The noticeable difference is the bright green fading stems. It works by causing improvements in insulin resistance. It can also be used to treat scabies also known as crawcraw. the plants are majorly tropical and non-tropicals. Horsetail Plant Care. Hello! It’s not surprising to find out horsetail is so tough: This plant has survived—and thrived—since prehistoric times. Rush-like, spreading habit with hollow, upright stems. Kindly give me the Yoruba name for COMFREY. And, please folks, stop referring to this nice lady as “sir” or “Mr.” this is stupid of you people. A response will highly b appreciated. Water leaf can serve as a laxative to treat constipation or indigestion. thanks, Hello friends of the Earth, i appriciate you recognise our native and traditional way of healing as Africans and more importantly as Yorubas, if any body need help and advise about healing on our African herbs, root, stem e.t.c, on the uses, preparation, and health benefit and also how to source for the authentic herbs that will work just as our great ground father do it. Pls it’s so urgent. Thanks. Lift the pot once-a-month to examine the drainage holes. n , pl -tums or -ta any tracheophyte plant of the genus Equisetum, which comprises the horsetails n. Thanks. An herbaceous perennial relative of ferns, common horsetail consists of two types of stems; sterile, non- reproductive and photosynthetic, and reproductive and non- photosynthetic. This is definitely not a curse but reality! Daisy. I will be very grateful if you can get back to me because have used many herbs and Drugs. Please what the name of dandelion leaf in yoruba of any Nigeria communicative language that will help in getting it from market pls Urgently needed for anyone who can help. It’s shameful and disheartening to see many so-called Yoruba exposing their ignorance and stupidity on this forum. It’s Hausa name is kwandari. it has alleviated my translation effort of plants. Wormwood God bless ur effort and be well. noun of Eurasia and Greenland and North America • Syn: ↑common horsetail, ↑Equisetum arvense • Hypernyms: ↑horsetail * * * noun : a horsetail (Equisetum arvense) of the United States and Canada that produces from the same rhizomes brownish… I also thank you for the nice words and for the contribute! A non-flowering plant, it … Pls what is the Yoruba name for Yellow root? 2. a horse s tail formerly used as a Turkish military standard or as an ensign of a pasha, the number of tails increasing You are to thanked and appreciated for your research, work and willingness to share for the benefit of all. 5.Chamomile The botanical name of the plant is Ocimum gratissimum. It’s also called puzzle plant because all varieties of horsetail have hollow jointed stems that are easily pulled apart. It really helps JC thanks,still need the Yoruba name for fennel seed and red clover. Flaix seed Please, what is the Yoruba name for Black seed & Licorice root? The balabwo recommended that the patient take specific steps to cure the illness. Google it pls. This perennial herb has ornamental uses and usually grows up to 20m tall with its deep green thick leaves. Well, I was at a scientific meeting at one of the parastatals of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Abuja with an Italian and some others in March 2006. hello my noble author may GOD continue to bless u and ur family. 6.Saffron Thanks. I think that are some natural ways to cure herpes. And make vaginal douches. This is wonderful. Gosh!!!!!!????? Thanks. It’s a leaf but what is it called in Yoruba. Some of you’re irritatingly repetitive. 2.Chicory thanks for the good work. You don’t need to worry about scouring rush in the winter, they can still grow fine with drier air and less light. Another important text is the Awakaiye, The Fruit of Universal Knowledge. Respect for family and ancestors is so deep that when Yoruba people die, they are buried under the floor of the family house. Please what is the native or Yoruba name of dandelion and soursop. celery – hypertension It is of the genus {Equisetum}, and is allied to the ferns. Because I consider it is nice to read all the story I found out about Igni nla tree, I will quote here an answer offered by Joyce Lowe: Check out the expansive list of plants we are proud to have grown. Hello, Kolawole and welcome here. لاذع نبات القراص ladhie naba'at alqaras. Jegende You can find it now in markets there and what can I say its that yoruba people call it Celerimikunola igbo people call it Celerynkechi and hausa people call it Celeryharam. Epo Jebo Like ferns, horsetail plants reproduce via spores and they have a very deep rhizome system that can tunnel up to 3 feet under the soil. n. • cola de caballo s.f. As I know, Parsley – Petroselinum crispum is Isako, Oshun. Thanks in advance, thanks