Exhale is a bladeless ceiling fan concept which is unique the world over. 3 different … Overall, we really loved how the product’s design, along with how it will look in a smart home. This device stands tall with its 37 inches, and occupies a 9 by 12-inch space footprint in … Wonderful product, easy install! In the end, we will give our final opinion on the product which should ultimately help you with your purchase. Instead, they induce an almost natural airflow. The selection of bladeless ceiling fan is not only of the highest quality, but are also available in a variety of combinations to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. They were also very accommodating when my contractors misplaced the LED module before installation and sold me an extra LED module for a small fee.Regarding LED light, it works well enough, even as a reading light (at maximum brightness), although I'd personally prefer a dedicated reading light. I am very happy with my new one Exhale fan! For more, check out our other reviews on other smart home products. Every person coming to our house have. An added bonus is the doesn’t hang down low. Despite this, the air is well diffused everywhere. www.instagram.com/p/CESEAYsltfn/. So happy to have received and installed the “UFO” fan as my friends say … I am delighted with the product and have zero negative comment to make. ... applies to the design of Exhale Fans.... Read 6 More Customer Reviews. We bring the comfort you desire as well as the sophisticated design that removes the eyesore associated with bladed ceiling fans. What a pleasure! Be aware that it won't illuminate the ceiling itself (it's a downlighter), so you can optionally combine it with indirect ceiling lights for a good effect. A perfect marriage of elegant design and efficient airflow. Dyson AM06 Air Multiplier Table Fan. Vortec Bladeless Ceiling Fan and Ventilator. That said, Exhale fans are not designed to create powerful wind to keep you cool. So quiet we run it through the might and receive a gentle,cooling and invigorating stream of clean air. Although there are some availability issues, you should be able to find one. In such cases, the product should look good and have an aesthetic look. The unit I received innitially was defective, it didn't respond to a signal from a remote, and they sent me a replacement motor free of charge. Delighted with my purchase. We do not publish your personal information such as your name or your contact details. We are very very pleased and the wait was well worth it! Sure, it’s not cheap, but it’s worth the money Ps: at first we were afraid that everything would work out without issues, because he comes from abroad (France when we are in Germany), everything was only handled via the internet, but the supplier always replied quickly and everything went correctly (correspondence and shipping). I received my Exhale ventilator today and I’m absolutely thrilled. Products & Services. Ingénieux, efficace et en plus esthétique. heating savings and living comfort in summer.In addition it is tax deductible.In addition, a great telephone reception, very professional.We are very happy with our purchase. While the fan is turned on, we noticed that there was no sound coming from the fan at all. The Dyson AM01 10” Table Fan is one of Dyson’s earlier models but still … En été, par période de grosse chaleur j’utilise en complément une climatisation mobile qui permet ainsi une bonne répartition de l’air dans l’appartement.J’ai été agréablement surpris par le silence de fonctionnement, (inaudible de moyen à très faible vitesse) si bien qu’il m’est arrivé d’oublier de l’entendre plusieurs fois.Nous sommes deux dans la famille à en posséder un et je le recommande à ceux et celles qui seraient en pleine hésitation.Chaque personne qui visite mon appartement pour la première est toujours intrigué par ce... « lustre ».Raté c’est un ventilateur ! 5 Quick Ways To Fix When Schlage Door Latch Won’t Retract, Troubleshooting: What To Do When Geeni Light Bulb Won’t Connect, Tuya Smart Vs Smart Life (Differences Between Tuya Smart And Smart Life), Sense Vs Neurio (Differences Between Sense And Neurio), 4 Ways To Resolve When Insteon Hub No Power, 3 Methods To Fix When GE Smart Dimmer Not Working, 3 Ways To Fix Broadlink RM Mini 3 Configuration Failed. It can also run as both simultaneously which is one of its great functions. I believe this is not an issue nowdays as the current generation is in stock. Delicious little cooling, silent, really great ………. We definitely recommend you buy this product if you are thinking about getting one. The Lasko Remote Control Bladeless Tower Fan is the perfect addition to any room, with its sleek and vertical space-saving design allowing you to place this tower fan in very small spaces that wouldn’t typically accommodate other fans, without having to compromise on the quality of air circulation. Pierre has been great to work with, the fans are super quiet, work better than can be imagined and took less than 30 minutes to install. However, we’re more than happy to announce that the Exhale Bladeless Fan is a