Items required for Bantu knot hair styling: We promise not to spam you. It is a bold style. Put coconut or olive oil on your hair and tie with a satin scarf at night to maintain the style. This procedure elasticities the hair while creating huge ringlets and beautiful natural curls. (Check out Bantu Knot Outs on Different Lengths and Textures). Also you wouldnt get that definition. 6 Reasons Why Your Bantu-Knot Out is Failing. Required fields are marked *. This style is soft, moisturized, and bouncy. Since it totally changes the look and curl of your hair, it’s perfect to do on day 3 hair to change up your look mid-week. You can even do this short natural hair bantu knot out on wet hair or dry hair! Thanks for subscribing! She called it her “white girl fro” lol. Bantu knot twist out is ultimately the most popular choice among relaxed hair, natural hair lovers, and transitioning beauties. Bantu knots hairstyles for wet hair are depending upon your texture and length. Bantu knots are essentially heatless twists that you can add to your hair in sections to make springy curls all over your head (In the Caribbean they call it ‘Chiney bumps’). The extensions can be put in by you, a stylist or a friend. You can reach me by email or through social media below. Just as you need smooth hair to create a banging roller set, you need fully detangled and smooth hair to create the Bantu knots. This is because they do not give the ends of the hair that twirl that they need to give you that finished beautiful look. You will need to use more hair ties or pins with extensions. Everything you need to know about how to grow your edges back, The Big Chop – One Option to Start Your Natural Hair Journey, Top 8 reasons your hair may not be growing, How to exactly determine your hair porosity, Steps you are missing in your hair routine. Bantu knot twist out makes the two different textures look similar. Some of the before and after photos that we post are absolutely beautiful. Bantu Knots on Long Hair. You can also just rock the Bantu knots as is and accessorize with hair jewelry or a headscarf. Transitioning and relaxed hair with a Bantu twist out will produce a wave. You didn't apply styler to wet hair . Your natural hair will decide to form a curl based on products and appropriate installation of Bantu knots. The exact width will vary depending on how short or long the hair is, as well as the look you want to go for if you plan to do knot-outs. Blow drying the knots is not recommended and therefore one may have to use a hooded drier to hasten the process. Bantu knots can be simple if you are patient with the installation. The Bantu twist out is achieved after the install of Bantu knots. The style will loosen up over time, so remove carefully and know that less is more when it comes to fluffing. The knots made her hair look like it was curled in a salon.. until she decided to brush it. Know that Bantu-knot outs work best on damp or dry hair that has been stretched, so creating them right on wash day with fully wet hair may be a failure waiting to happen. Make sure your hair is damp while tying a Bantu knot. Wear a satin bonnet and pineapple your hair at night. Apply mousse or setting lotion for straight or relaxed hair. Two textures can cause frizz, tangling, dryness, and breakage. Hey, Curl Friend I'm Patrina! For example if you want a side part, you part your hair before doing the knot, if you want to flat braid/flat twist a section, you do this before you start parting the knots. Apply edge control with a brush on the hair line when installation of Bantu knots is completed. What about transitioning hair? Your email address will not be published. Bantu knots are a great style for natural hair and can turn into two hairstyles. STEP #2: APPLY LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER Bantu knots for relaxed hair works well. To re create this style just follow the steps above. You can also just rock the Bantu knots as is and accessorize with hair jewelry or a headscarf. Bantu knots and the resulting bantu knot out are my favorite hairstyle! Please check your email for further instructions. A clean head of hair is best for this style. This may seem like an unnecessary step, but it can be the difference between a smooth and lasting Bantu-knot out versus a frizz ball. Plus, it’s fairly easy to maintain. Here are some tips for Bantu knot hairstyles for short or long relaxed hair, natural hair, and transitioning hair. Is it safe to tie my hair with an elastic band when wrapping a Bantu knot? Bantu knot twist out is a favorite hairstyle for naturalistas and women transitioning from relaxers. Create sections according to the final look you desire. Bantu knots need to fully dry on relaxed hair. Bantu for Curly Hair. A good conditioning treatment is recommended on kinky hair for superb Bantu knots. Here are two popular videos showing different twisting techniques that yield amazing Bantu-knot outs. This protective style can be rocked for many reasons. Best results are achieved if you avoid pulling the curls or fingering apart quickly. Your hair isn't dry yet. Source. 