for this information. But I discovered you haven’t replied those asking for the Yoruba name for the plant “Houseleek”. this is much coming from a non-yoruba. Please can you help me with the yoruba name of fennel seeds,blessed thistle root,fenugreek seeds,saw palmetto please reply me. It was in the text – Sage – Salvia officinalis in yoruba is Kiriwi, Babaluaye, Obatala. Please what is Yoruba name for witch hazel? Treatment of urinary and sexual transmitted infections like vaginitis and gonorrhea. Hello Ms /Mrs J, this write up is much appreciated. Need it so urgent… Thanks, ewedu in yoruba is ayoyo in hausa. I want to appreciate everyone who has contributed in this article may the lord bless you all amen. Ewe ela Pumpkin in yoruba is ponkin, beans are ewa and tomatoes are tomati. Please, how someone can treat this staphylococcus bacteria in the body. The mythological origins are directly connected to Iya Nla, or the Great Mother, and her connection to motherhood and twins. He is the founder and CEO of Nigerian The top of the root ball should be 1 inch below the container rim. (Bot.) Thanks, pls what is :slippery elm in yoruba and yoruba and English name for Oregano, Jorjette, thanks for teaching us what we supposed to have known. Hi. However, we’ve decided to highlight the most common ones in this post. golden seal, Hi! Fenugreek (read your comment that u were not sure,just asking again if you know it now ). tosin January 12, 2017 pls what is TULSI or TULASI leaf mean in yoruba? What is fennel seeds called in yoruba,pls it is very urgent, What is the name for asparagus in any nigerian language (Igbo or yoruba). Hello, Keji! Ewe odundun (Kalanchoe Crenata) Parsley – Petroselinum crispum is Isako/Oshun in yoruba language. Very helpful article. Yoruba elemental deity/orisa of herbs is Osanyin. Let’s join this wonderful author to bring back nature and ancient ways of healthy living back to Africa… NIGERIA ESPECAILLY. I appriciate every effort it took to put all these together and hope the mother earth see all. First of all, premature ejaculation is a psychological problem and you should start from this point. Our own Yoruba language in our Yorubaland has now become a vernacular? Thank jorjette for for your contributions toward our culture,,,, hope to send for you for award,,please what is the name for gravel root thank, Please what is the yoruba name for Alchemila vulgaris also known as Lions foot or bear foot or nine hooks or lady’s mantle, I really need an urgent answer please, you can also send the reply to my email box. Please what do yoruba called comfrey(knite-bone)Or what it called in any nigeria language.I can even pay for it. 2014. Please what is cummin in yoruba language and where can it be found, Good job. She can do this once or twice a week. Every part of the plant has been found to be extremely beneficial. Plant horsetail in a container, with drainage holes, that's just large enough to accommodate the plant's root ball. Yoruba name for maca root. 6. name of sweet leaves. Reply. Trending. $4.49 shipping. It can be used to cook delicious soup by adding ground melon and some condiments to it. $32.99 $ 32. Pls, what is the yoruba for agrimony and slippery elm. 5. Pls, what is the yoruba name for lico rice root. you just saved my money and improved my business, Please what is the yoruba name for Red beet, black seed, and propoliss. You mean this Saga Tree (Adenanthera Pavonina)? burdock TAROT DE MARSELLA SPANISH 78 CARTAS ON SALE . I think I found the answer for you, it’s not the English name, but the Latin, for sure it will help you. I took my time out and actually read everything on this page. Yoruba name for cinnamon is igi adi dun or igi agbayun. I thank you. Some of which are highlighted below: The seed oil is beneficial in treating atherosclerosis. EgoFelix Magazine waits you with articles about healthy lifestyle, the wonders of nature and science, herbs and natural home remedies. The horsetail plant ( Equisetum arvense ), also called shavegrass, is the descendant of a large Equisetum species that grew millions of years ago in the Paleozoic era. Please can you help me with the yoruba name of fennel seeds,blessed thistle root,fenugreek seeds,saw palmetto, please what is the yoruba name for lemon orange. The latex of wild lettuce can also be added directly to the skin to kill germs. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. :). Within the Equiset… SKU: 8405b4cb067f Category: Perennials. 3.7 out of 5 stars 42. Then do you know yoruba name for HOUSELEEK LEAVES? Your Message* J! Thanks. 