Colours of 3 pouches are orange, green and black each colour speaking such as orange for milk tea, black for black tea and green for green tea. The box is coloured brown and is soothing to the eyes. Does it feel like you are in tension free zone? If you really want your tea packaging design to stick out, keep the superficial contents as minimal as you can. It is made with tea plucked from wild tea trees instead of bushes and the leaves go through microbial fermentation by pressing the raw leaves together and then storing them for maturity. Branding plays a vital role in building brand identity and image. The Tea Packaging Design usually have own characteristic from each producer. Challenge Evolet needed a strong brand identity to introduce to HoReCa market, especially to 4+ stars hotels. Some tea packaging design ideas are bold and imaginative, while others may be simpler with a minimalist approach. They take it as a drug that cleanses the stomach, and digests the superfluous humour, by a moderate heat particular to it. So connect us today, and we will plan best packaging design for you as per your type of tea and the personality of your brand. Inspiring Cookies & Biscuits Packaging Design Samples, Complete FSSAI Guidelines for Food Business 2020, 10 Indian ways to Maximize Food Sales with Packaging 2020, Innovative Ayurvedic Product Packaging Designs, 9 Essential design Elements for Professional Food Packaging. The Secret Garden Tea Company’s cute hand printed teabags, by To be more Eco-friendly, Packaging Design of tea is mostly done in cardboard boxes. In 2732 B.C. Source:, Source:, Source:, Source: In monsoons have it with those crisp and hot “Pakoras”, Simply Yummy! May 28, 2019 - Creative Tea Packaging Design #tea #teapackagingdesign #iceteapackagingdesign #greenteapackagingdesign #blackteapackagingdesign #whiteteapackagingdesign Aim for using pictures that transmit a feeling of radiance and comfort. Revenue in the Tea segment amounts to US$199,382.9m in the year 2020. Hot tea for winters and ice tea for summers. One can enjoy a sip of fresh and hot tea anytime ordering for flask tea. Packaging design - Maroccantea. Bottles are great tea packaging design ideas. In India, 1662 the semi medicinal use of tea brew is noted by Mendelslo: At our regular meetings every day we took only, which is commonly used all over the Indies, not only among those of the country but also among the Dutch and the English. Let’s check out some great tea packaging design. Your overall design should radiate a balanced look, based off your chosen colours. Packaging it’s not just about the actual box or label. YMCA. White tea is less processed tea and unopened buds; young leaves are covered in silver fuzz while they are merely withered and dried. Indian Springs School. November 26, 2020, 9 Best Creative Packaging Design Trends 2021 Puritea branding, including packaging design by Brazilian Vinicius Hideki, inspired by the quality and age-old tradition of preparing tea, adapted to the present day, with more practicality. The bottom gusset is wides; it allows the bag to stand vertical. Tea plays essential role in a lot of social gatherings, friend’s get-togethers and offering tea for guest is still a ritual followed in India. Hand written Masala Chai tea packaging design… Unless you are going for an extravagant design, a few colours that complement one another will work best. Drawing on Teatulia’s single-source positioning—common for coffee but unusual for the tea market—Here Design developed a graphic identity that, through colour and form, and inspired by the work of renowned Indian filmmaker and graphic designer Satyajit Ray, is infused with Bangladeshi culture. 11th September 2019 35 Votes. Whether you need a social media strategy, enhanced packaging design, or a logo that will speak to your ideal target audience, she will craft the perfect solution for your brand. Maintenance of hygiene is high in case of flask tea.Colours used on it are very natural green and brown. CHINESE TEA PACKAGING DESIGN. Inspired by the famous noble gesture of consistant holding the little finger high When drinking tea, Vincent designed finger-shaped pouches thesis. We are just showcasing the information for design inspiration and creativity. Your package is your brand ambassador – it should sell itself. Going to be a boom in the coming future so this niche market is having huge potential and a great place to be, which is traced by a brand like YogiTea. Tea still dominates various special occasions collaborating with fries, cookies, and multiple other snacking items. Article by DesignerPeople. When one thinks of tea, general feelings of comfort arise. Source. Brand Identity / Packaging. When trying to market your tea packaging design, it is important to keep things minimal. As it pertains to this particular product, be sure to use just a few colours. A few, well-placed pictures can also make your tea packaging design stand out! Your email address will not be published. Keep things consistent, and your design will stand out amongst its peers. It is best to consume without any additives, although some may prefer to add lemon or a sweetener but not milk. Here we have collected 30 tea packaging design inspiration from around the world. As it pertains to tea products, you have many options available to you. As tea soothes the mind, we can design and label them with soothing colors and attractive tag lines to make the packaging unique and nice. Instead of the usual boxes that you see on grocery shelves, some companies opt for simplicity. Most tea products are sold in their usual boxes, or even the aforementioned bags. As Seth Godin “The key to success is to find a way to stand out – to be the purple cow in the field of the monochrome  Holsteins” so how to be a purple cow? 3. Once you have your bottle on hand, the exterior packaging can get quite nifty. Sometimes simplicity is key, and that holds true in this packaging. The project concept is the multifaceted packaging, giving a new function to it, in this case, it replaces the saucer that during preparation is used to cap the cup and maintain its internal temperature. If you need any help and support contact DesignerPeople a Branding agency , who believe branding can do miracles irrespective of your company size. How to make a cup of tea is also mentioned on the back of packaging design. Emperor Shen Nung discovered tea when leaves from a wild tree blew into his pot of boiling water. Storing your tea products inside a large box is actually counterproductive, in terms of attractive visual design. Creative Sweet Box Packaging Design for Inspiration, 9 Killer Branding Mistakes Indian Agencies Make, Fast Food Branding & Packaging Design Inspiration 2020, Amazon India Product Listings: How to Setup E-Commerce Product Listing, What is Brand Story? China is known as the place where tea was born, which was almost 5,000 years ago. Tea packaging Free template. Each product has its unique quality which can communicate with the target audience with the correct balance of design and text or maybe a tagline. Stress being one of the most important reasons for few of the killer diseases, Tea in any form, green tea, ice tea, hot tea etc beats the STRESS. Organic Green tea lovers have increased in last few years. Source:, Source: It’s a way to market your product in an amusing way. Railroad Park. When steeped, it produces golden or light brown tea with a very delicate flavour resembling neither black nor green tea. Keep them aligned with both your brand profile and overall design, in order to keep things balanced. Then, ensure your chosen fonts are legible, and not overcrowding each other. Packaging design for Calmer Sutra tea’s wholesale canisters. There are two components which makes flask tea packaging innovative and disposable friendly. Since consumption is high, this has to lead to high demand, a saturation of tea sellers will also increase creating fierce competition. Sinope Espedal. Gaea Winery. Our Tea Packaging Design Vector, Tea Packaging Design PSD Free Download that you would opt for from this collection would help you get an idea as to what are the various elements that would go into creating an attention-grabbing packaging design. There can be the centre, side, and quad seal bags which is having seals up to the corners to give better base and are majorly made with matte K seal. Here are some of the most creative and fun tea packaging designs we have come across, enjoy! [Ineeka Tea Bags. Depending on the intended goal, supplementary imagery can enhance the overall packaging design. Have a cup of coffee or tea. Bright mood portrays “Everything is Good”.Target audience, specifically for this type of tea, is yoga practitioners in the world. Hand-picking packaging projects since 2008. My 15 years of design experience and masters degree ais my strength which keeps me motivated and keep me going positively. White tea produces a very light coloured with a mild flavour. Therefore results are the characteristic dark brown and black leaf with typically more robust and pronounced flavours. Branding Trends to Boost your Brand in 2021, 9 Best Creative Packaging Design Trends 2021, Gift Packaging Design, Important for Festive season sales, Packaging Design: An Effective Sales Boost Tool, 30 Inspiration For Attractive Chips Packaging Designs. Source:, Source:, Source: As such, base your colour selection off of this sentiment! 