great product when it comes to air distribution. In this article, we will be reviewing the Exhale Bladeless Fan. Bladeless ceiling fans. As already mentioned above the Exhale Bladeless Fan functions as both a ceiling fan and an LED light. They have installed the bladeless ceiling fan in their company or their house and tell us about it. Has anyone had any practical experience with one or know of other bladeless brands available in Australia? Thank you again for having had the idea to market this product (too bad it is not French). We put it on speed 2, practically noiseless with very pleasant total cooling breeze effect. It acts like a plane reactor (but silent and ecologic) in your living room. Perfect neat and adjustable light. Check out the Exhale Fans gallery featuring bladeless ceiling fans. FREE Smart Home, Home Automation & IoT Tips. VeraPlus Vs SmartThings (Differences Between VeraPlus And SmartThings), Comparing Smart Lighting Bulbs: MagicLight Vs Flux, Lutron Diva Vs Maestro (Differences Between Lutron Diva And Maestro), iSmartAlarm Vs SmartThings (Differences Between iSmartAlarm And SmartThings), Phillips Hue White Vs Ambiance (Differences Between Hue White And Ambiance). The highest speed is louder, but not unpleasant.The wait after the order was significant (a few months) as I ordered gen4 before it was available. The Exhale fan is a bladeless ceiling fan whose concept is unique. Homeseer Vs Vera (Differences Between Homeseer And Vera), 4 Methods To Fix Schlage Connect Troubleshooting, 4 Common Feit Electric Bulb LED Problems (Solved). We have this exhale fan for about three weeks now, and we have to say that we would not have thought that this device would cool our entire room so nicely. With top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge production technologies and a highly qualified team, we guarantee complete satisfaction. Please also tag us in photos of your Exhale Fan in action using #ExhaleFans on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to be featured on our social media! The exhale ceiling fan is extremely discrete and silent, so no one will be bothered by the noise. Source : www.facebook.com/tlelous/posts/1739230816119497:0, While doing some remodeling and looking for ideas, my wife stumbled across exhalefans.com. The Exhale Bladeless Fan is a very well-made product that comes with all the standard features of being a great fan, while also giving you more. The Exhale fan is wonderful and the customer service is fast and efficient. We are delighted and surprised by the elegance and quality of this product and also the absence of noise. Interested in seeing a gallery of photos featuring bladeless fans? The LivePure Vortex (around $169) boasts a four-color LED accent light that gives … Don't Miss Out On Latest Home Automation Product Updates. The handling and the delivery of the device was very professional!The Exhale fan looks beautiful, is totally quiet and cools the whole room like an air conditioner. It feels like sitting by the sea. The Exhale Bladeless Fan is a smart home appliance that is used for air distribution in the house. KDK U48FP 48” Ceiling Fan. I bought this article at the beginning of September, quick delivery, easy to install, very quiet, very even ventilation, very low consumption and with the option of the variable LED lighting, is really very good. The Exhale Bladeless Fan does not have any blades, due to which some people might get skeptical about its air distribution. This is another one of the fairly priced bladeless ceiling fans, whose … We won't send you spam. An LED light is also installed on the Exhale Bladeless Fan for convenience. Our customers (public schools & buildings) are very satisfied with exhale fans, they like the air breeze that feels like a soft marine breeze. Super nice fan and excellent service from Exhale! Sensation de bien-être agréable.Les plus :• son design s’intègre parfaitement bien à notre intérieur• produit silencieux• manipulation simple à partir de la télécommande• son éclairage central à Led très appréciableet le plus du plus :• un contact de confiance avec l’entreprise• une écoute à mettre en avant• un suivi du client• un sens commercial du responsable à féliciter. Thanks to all the team. Enjoy a stream of uninterrupted airflow with these bladeless fans. It's felt throughout the room without being unpleasant or focused in a single spot. Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan. Powerful, quiet and economical. Sunny greetings, Inge. If you’re also deciding to buy an Exhale Fan for your smart home, but are considering your options then you have come to the right place! I'm using it with floor/wall heating/cooling, and it's a great combination in both summer and winter months. Shop for Contemporary Bladeless Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote, Retractable Blades - 42 inches - 42 inches. The light works both simultaneously, and separately with the fan’s rotation. The heat is very uniform unlike before when, Étant grand, je recherchais un ventilateur de plafond pas trop encombrant et design.Je suis tombé par hasard sur ce produit, puis étant intrigué par le principe de fonctionnement avant-gardiste. View on Lazada. Thanks a lot for your assistance. We are excited about your product, the quality is there, the brightness is tip top, in a word great product. The Exhale Bladeless Fan is a smart home appliance that is used for air distribution in the house. Whether you’re picking the best ceiling fans for an upgrade or … We are very happy with the cool effect and quasi-silence! According to the users, it’s an exceptionally well-made fan. Plus aucune fracture de température à mi-hauteur de l’escalier, plus aucune sensation de froid vers le bas par une très bonne uniformisation de la chaleur tout en étant fixé à 4,50 m ! Product adequate in my room – very high panelled ceiling – which allows the warm airflow to be directed down, so the room is perfectly temperate! Yes, I notice this thread is 3 year's old. Perfect operation from the start. I’ve got a secret….even the best bladeless fans aren’t magic, in-fact they actually do have blades (although they are well hidden!) The wait was long but it was well worth it (order placed in January). I quickly realized that when it heated, the heat stagnated on the ceiling. Now that you’re enjoying your newly installed bladeless Exhale Fan, we encourage you to join our Fan Club and send us a review! Total time spent installing from dropping the old fan to installing the Exhale? Wonderful product would recommend to everyone, it’s easy to install and the benefits are obvious from day one. Fans are fantastic. It is really very good. Prices for the Exhale Bladeless Ceiling Fans range between $500 and $600, depending on the color you choose. Price: $768. Good morning, So I have tried and installed this new product: the EXHALE, the new generation fan. The exhale fan creates a vortex effect that takes the air under the exhale fan to redistribute it 360 degrees all around the room. 50 I am very impressed by your efficiency in sending me the exhale fan so quickly, in spite of the current problems. Get free delivery On EVERYTHING* at Overstock - Your Online Ceiling Fans & Accessories Store! Does exactly what we were hoping it would do and more, so quiet and love the look. Although ordinary fans tend to force air into only one specific direction, this isn’t the case here. The Exhale bladeless ceiling fan does not blow air directly under it but in fact draws it in from below and directs it outwards at 360 degrees around the room. Best regards. It is really the best, a good mixing of the air, which allows to have a homogeneous heat. Also, being a smart appliance, you will have complete control over your Exhale Bladeless Fan through an app installed on your smartphone or through a switch. Respaut general Electricity. Of course, being married, I lost the battle. Ceiling Fan with Light, 22 inches LED Remote Control 3-Color Lighting Modes Invisible Acrylic Blades Metal Shell Semi Flush Mount Low Profile Fan,Black 3.9 out of 5 stars 163 $199.50 $ 199 . The first ceiling fan without blades! Aucun regrets. Installed ! I'm interested in these bladeless fans, but never find a review from someone who has bought one, (other than manufacturer website). This LED light allows the exhale fan to run as both a ceiling fan and a roof light. I chose the model with “warm white” lighting, with adaptable light intensity: the best! Installation was also a “breeze” taking less than 20 minutes. Thanks Exhale. Et petit plus, le design !Merci Exhale. LivePure Vortex. I on the other was against it. Some of them even come equipped with an air-conditioner and air purifier function! Hi Hans, Well the Fan is in use and we love it! alone.It produces a pleasant light breeze that feels like being outside. Don't expect it to replace a big chandelier with a lot of lumens. Product received with proper packaging. This was another one of the surprising features of the Exhale Bladeless fan. No swaying or ducking to avoid running into low hanging fans, A BIG thanks to the folks at Exhale Fans! Here is a pic of just 1 of the 5 we have in our house. Unsubscribe at any time. Superb! And little more for the very hot summers of now, a refreshment without having an excessive draft in the eyes as with a traditional fan. This Friday I received the Exhale bladeless fan that I ordered on Wednesday! Installé en 2018 pour brasser l'air chaud diffusé par un foyer fermé à bois. A great success! Read the reviews and testimonies of our Exhale customers. Due to the rather low ceiling I have, traditional fans were simply not an option, and besides, Exhale fan blows all of them out of the water on the looks. chaud de maintenant, il rafraichit sans avoir trop d'air dans les yeux comme avec un ventilateur traditionnel.A essayer absolument. Exhale blade-less ceiling fan main feature is the “Vortex effect”. Review Exhale Fans. The result is a slight breeze across the room. I have just installed it and enjoy the cool effect which it creates and the fact that it is silent. Added to which the reception and professionalism of Exhale Europe is excellent. I think it might be healthier for me. The Exhale Bladeless Fan