12 sold "Love Is Patient" - Poem - 2 Verse Cards - sku# 624. Tenks for d good work dear jorjette c…more grace to ur elbow.. pls wat is the Yoruba name for saw palmetto and wild yam leave? I will be glad if you reply…. Can’t you see that this woman is interested only in Yoruba language? Hello, dear Jide. I wish I could have an answer for each, but I can’t! Hello, Tina! I would like to know the scientific name of the plant “ure” (popular name) connected with the god Ogun. The oracular reading involves throwing a handful of 16 kola nuts from the right to the left hand, 16 times, after which the right hand is checked to see whether an odd or even number of kola nuts remains. So, the brat didn’t know lemon and lime? It took a non-Yoruba, a white woman, for that matter to teach you that it’s “osan wewe.” She even teaches you what orombo is. weldone for the gud work.pls I need d Yoruba name for vitex agnus. I wonder why you Christian fundamentalists are now running up and down looking for our Yoruba herbs, leaves, and roots for healing since your “Jesus” is supposed to “heal” you! Pls what is saw palmetto in yoruba language. The plant grows best with high humidity and hot sun. Dictionary of Medicinal and Poisonous Plants – Yoruba Names, World Dictionary of Grasses  – Yoruba Grass Name, Just want to thank you for this wonderful information about Yoruba medicine and Some herbs in yoruba language. People are blind and don’t want to see what it is in front of them, thy see only what is in their mind. Also, the herb has flowered clusters that come together to form a burr hence the name forest burr. Igbagba – Leptoderia brachyptera Overall, wild lettuce has a calming effect which has been found useful in conditions like insomnia, restlessness and pain. 12 sold. Keep it up. Pls kindly tell me the yoruba or igbo name for ipomoea jalapa. Place the horsetail in the container. Every part of the plant has been found to be extremely beneficial. Thank you. 3.Sorrel Just what I have been looking for! Please what is the yoruba name for Ginkgo biloba. Hello, Adeola. Argh!!!! Acacia nilotica – Baani, Booni. pls what is the common name of eso pandoro? black cohosh Maca root is called Baaka in Yoruba. Herbal Medicine. PLANTS,SEEDS, herbs,BOTANICS should not be misused.. The species was first described, in French, in 1937, but only given a valid Latin description in 1946. Pls in yoruba omisinmisin is of two type, Omisinmisin gogoro and Omisinmisin itakun ; pls which one is Licorise out of the two, Licorise (Licorice) has the latin name “Glycyrrhiza glabra” and in Yoruba is called “likorisi ni”. Pls wat is the Yoruba name of King of better leave, Please,what is the yoruba name for King of Bitters, Please what is the Yoruba name for Insuling Plant ? Relevant information might include strained relations with family or neighbors who might have deliberately or unwittingly put a curse on the patient. Please note that different plants grow in different regions. He gives the Bini [Edo] name as okuobisi, meaning “a big tree,” and writes, “it is reputed to kill all neighboring trees except Myrianthus arboreus and Musanga cecropioides… which are called respectively the wife and servant of okuobisi.” He observed one Okoubaka (60 feet high) which had no tree within 80 feet of it, except for Myrianthus, Musanga and one woody Vernonia. Required fields are marked *. Although rhizomes growing near the surface can be forked out, deeper roots will require a lot of excavation. Ginseng Like the Yoruba-Lucumí Obatalá, Gueró carries a horsetail flywhisk, yet Gueró takes white beads with blue stripes, unlike any of the Obatalás. It has antibacterial and antifungal activities which have been proven to treat skin infections. Too bad I don’t have the pix. 14 sold "God Hath Not Promised skies always Blue" - 2 Verse Cards - sku# 988. Increases immunity, it’s a natural source of K vitamin, it helps in pancreatic cancer. As I found, ewe ejirin is Ground Cucurbitaceae. The leaf has several health benefits. This will be much appreciated if the names are given in the three major 9ja languages! Equisetum hyemale robustum — noun evergreen erect horsetail with rough edged stems; formerly used for scouring utensils • Syn: ↑scouring rush, ↑rough horsetail, ↑Equisetum hyemale, ↑Equisetum robustum • Hypernyms: ↑horsetail … Useful english dictionary It can be used as an energy and immune booster and some of its other medicinal effects have been highlighted below: The botanical name of this herb is Hibiscus sabdariffa. THEY WORK IN HARMONY WITH THE BODY UNDER DIAGNOSTIC DIRECTIVES.. ldiligence and CAUTION a must, if you are taking ALLOPATHIC MEDICATIONS.. ****I came by this thread /site in my search for what YARROW (Archillus milifofolium) )is in YORUBA… … l will appreciate feedback. Each fertile shoot is unbranched and about 4-8" tall. It seems that Terminalia macroptera is called idi in yoruba language. 