693. I am sure there must be people who are inspired by above branding aspects. If you are having difficulty choosing some hues, think about the tea contents you are selling. The world of packaging design is as subjective as you can get. We hope that you will enjoy this wonderful showcase. Creative EcoFriendly Packaging Design for Inspiration is part of Organic tea packaging, Jar packaging, Spices packaging, Jam packaging, Eco friendly packaging design, Organic food packaging Creative - #Organictea #packaging They deal with direct tea users, in fact, tea lovers and not with retailers or wholesalers. Quality, Aroma, Manufacturing process, Taste, origin, health and mental values will always add value proposition to your product. Art of Tea decided to test a new distribution channel: sale of tea through marketplaces and food delivery services. Client: MoroccanTea - Services: Packaging Design, Illustration - 2017. Cigarettea are creative tea bags that look just like real cigarettes. Packaging design and all other marketing elements should depict brand values. YogiTea is into ayurvedic tea recipes with 44 different teas. A lot of positive benefits of green tea and are typically steeped for a small quantity of time and at lower temperatures which producing a lighter cup with less caffeine. The packaging itself is known as a Pu’er, commonly known as a tea cake. Tootsie Roll (1960s) It’s wrapping is iconic from its colors to its recognizable cooper black font. In India, you will find a lot of “chai ki tapri” (small tea stall). The process for making black tea is value-oriented and hence can be shown through packaging by letting the leaf to fully oxidize during production. Clever tea packaging and creative tea bag designs from all over the world.. Cigarette Tea Bags. Young Huale / Chen Sijia / Zheng Rong- Each country and its connection with tea is different such as India is a country with tea as the national drink, and you will find tea at every corner of the street and even when you visit as a guest to any house. AnkitaSheth. Creative Tea Bag Packaging Design Free PSD Download free .PSD Packaging Design source . Required fields are marked *. You can experiment with the bottle’s sticker as you see fit. Get professional services & hire freelance graphics designer. For an extra touch of creativity, you can even incorporate an element of user engagement. Absolutely YES. Oct 29, 2020 - Explore Packaging of the World's board "Tea Packaging Design", followed by 200573 people on Pinterest. In New Zealand tea are connected type of tea and its health benefits while morocco mint tea is part of hospitality while for Chinese art of making tea is very important. In today’s era, tea is more than just a beverage. Passion from farmers who care for the growth of the tea. It is usually known for its premium personality with lots of antioxidants and to display that is very important in designing. Product Packaging Design Template – .Psd 100% Editable. 343 downloads. Flask tea packaging acts as boon for today’s hectic lifestyle users. When you have your desired box, it is time to get creative. Think of the bag itself as a canvas; you can experiment accordingly with different themes. The packaging design inspiration doesn’t stop at the exterior packaging. You can also see Chocolate Packaging Design … To sustain this, one has to be versatile with their branding skills. For the most part, aim for small to medium-sized boxes. Three pouches are filled with nitrogen, which is natural nitrogen flush to keep the tea fresh. Can ice cream Branding & Packaging Design make ice cream more desirable? We were commissioned to design a new product line. Their website portrays CSR contributions and funding for people in need across the globe. November 24, 2020, Gift Packaging Design, Important for Festive season sales The team at Huntsville strives to make every packaging solution an extension of the products they protect. 