2- Forming the Bantu Knots Separate the hair into multiple sections. Many have tried and failed at this style, but we have some pointers on where you actually went wrong. When her hair is not loose it is kept in twisted plaits and protected. Bantu twist out on natural hair will create tighter curls. The Bantu twist out will produce wavy to curly hair. If your hair happens to be long or at least thick, you might end up leaving your hair in those knots for the rest of the day. I'm a wife, mom of 2 boys, and a Public Health researcher from Southern California. The dry time for Bantu knots on wet hair can be one to three days without a dryer. Ideally, hair that is three to four inches can create longer lasting Bantu knots. When you are dealing with texture differences or uneven ends braid outs and twist outs end up being disastrous. The ability to create Bantu knots is almost impossible with hair that is one to two inches. Unraveling your hair while wet or damp will leave your hair limp, frizzy, and undefined. The dry time for Bantu knots on wet hair can be one to three days without a dryer. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. i wear my hair naturally curly, but i want to have bigger curls. Sit under a hooded dryer or use a blow-dryer to finish the drying process. When you apply bantu knots on damp or wet hair, your hair ends up drying right into the style, and you’ll have to leave them in that knot for a longer period of time so it can dry out completely. 8 Crucial Mistakes that Stop Your Natural Hair from Growing. This hairstyle is cost efficient and requires few supplies, and this hairstyle works well on natural, relaxed, and transitioning hair. To create natural bantu knots you just two strand wind a unit of hair, and then take that two strand and wrap it around itself. However, when this is done, they take at least two days to dry up. A ‘Bantu knot-out’ is simply the release of the knots to create a curly fro or curly set. Depending on the number of bantu knots you do, you’ll end up with springy little curls or big wavy curls. Our curly, coily, and wavy hair is more prone to frizz, and when creating a style like a Bantu-knot out, one must take the knots out carefully and style without disturbing the wave or curl. Before forming each section into a bantu knot, you first need to do a little prep so that the finished look is super smooth and lays nicely. Know that Bantu-knot outs work best on damp or dry hair that has been stretched, so creating them right on wash day with fully wet hair may be a failure waiting to happen. The Bantu knot install will take forty-five minutes to an hour to install from shampoo to completion. Finally, add a pair of stylish bohemian earrings and a pastel colored one-shoulder shirt to get the look. There has been a debate about wet hair versus dry hair for the installation of Bantu knots for years. How To Properly Prep For Bantu Knots. I hope you find my blog articles helpful within your hair care journey. It is up to you to decide how you want to wear your Bantu knots once dry; for a few days or for a week. Rocking Bantu knots on short, natural hair is something that more women are trying. In addition, they are even greater if you have long hair, as the Bantu knots will get twisted into pyramids or long funnels. Healthy hair care practices are definitely, what helped me to achieve waist length hair. You can do it on wet or dry hair, and when you do this on dry hair it actually expanses it a bit more. There are conflicting opinions concerning whether to work with wet, damp, or dry hair, but the general consensus is that damp hair is best for setting both knots and knot-outs. Bantu knots mask this issue and give you a beautiful outcome. Source. There are easy steps to achieving a twist out. Natural hair is temperamental. Curly and kinky hair can be damp but not wet for Bantu knots. You should think about this hairstyle. Natural hair divas that have 4b or 4C hair type should install Bantu knots on damp hair to reduce shrinkage and dryness. The beauty of Bantu knots is getting two styles for the price of one style. First things first, your hair needs to be properly moisturized to create the perfect set of Bantu knots. Hey Babes! STYLING OPTIONS. I love to share healthy hair care practices, as this is what helped me achieve waist-length hair. Does the Inversion Method or Mulholland Method work for Hair Growth? The supplies needed are the same for all hair types. Anticipate a restyle of the Bantu knots on short hair fairly quickly. Confidence is needed to wear the Bantu knot hairstyle. Bantu knots can be simple if you are patient with the installation. With Bantu Knots I can create some of the styles that she wants and wearing her hair like this make her happy. Bantu knots extensions can work on damp hair too. Leave in the Bantu knots for a longer time frame for a tighter and fuller twist out. I found that it looks best on my hair if it’s wet when I start twisting. Keratin treatment for curly hair… is it worth it? If you want your hair curly, Bantu knots are perfect as they don’t use heat to curl or wave the hair. Heeta 2-Pack Detangling Brush, Detangler Brush for Dry and Wet Hair, detangling comb for Afro American Hair 3A to 4C Wavy Kinky Curly Coily Hair for Women and Men (Black & Black) 9/10. Part your hair. Cantu Leave-In Conditioning Cream is a cult favorite, but trial and error will guide you on what keeps your hair moisturized and frizz free. You can wear the Bantu knot hairstyle for a few days. You can unsubscribe at any time. You can also just rock the Bantu knots as is and accessorize with hair jewelry or a headscarf. How much time is enough time? Bantu knots are not typically recommended for short, natural hair. Bantu knot hairstyles for short hair can be tricky. Bantu knot outs, like a twist out or braid out, are a way to curl or ‘crimp’ your hair without heat. Parting, creating sections and the application of product may vary based on your individual preferences.