1. Deluşorul Mânzului lies to the north-east of Slănic, forty-five. A leafless plant, with hollow and rushlike stems. These have been highlighted below: All these benefits come from the leaf extract which is usually squeezed and used as applicable. i wish to thank the author for this very significant contribution. Also called scouring rush. Please what are the yoruba names of Golden seal, phyllantus, echinacea, uchea plant, thanks. please i want to know yoruba name for houseleek, what is the yoruba name for this herbs The botanical name is Aloe barbadensis. Source: An Ethnobotanical Survey of Herbal Markets and Medicinal Plants in Lagos State of Nigeria (PDF) of yoruba names for herbs and plants. In Yoruba language, propolis is called Ida. Dioscorea bulbifera – potato yam, aerial yam – emina, guite sinde, guite sode, aparia isu, emina esi, Dioscorea cayenensis – yellow yam, negro yam – pansaga, agandan, aginipa, apepe, igangan, Dioscorea dumetorum – Bitter yam – itakun isu, Dioscorea esculenta – lesser yam – isu alubosa, Musa paradisiaca – plantain – (banana fruit) ogede agbagba, Centella asiatica – asiatic pennywort, wild violet – ewe karo, Crassocephalum crepidioides – hawksbeard velvetplant – ebolo, efodu, egusi, Opuntia ficus-indica – prickly-pear, Indian fig – oro agogo, Cucurbita pepo – summer squash, courgette, zucchini, marrow, pumpkin – elegbe, elegede, apala, Lagenaria siceraria – bottle gourd,calabash gourd, white flowered gourd, white pumpkin – igba, Luffa aegyptiaca – smooth loofah, discloth gourd, sponge gourd, vegetable sponde – run, erun kaankan, Telfairia occidentalis – fluted gourd – egusi, iroko, Trrichosanthes cucumerina – snake gourd – tomato elejo, Arachis hypogaea – peanut, grouns nut, pea nut, chinese almond – egpa, epa gidi, ogodsia, Cajanus cajan – pigeon pea, cajan pea, Conge pea, yellow dhal, cajan pea – otili, otimi, Canavalia ensiformis – jack bean, horse bean – papanla, popondo, poponla, Lablab purpureus – hyacinth bean, lubia bean, Indian bean – awuje, Mucuna prurins – velvet bean, buffalo bean – werekpe, esin, esinfunfun, esise, ewe ina, here, wepe, werepe, yerepe. Lavander in yoruba is oruko ewko kan. please what is the name of Lavender oil in Yoruba Reply. Somebody who knows all these should make a website only about yoruba medicine, it would be a success. The orishas, or gods of the Yoruba, were former ancestors such as Oduduwa, the legendary ancestor of all Yoruba people, and his son Ogun. Copious thanks and more power to your elbow. I think there should be much more available because so many people are searching for this information. The English name for Ebolo vegetable is Yoruban bologi. Cinnamon in Yoruba is a very popular plant that has a variety of uses. Chamomile Pls, what is the Yoruba name for green tea? 1. 3. Thumbs up! tanx for other information. $2.49. Shop. please what is the English name of egusi asala. They developed a shamanistic medical tradition utilizing both herbalism (practiced by the onishegun, herbal healers) and divination (practiced by the balabwo, priests of the Ifa cult.). 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Antidesma vogeliana Your email address will not be published. [1913 Webster] 2. Vitex also known as Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex agnus-castus), (Bot.) List View. Hello! Very informative. Mary October 13, 2017. It can also b used as a form of aromatherapy due to its soothing effects. Horsetail reed is quite invasive and needs regular maintenance when planted in a flower bed. It has antibiotic properties and can be used in treating common infections, It has an analgesic action and has been proven to cure pain, headaches and migraines, Moringa has been linked with the treatment of inflammatory conditions like asthma and arthritis. Arará derives its name from the ancient West African city of Allada, Arada, or Ardra, as found on the earliest maps. I came across some upside down woven floral basket chandeliers from a Mexican based decorator’s Instagram page It’s also called scouring rush because in the olden days horsetail used to be used to scour pots, pans, tin and pewter. May G-d Almighty grant you more blessing.Amen, please help me with this herbs name in yoruba or igbo any one: Sorry for waiting so long, but the yoruba name for tamarind – Tamarindus indica – is ajagbon. The balabwo also send the patient to the onishegun to purchase herbal remedies. The psychotherapeutic consultation with the balabwo is one part of the overall treatment. Syn: meadow horsetail Stevia leave (SweetLeaf Stevia)Scientific name: Stevia rebaudiana Genus Tiger nut can also be used to help keep your blood sugar under control. Smooth horsetail plant have smooth stem and pointed cones which are approximately 1 inch in length. Senna has been known for its antimicrobial properties; as a result it can be used to treat STDs like gonorrhea, syphilis and staph. Effects on Humans The