7.7k. We … Creative tea packaging design template vector for business branding. Gloss Creative oversized business card with blind emboss. Campaigns / Interactive Design / Social. It is a company which plucks the finest tea leaves and delivers it to consumers within a week. Corrugated box –The box saves the inner spout pouch from the rough handling and prevent heat dissipation. Future of tea packaging will focus more on eco-friendly packaging using sustainable materials; brands are establishing themselves into an organic section. – 100% Customizable. If you really want to step it up a notch, consider using bottles. November 6, 2020, © 2020, All Rights Reserved. A brown paper bag can be the basis of some truly elegant tea packaging designs. Upon closer inspection, you notice that the package contents are tea bags. Amber is a graphic designer and social media manager with over 5 years of design experience in print and digital media. Beautiful Asian and Maroccan patterns for Moroccateas tea. The infusion is greenish yellow in pale shade and tastes light. Follow Following Unfollow. How to Attract Customers by Your Product Packaging Design? Depending upon the type of tea, the suitable packaging should be selected hence check out below: If you are into the business of loose leaf tea, then this kind of packaging is the best solution for you. Being a strategist’s head and a long term visionary personality aims to achieve excellence in branding, packaging and digital marketing field. For example, pick one primary colour and use a couple other secondary shades. Campaigns / Publication Design. Depending on the kind of tea you are selling, try to use stark imagery that reflects where it came from. A lot of variety in colours is also seen with different sizes. To be more Eco-friendly, Packaging Design of tea is mostly done in cardboard boxes. 4 years ago. Graphic design freelance services & expert designer marketplace online. That is why vacuum packing is in demand to keep its freshness 100% till it reaches the consumers. Your email address will not be published. These days people are offering fine quality, affordability, aroma and more features but what is that which makes your brand to stand out? In addition to manufacturing packaging products, Huntsville also offers professional expertise for both structural and graphic design. But not to forget, Tea Packaging Design also plays a very important role to get that particular attention among so many competitors around. In regards to marketing your tea products, a few key pieces of information will be needed. The Quemingfang packaging is hands down, the most interesting and ornate tea packaging design on this list. Flavours with flowers, herbs, fruits and other natural flavours while some of the flavoured teas are Earl Grey, Jasmine, Masala chai for immunity, many other along with herbal tresses, leaves and fruits. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The aluminium foil allows the zip-lock facility, which will keep tea fresh for longer. While in Japan, it is part of the food culture where green tea is majorly famous. Relax! First, you’ll need to decide on what sort of box you will be using. Your typical, run-of-the-mill tea boxes can, and should, be accentuated. Source:, Source:, Source:, Source:, Source:, Source:×668.jpg, Source:, Source:, Source:, Source:, Source:, Source:, Source:, Source:, Source:, Source:, Source:, Source:, Source:, Source:, Source: Cool tea bags that have paper arms on the sides that fold out in order to make them into a single-use filter. But for the original fresh taste, they are usually using the natural image for more bold tea taste of the public. Moreover how hot the weather is; we still like to have a hot cup of tea after a long tiring day. ... Packaging Contents: Coffee and Tea Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Foil Printing Process: Offset Printing ... Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery. Tea Packaging Design. 7 Most Useful 3D Printing Tips and Tricks, 9 Most Popular Types of Coffee in the World, 10 Funny Waste Items That Can Be Recycled, How to Vape for Beginners: 7 Cool Vape Tips, 6 Popular Materials Used in Beverage Packaging, Top 5 Ways To Identify The Best Hair Salon, 8 Best Ways to Get Multiple Car Insurance Quotes, 3 Tricks to Make Your Hardwood Floors Look New Again, 7 Unspoken Etiquette Rules of Smoking Weed, 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Drafting a Non-Solicitation Agreement, 4 Best Summer Cocktails and How to Prepare Them, 4 Reasons Why Business Cards Still Matter, How to Become a Pilot: 7 Steps to Start an Aviation Career, How to Unclog a Toilet When Nothing Works: 9 Steps, 7 Quick Tips to Improve 3D Printing Results, tea packaging design ideas are bold and imaginative, way to market your product in an amusing way, 7 Popular Apartment Necessities for Guys in University, Six Pointers to Consider Before Signing Your First Job Contract, 7 Most Creative Tea Packaging Design Ideas, Top 8 Tips when Hiring an Elevator Interior Design Company. For instance, chai tea could use colourful art inspired by South Asia. 54. Do connect me personally via my LinkedIn and I love to share my expertise with you. This intersects an elegant interior design of warmth and texture by way of packaging and window decals. Tea is one of those commodities that is cross-cultural, and the making