is a smart home product that is absolutely adored by many customers. This fan truly circulates the air around the entire room. Added to which the manager was open to our concerns. You won’t be disappointed with what this product will offer you. Installation et mise en service au cours de l’hiver 2019/2020 du ventilateur Exhale à une hauteur de 4,50 m afin de résoudre les écarts de températures entre RC et étage.Aucune déception du, produit qui tient bien ses promesses par une répartition de la chaleur dans le grand volume salon-mezzanine. Exhale fan is the best fan I've ever felt. Get 5% in rewards with Club O! From brands like Dyson, Exhale and more. Le ventilateur de plafond Exhale permet d'avoir une chaleur homogène dans toute la pièce.Et avec les étés très. If anyone has a contact at the company, I would love to put together a full exhale fan review for your viewing pleasure. The air then rebounds against the walls to create an overall breeze effect wherever you may be. While also coming with a great design, and running completely silent, the fan is a great option for everyone in their smart home. $550/SET-DC MOTOR-34″ Exhale Bladeless Ceiling fan-6 Speed reversible-Yuragi function-Remote control & light included *ELMARK is the only company that has passed safety testing & awarded safety mark for EXHALE Fan in Singapore till date. Typically, floor cooling is of not much use during summer since cold air doesn't rise well (it cools just your feet), and I wasn't expecting to actually use it, but this fan mixes air so well and so uniformly that it's actually a superior alternative to air conditioning. From our professional side, despite a long delivery, we underline the reactivity of the European distributor, with a proper after sales service for a premium product. Colour: … The Exhale Bladeless Fan has some overwhelmingly positive user reviews. I have to say, it is more pleasant than air conditioning! The fan works better than advertised. We just installed your fan, finally. KDK U48FP – most powerful airflow. Read the reviews of our Exhale Fans Europe customers. But, that’s not the only great thing about this bladeless fan. Great success, great purchase! Nous recherchions un système de ventilation performant et design.Nous sommes ravis de notre achat qui correspond parfaitement à ces deux attentes. I recommend! It stirs the air 360 degrees around the room. It will illuminate a room of up to about 20-25 m2, but especially for larger rooms, I'd use additional lights, especially near the walls. We can only recommend this exhale. The ventilation can be felt everywhere in the room and not only under the ceiling fan. I am very happy with this purchase, for several reasons: It’s a super fan, the excellent distribution of air is impressive. The second is in an attic room with a very high ceiling, great summer and winter. Really pleased with the overall look if the room and how quiet the fan is. Every person who has used this has seemed to fell in love with the product. Sometimes it's hard to tell even visually, as it has only a very slight wobble and no blades to look at. I am very happy with this! after watching some videos and getting more information, she decided she wanted one. 3D blade for maximum airflow. on the second floor, the fan has to be completely adjusted the problem. Recommended. Dyson AM01 10″ Table Fan. We are already thinking about whether to have another one in the sleeping area. I do not regret my investment. En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l’utilisation de cookies, ou technologies similaires afin d’améliorer nos services . The fan works without any blade fans. Only 25 minutes! February 7, 2020 by Editor. I hate the look of every ceiling fan I've seen but does this look any better? We are happy with it! Also, let’s not forget that it has many other smart features that an ordinary fan will never give you. Extra gentle, silent air distribution. We have now had a month of blissful sleep thanks to our exhale fan. I can't sleep w out my fan, but it's contributing to my dry eye problem. Ease of installation or use of the bladeless ceiling fan. in hot weather, windows closed, we live again with a light pleasant breeze and very little noise. How To Connect Phillips Hue Bridge Without Router? Our living room is approximately 38 square meters and this summer is very warm. We were looking for a way to distribute the rising heat of a wood stove in a cathedral living room. Myself along with my contractor were completely amazed with the airflow this fan puts out. All I can say is WOW. A bladeless silent and ecologic ceiling fan ! Delivery to Switzerland presented no problems. We bought this product in June 2017 and are so satisfied with it that we are going to buy a further one for this summer 2018. Here is a photo of my installation in my living room where this superb fan has found its perfect place and use. We recently purchased one of your fans and we absolutely love it. Our fan arrived and it is fantastic. Normal fans you feel the air blowing straight down and it is a strong breeze. Magnificent design, perfect packaging.