young shoots of the horsetail plant, as well as the pulp that grows within the stems, is actually edible for humans, as long as it is consumed in small quantities. : During the Carboniferous the climate was hot and humid, and there were extensive swampy forests dominated by giant tree ferns and conifers, club mosses, and horsetails. Orupa in yoruba language is the plant known as Hymenocardia acida. Hello, Wura. POND PLANT, RUSH HORSETAIL DWARF. Tribulus (Tribulus terrestris), Burkill lists other names for Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ghana, and for Nigeria he gives igi-nla (Yoruba) and akoelisi, akuobisi and okoubisi (all Edo). With yellow-and-black bands, the giant horntail looks like a large wasp, but is harmless to us. Pls keep it up, its so educative. Thanks. Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative: All You Need to Know. English-Swedish dictionary. Scientific plant list. Bitter leaf has numerous benefits especially the juice. Dandelion in yoruba is efo yanrin(tone sound is m r: yan rin) or efo awon agba or ewe isenbaye. Ofio omu is also known as omu. Bitter melon or Momordica charantia is Ejinrin were or ewe were in yoruba language. The case was treated as an emergency case by applying herbal remedies such as ointment prepared with palm tree. You you have an oral herpes, then use a honey and propolis mixture. A Turkish standard, denoting rank. I would like to know the name of Rosemary plant/leaf in Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa languages. Please which plant is Green Gold and the botanical name is (Tribulus terrestris) some called it Gokshura, Your Message* plssss I need to know the Yoruba name for sandalwood. Please what is the scientific name of igi nla and ewe rebate. Without the Chlorophyll from Plants, there will be ‘’’NO HEAVEN AND EARTH rejoicing”””. Indoors, grow Equisetum hyemale in moist soil and with a lot of light. What are the use of jahtropha ewelapalapa leave and the seeds, can the leaves be eating as vegetables. It is also commonly called Peruvian ginseng, maka, mace, maca-maca, maino, ayak chichira, ayuk willku, pepper weed. *****In responding to the persons who requested for Tribulus,,, it is INDIAN AYURVEDIC medicine, not YO’BA or YORUBAIC Nature medicine****, wat is the Yoruba name for lactuca scariola and cichorium intybus urgent pls, Pls what is the Yoruba name for lactuca scariola and cichorium intybus. It is important to drink at least 2 litres of water a day, to eat mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. ScienceDaily. Hello, Owen. One of such is ringworm, the leaves can be squeezed and the extract applied to the infected skin. It contains silicon, which may benefit bone density. Kokofe We still need more. Is Agba herb seed available in Nigeria ?? Keep it up, good morning, please what is ASHWAGANDHA called in Yoruba, What is the Yoruba meaning of these plants, Antidesma membranaceum Celery is a vegetable that is not originary from Africa. what is the yoruba name for licorice root? A remedy for skin – chamomile tea, baking soda (bicarbonate de soude). It has a special anti-ageing component, nasunin, which is responsible for the vegetable’s deep purple colour. The tree is also found in Cameroon, with another variety in Congo. a.Sanguinarine (blood root) Enchinacea purpurea, Good morning MA please Yoruba name for Kashmir tree, Wow! 99. Fenugreek i do not know, but mistletoe is Afomo. Bitterleaf has numerous benefits especially the juice. Thanks so much for the information. These include the leaves, stem, roots and flowers. Hi, Adeola. First off, I would like to take this opportunity to thank yo immensely, Ms. Jorjette C. May our Yoruba ancestors also thank and guide you. Please tell me first what kind of cyst. [email protected] Please how does one treat someone that is afflicted by eta in Yoruba parlance? Shallow, occasional weeding is not effective and can make the problem worse, as the plant can regrow from any small pieces left behind. l surmise by saying there is also a lot of ignorance with PLANTS, BOTANICS and Nature healing.. You can find it now in markets there and what can I say its that yoruba people call it Celerimikunola igbo people call it Celerynkechi and hausa people call it Celeryharam. Bryophyte (2,978 words) exact match in snippet view article find links to article Karen S. & Wolf, Paul G. (2010). Lolzzzz. Soko is also high in calcium and can be used to maintain healthy bones. It is a perennial herb with a typical height between 60 and 90 cm. Cinnamon is quite popular in Yorubaland and has a wide range of uses. Please what is the yoruba name of these plants. Plz What is the English name for “Ewe Ato” (yoruba name). Sandalwood I doff my cap! Horsetail Reed – Equisetum hyemale. Kennedy also sowed some in the nearby forest, which Hardie suggests are the trees he observed in the 1960s.” I’ve waited for this for long. Ginger or Zingiber officinale is Jinja, Atale in yoruba. 