of teas itself holds a hallowed place in Native… and How it Works as Marketing Tool. Gaea Winery wine label design. This idea is used by many companies that sell tea to customers around the world. Depending upon the type of tea, the images, graphical representation, font style, process, personality, colours, brand story and value propositions are added, which can be health benefits. Plan to deliver a branded experience! No matter what best qualities your tea is having but unless it is not communicated its waste of time. To inspire your own packaging, consider these eight creative tea packaging design ideas: Idea #1: Paper Bag Packaging. The Gathering Florist. The use of colours is important for any product, but especially for your tea packaging design ideas. 5 years ago. That is to communicate your value proposition of brand through creative tea packaging design. 166 points. As the age old adage goes, sometimes, less can be more. – High Quality – Fully Layered Design Template. When trying to market your tea packaging … Oolong tea is semi-oxidized, where the leaf is allowed to sit for maybe 2-4 hours, before being heated up to halt oxidization. Campaigns / Film & Motion. See more ideas about tea packaging design, tea packaging, packaging design. Order your design gig % Published: October 6th 2020. The shape can be a box, a bottle, a sachet, and paper wrapper. Follow. Creative Tea Packaging Design #tea #teapackagingdesign #iceteapackagingdesign #greenteapackagingdesign #blackteapackagingdesign #whiteteapackagingdesign. Me too! Yoga is a form which more and more people are adopting. In our childhood and now also we love to dip those biscuits and breads in hot tea and enjoy that awesome taste. Black tea is accounting for up to 85% of total tea consumption in the western world. These are their brand values, which are making them distinctive and unique. With your brand placed front-and-centre, along with a few other features, you can transform your blank canvas into something spectacular! It comes from the Yunan province of China and is earthy in flavour. It’s … Packaging Design for Sage Herb Project ... Feb 2018. Don’t be afraid of simplicity. Each flavour promoting its health benefits such as  detox, wellbeing, throat, breathe deep and many more. Tea leafs are very delicate and to retain its aroma it should be designed and packed in airtight material and not to forget, should be stored in air tight containers for re-use and to maintain its aroma. Taj Mahal, Tetley, Tata, Lipton are few of the top brands in tea industry. Publication Design / Interactive Design. A brown paper bag can be the basis of some truly elegant tea packaging designs. Tea still dominates various special occasions collaborating with fries, cookies, and multiple other snacking items. Print Advertising for California Tea House Redesign . Everybody doodles—from 9-year-olds to 90-year-olds, so you’re set as far as target markets … I’ve covered tea bags and tea t-shirts, this time I take a look at some great tea packaging design. Packaging of the World is a package design inspiration archive showcasing the best, most interesting and creative work worldwide. Check out these 18 examples of tea packaging design to inspire you. You will get unboxing surprise once you open up the box you will find a splash of coloured pouches. These are not having the facility of air sealing due to paper as material; hence the life span of tea is short, but yes instant earthy tea with small quantities can use this kind. As tea soothes the mind, we can design and label them with soothing colors and attractive tag lines to make the packaging unique and nice. Your brand name, quantity of tea inside, and flavours will be most important. Jan 1, 2013 - Do you love eco-friendly packagings? Hence depending upon its importance given as per traditional values, packaging design is executed. Greater Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau. I’m not sure why but if you’re want to see some great design tea packaging is a … Source:, Source:, Source: Follow. The best quality of tea is sustained if you go ahead with the correct and effective packaging type. Community Member. Having too much imagery on your brown bag can be counterintuitive, if the plan is to capture a customer’s attention. Different types of flavors are there in market. it's … Keep things proportional and well-balanced, and your minimalist approach to packaging design will work as desired. In worldwide comparison, the majority of the revenue is generated in China (US$78,699m in 2020). Each tea has its creative name and meaning. Calmer Sutra tea creative direction & styling for tea. Packaging design is kept very minimalistic.