as, but not limited to, 3D animation, motion design, logo animation, voice over, retouch, translations are not included in the Monthly Fee and will be priced separately. Customer understands that if a consumer selects Customer’s hotel, then the consumer may be directed to the Customer’s website or booking engine for booking and fulfillment. Any use of the Services by Customer constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions and/or any posted updates, modifications, or additions to these terms and conditions. Customer will pay for all wire transfer fees, bank charges and applicable foreign, national, state or local taxes related to its use of the Services. If necessary for the performance of the Production Services, Customer will provide each crew member with a single room and cover all meals and WiFi expenses for the duration of the Production Services. So long as any IO remains in effect, these Terms and Conditions shall also remain in effect. a. Pro Responsive comes with many standard functional elements. Hall of the Makers. © 2020 TravelClick. Voice Pro. Copy and paste the Travelclick coupon code in the box next to the product and click "Apply" or "Submit"... Scan your shopping cart to confirm that the coupon code was properly entered and is reflected in your total price. If Customer requires additional live training, Customer will pay TravelClick’s then standard hourly rates for such live training. Zahlenschlösser werden in der Regel ab Werk mit dem Zahlencode 0000 ausgeliefert. For clarity, the exercise of the Integration Termination Right will not change Customer’s payment obligations or the Term of the Agreement. TravelClick will provide maintenance and support free of charge to address website functionality bugs for the duration of the Term. 2 uses today. Demand Services may include inventory and rates information (“Customer Information”) for Customer’s properties and Customer understands and agrees that TravelClick will provide Customer Information to third-party distributors when performing Demand Services. For the purposes of any email or advertising placements, Customer designates TripAdvisor as the senders for compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act. Section headings are for references purposes only. Building, maintaining and updating databases; and 4.5. Change Requirements. Section 11: Third-Party Services.VFM Leonardo, TravelPort media products, Amadeus Instant Marketing, Sabre Hotel Spotlight, Sabre Promospots, Amadeus Instant Preference services, credit card processors and other third party services are governed by separate terms and conditions located here. will be paid by the crew directly. Multilingual SEO. “TC Videos” means the videos produced by TravelClick for distribution to online travel agencies and other distribution partners and includes an overview video (“Distribution Video”) and a set of shorter videos depicting specific areas of the Hotel (the “Mini Videos”), such as different room types, restaurant, bar, fitness, spa, meeting rooms. TravelClick Chain Code: WV SABRE: 317082 APOLLO/GALILEO: E1254 WORLDSPAN: DUS08 AMADEUS: DUS008 ODD: 107018 Contact: Phone: +49 (0) 211 54 26 70 00 E-Mail: [email protected]
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