3. I try to live a healthy natural lifestyle and to stay connected with Mother Nature. Equisetum hyemale is the botanical name for the plant known commonly as \"rough horsetail\" or \"scouring rush.\" Its ancestors were gigantic plants in Paleozoic times. Your write up here rings so true, and sure is spot on. The silicic acid in it is especially useful for encouraging calcium absorbtion. A very nice job. For examples I had this problem with my face – cystic acnee. The … Green tea The botanically name is Crassocephalum rubens. Good day, Ebunoluwa pls efo yanrin is wild lettuce not dandelion. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. In addition, because horsetail naturally contains nicotine, it is not advised for children. I dont think saw palmetto is indigenous to Nigeria. Sageere I did a little bit of research and I ended up with this: “There is no Yoruba name for parsley, as it is not originally West African”. $2.99. It is also an important ingredient used in skincare products. I really appreciate you a lot. So you can imagine that it’s a challenge to find anything to like about horsetail, still less to admire, but here goes. I don’t know if it’s useful, but all I found is this: “Maca is botanically called Lepidium meyenii belongs to the family Cruciferae. For instance, it can be used to treat symptoms of pile, diarrhea and dysentary. As you probably observed, I do not know yoruba language and my answers are based on research, so I answer only what I am able to. Source: An Ethnobotanical Survey of Herbal Markets and Medicinal Plants in Lagos State of Nigeria (PDF), Dictionary of Medicinal and Poisonous Plants, Fenugreek – ewedu in yoruba, hulba in Hausa, Black pepper – iyere in Yoruba, Oziza in igbo, Thorny pigweed/prickly amaranth – tete eleegun in yoruba, Butryospermum paradoxum – Shea tree – Ori, Capsicum frutescens – Tabasco pepper – Ata-wewe, Bryophyllum pinnatum – Air Plant, Life Plant, Miracle Leaf or Goethe Plant – Abamoda, Zingiber officinale – Ginger – Jinja, Atale in yoruba, Khaya grandifoliola, K. senegalensis, K. ivorensis – Oganwo, Lippia multiflora – Efirin-gogoro, Efirin-oko, Jatropha gossypifolia – cotton-leaf physicnut- Botuje pupa, Jatropha multifida – coral plant, physic nut or Guatemala rhubarb – Ogege, Cymbopogon citratus – lemon grass- Kooko-oba, Catharanthus roseus -Madagascar rosy periwinkle – Apabida pupa, Lawsonia inermis – Henna plant – Laali, Lali, Phyllanthus amarus – stonebreaker or seed-under-leaf- Eyin-olobe, Mangifera indica – Mango – Mangoro in yoruba, Erythophleum suaveolens – Erun obo, Olu-obo, Telfaria occidentalis – Fluted gourd – Ugwu, Zanthoxylum zanthoxyloides – Senegal prickly-ash or artar root – Orin ata, Acalypha wilkesiana – Jiwini, Ewe larapupa, Azadirachta indica – Neem, Nimtree or Indian Lilac – Dongoyaro, Aloe barteri – Eti-erin, Ida-egun, Ida-orisa, Ageratum conyzoides – Billygoat-weed, Chick weed, Goatweed, Whiteweed – Imi-esu, Abrus precatorius -jequirity, Crab’s eye, rosary pea, precatory pea or bean, John Crow Bead, Indian licorice – Oju-ologbo, Acanthospermum hispidum – Bristly starbur, Goat’s head, Hispid starburr – Dagunro, Acanthus montanus – Bear’s Breech or Mountain Thistle – Ahon-ekun, Irunmu arugbo, Aerva lanata – mountain knotgrass – Efun-ile, Aframomum melegueta – Grains of Paradise – Atare, Allium ascalonicum – The shallot – Alubosa elewe, alubosa onisu, Caesalpinia pulcherima – Barbados pride, dwarf poinciana, Barbados flower-fence – Eko-omode, Afzelia africana – Afzelia, Lenke, Lengue, or Doussi – Apa-igbo, Alternanthera sessilis – sessile joyweed or dwarf copperleaf – Reku-reku, Anthocleista djalonensis, Anthocleista liebrechtsiana – Sapo, Shapo, Arachis hypogea – peanut, or groundnut – Epa, Bambusa vulgaris – Golden Bamboo, or Buddha’s Belly Bamboo – Oparun, Baphia nitida – African sandalwood – Osun, Irosun, Allanblackia floribunda – tallow tree – Eku, Eso roro, Calendula officinalis – pot marigold – Ododo-Maria in yoruba, Calotropis procera – Sodom apple – Bomubomu, Canarium schweinfurthii – African elemi or canarium – Paapo, Origbo, Canavalia ensiformis – jack bean – Sese-nla, Cardiospermum halicacabum – balloon plant or love in a puff – Shaworo, Chromolaena odorata – Siam weed – Akintola, Awolowo, Tetracarpidium conophorum – Nigerian walnut – Awusa, Asala, Vernonia colorata – Ironweed – Eriro-Ijebu, Uvaria chamae – finger root or bush banana – Eruju, Viscum album – mistletoe- Afomo in yoruba, Uvaria afzelii – Gbongbose, Anikan wogba-arun, Urena lobata – Ilasa-agborin, Ilasa-omode, Argemone mexicana – Mexican poppy, Mexican prickly poppy, Flowering thistle, cardo or cardosanto – Egun arugbo, Ekan-ekun, Boerhaavia diffusa – punarnava – Etiponla, Olowojeja, Citrullus colocynthis – colocynth, bitter apple, bitter cucumber, desert gourd, egusi, or vine of Sodom – Egusi-baara, Citrus aurantium – Bitter orange, Seville orange, sour orange, bigarade orange, or marmalade orange – Osan, Transvaal alchornea – yoruba: ijandu, ijandudu, gbaluwo, ijan pupa, sewo sese pepe, ijan, ijan funfun, pepe, Christmas bush – yoruba: isin, ipa, epa, esin, asiyin, esin abata, Yellow siris, yellow bean – yoruba: ayinreta, ayinre popo, ayunre, akudinrin, alota, Lebbeck tree, siris tree, white siris tree, bastard lebbeck, tall albizia, white siris – Yoruba: ayinreta; Edo: ekpaghudo; Igbo: nyie avu, Flat Crown – yoruba: ayinre, ayinre isingede, ayinre ogo, Black currant tree – yoruba: aduigbo, asofeyeje, olowuko, yanya holo, Tassel berry – yoruba: aponlojusese, aroro, Job’s tears, gromwell-read, pearl barley – yoruba: obi, obi ifin, obi pupa, obi abata, African mahogany, counterwood – Yoruba : apa, ako apa, apa igbo, Soursop, prickly custard apple : eko oyibo, eko omode, Wild custard apple, custard apple – abo, arere, afon, Silk tree albizia, mimosa, mimosa tree, silk tree, silk sirirs, Persian acacia, pik siris tree – ayinre, ayinreye, Pattern wood, alstonia – atikekereheyin, dagunro kekere, Scrub ironbark, grey birch – ira odan, ira, iralodan, Coastal goldenleaf, coast goldleaf – asaragba, asa gidi, aarasa, ira, fonu fonu, Blighia konig sapindaceae, akee apple – isin odo, isin jise, isin oka, isin odan, Triangle tops, Phialodiscus unijugatus, P. plurijugaturs, P. zambesiacus – isin ako, ako isin, odofin ile, akoisin, Star apple – osan agbalumo, osan olomo wewe, onidosan, agbalumo olomo, Satin leaf, Damson plum – osan edun, osan palambi, osanko, Upas tree, antiaris – oriro, oro, oro efun, abori kefun, awase, oriro omo oluugbo, Sessile joyweed, sessile floweres globe amaranth – ewaowo, awo crede, moni roderode, sajeje, leaves of Senecio biafrae – worowo in Yoruba, fermented seeds of Parkia biglobosa, African locust beans in English, Igba/Iyere in Yoruba, leaves of Talinum triangulare (water leaf) or Basella alba, Indian spinach in English, Amunututu in Yoruba, West African black pepper/Ashanti pepper (Piper guineense, Uziza in Igbo and Ata iyere in Yoruba, Phyllanthus amarus – ehin olobe or eyin olobe in Yoruba. $24.00 $ 24. The leaves are tiny and scale-like. cascara sagrada. comes from the fact that it is covered with the plant horsetail (Equisetum arvense). Home Perennials Horsetail Reed – Equisetum hyemale. [1913 Webster] 2. I also thank you for your interest and for the feedback! Love your site. admin August 15, 2017. Thank you. Luru or Ewe luru is the common Moringa Leaf, Pls what is the yoruba name for almond oil, pls is very important. Thanks for a good work thus far. 10 x Horsetail Plants for Koi Pond Bamboo Looking Exot. Then What is your name for this passion flower, chamomile and Daniellia oliveria. Secondly, you should have a balanced diet, a balanced lifestyle. what is the Yoruba word for marshmallow roots, please, what is yoruba name for houseleek, Please I need Yoruba name for beet leaf and beet root. The outcome of each set of 4 throws is marked in a sandtray with a single or double line. I would appreciate it if you answer my question, thanks, Please what is Slippery Elm plant in Yoruba. Amina March 29, 2017 Tulsi is same as Basil and it is Effirin in Yoruba. Thank you so much. I noticed however that twice the name of Bay leaf in Yoruba was asked but you dud not respond. I apreciate you beyond words boundary. The orishas, or gods of the Yoruba, were former ancestors such as Oduduwa, the legendary ancestor of all Yoruba people, and his son Ogun. Pls what herb can one use for itching? Thank you. When the brother caught wind of the plan he came up with a counter plan that involved creating a mask and a makeshift person as a deception. Thanks for the information. please what is the yoruba name for milk thistle, Your Message*please sir what is the Yoruba name for terrestris tbribulus. As for the celery, I don’t know, yet :). Antidesma rufescens n. hästsvans. Can you give a combination of Nigerian herbs that can be used in a herbal oil infusion to achieve glowing skin complexion and excellent skin tone. Research has linked it with preventing prostate cancer. There are about thirty species, of which two or three are found from Texas to California. In any Yoruba source, you will find that oloorun is what cinnamon is called. The yoruba name for lemon is ọsan wẹwẹ and for orange is orombo. Gathering all the plant local names you know and calling them yoruba is just lazy on your part. Syzygium aromaticum or Clove is konofuru. Please sir , I want to know what’s poplitionazees ( ETU) if possible it picture. Unfortunately the particular one I’m searching for us not here which is A. Lappa Linn in Yoruba. bilberry It is used as a vegetable in India and other Asian countries and as an ingredient in some kinds of curries. Thank you very Much and God bless you real good. Cut back any rhizomes that are trying to escape. I need to know the vulgar name for “dyschoriste perrottetii” in yoruba is gbómopon but I need the common name. ta See horsetail. But it has been around much longer, as early as before the dinosaurs. Buck bean herb in Yoruba name Lemun Verbena in Yoruba name Velerian root in Yoruba name, PLS, GIVE ME ENGLISH AND BOTANICAL NAME OF EWE AYOO, AND EWE AGOGO. … Eruwasun Cherry in yoruba is Agbalumo. Your email address will not be published. A sunny window is perfect. Also, nasunin has been linked with improved cognitive function and can reduce the risk of developing neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease. Home Remedy For Cough Fix The Problem The Herbal Way. The Odu was revealed to the Yoruba people by the god Eshu Elegba. Yoruba Medicine – History  The medical traditions of the Yoruba people of western Nigeria developed within a culture that deeply respects and venerates ancestors. Damilola August 15, 2017. I don’t know if rosemary has a yoruba name since it is not indeginous to Nigeria. Treatment of skin diseases. c. Datura leaf Today it is an insignificant dwarf among flowering vegetation of an entirely different plant world. $8.59 shipping. Very interesting and educative,thanks a lot. Ooyo – Corchorus aestuans Thank you very much for your help. It is an eyesore – if Carr is not taken, so shall it be! Plant of the Week. 4.Raisins thanks for dis information pls what is english name for pako ata. Orupa in yoruba language is the plant known as Hymenocardia acida. Plants such as bay, cinnamon, mint, coriander, fennugrek, Parsley fennel etc are of Asian origin and so therefore do not have Yoruba names. Popularly called Forest burr or creeping cock’s comb, the botanical name of this herb is Pupalia lappacea. Thanks. Share: Description Additional information Description. this is rich, kindly keep it up, I also thank for your positive feedback! 2. Amarus and wild let’s The leaves can also be used as an environment friendly insecticide to kill insects like cockroaches, wasps and ants. Thanks, Thump up English-Chinese Dictionary of Agriculture (英汉农业大词典). Yoruba names for herbs and plants – Nigerian medicine. Once again, thanks, Jorjette C. I thank you very much for your time to read everything on this page and to comment. Hello Admin, What is the name of this following herbs. The Italian and his Nigerian partner asserted as a matter of fact that none of the still or video pictures they took of a Baobab tree in a village somewhere in Nasarawa State could be printed or played back when they returned to base. 1.wheatgrass Water plants don’t get any easier than horsetail, which tolerates a wide range of soils and even grows in standing water. Please what is the yoruba and igbo name for maple? I really enjoyed your comment! Please what is Yoruba name for Houseleek and please where can I buy from?Thank you. Use * for blank tiles (max 2) Advanced Search Advanced Search: Use * for blank spaces Advanced Search: Advanced Word Finder: See Also in English. How To Plant Herbs Indoors – Plans To Improve Your Gardening. Ase! But, i need help! Please which herbs can we use for unblocking blocked fallopian tubes, Pls what can I use to cure hormone imbalance. Rosemary Horsetail (Equisetum hyemale), also called scouring rush, is a slender, green, reed-type ornamental grass with no true leaves or flowers. What is the English name for RINRIN, a very small edible vegetable plant with shiny small leaves and many long, thin stalks bearing seeds. It has long been used as a diuretic to relieve fluid retention. Your Message* What is The Yoruba Name For Fennel, Pls what is yoruba name for banyan tree, shatavari powder n ashwagandha powder. I think thats the best compliment i can offer. Carrots are karots, corn is oka/agbado, cucumbers are kokunba. How sick can you be? Hello. Noteworthy Characteristics Equisetum hyemale , commonly called scouring rush or rough horsetail, is a non-flowering, rush-like, rhizomatous, evergreen perennial which typically grows 3-5’ tall and is native to large portions of Eurasia, Canada and the U.S., including Missouri. {from the notion that the stalk resembles a… Their spirits remain with and protect the family. What is the Yoruba name for Tribulus terrestris, Well done, I need to know the yoruba meaning of saffron. Herbs Plant. Some of its uses have been highlighted below: The botanical name is senna is Cassia senna and the Yorubas call it ewe asunwun. Thank you. Peppermint – I don’t know. Or maybe you can try some personal development/spiritual seminars.