For as long as I can remember, someone in my primary school music class always played the autoharp. Great musicians including Dolly Paton and Bob Dylan play this autoharp. I play an Oscar Schmidt 21 chord. According to noted teacher Meg Peterson, “Everyone can play the autoharp at his or her own level. You can join the discussion by subscribing to the list and participating. Here’s the “standard for learning autoharp”, according to the manufacturer itself. Helpful diagrams & … page? It is never too late to start learning the harp. Perhaps one of the reasons you decided to learn to play the autoharp is because it’s EASY. Othello is a board game that claims it takes “a minute to learn and a lifetime to master”, and so it is with the autoharp. This hymn is presented as an autoharp lesson, but works well on any instrument. With no more than a two-hour workshop and this little resource guide, you’ll be equipped to play your Autoharp whenever the mood strikes. Subject: Play Autoharp lap-style left-handed? These would give me the melodic flexibility I need, and as melody chords, they often fit right in with the harmony chords of pieces I play. The Autoharp Chord Chart And Melody-Playing Tips is the perfect size to fit in your Autoharp case and has all you need to know to play both accompaniment and melody on your Autoharp.AutoharpChord Chart And Melody-Playing Tips incl… It can play in eleven different keys. Newer Instruments The Oscar Schmidt website offers specifications and prices for their entire current range of Autoharps, from the OS15B at $379.90 to the OS110 21FHS at $669.90 USD (as of August 2010). Well, it is like a bicycle.. it … Learn to Play Your Autoharp August 15, 2016 by Curtis Meier. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. Larry online on at best prices. This clear, easy-to-follow DVD lesson starts you off by showing you the right way to hold and tune your Autoharp and how to use the most efficient left-hand fingering to push down the chord buttons. Every autoharp has buttons that control felted bars that dampen notes that aren't in the chord you want to play. How To: Play a basic melody technique on the autoharp By WonderHowTo; Harp; This how to video installment explains a basic autoharp melody playing technique called "pinching". How to tune the autoharp When it comes to the world of stringed instruments, there is a multitude of tuning options to consider, and the same is true of the autoharp. Bonnie's instructions are clear and easy to follow. I started on the 15 chord though which works just as well and probably would be fine for you. Wendy used tips and resources from Bob Lewis, who runs , and who frequently reconfigures autoharps for himself and for clients. The more you play it, the better it will sound. This app works like a real autoharp: just push one of the chord buttons and strum! Later on however, your friend will want to put on fingerpicks and start playing chord melody (Mother Maybell Carter Style) and that's where the Autoharp begins to get a little more challenging. Charles F. Zimmermann, a German immigrant in Philadelphia, was awarded US 257808 in 1882 for the design of a musical instrument that included mechanisms for muting certain strings during play. Play your autoharp often. It i s sort of like the Othello of instruments. Why not share how you play it by making a video and contributing it to our "You Do It!" Most of the sons included are old folk or gospel tunes. Any wood instrument that is kept in tune tends to stay in tune. Because they orginated while brass bands were popular, they tend to include chords for trumpet-friendly keys like Eb and Bb, while neglecting guitar-friendly keys like D and A. I am an absolute beginner. Autoharp, German Akkordzither, Akkordzither also called Volkszither, stringed instrument of the zither family popular for accompaniment in folk music and country and western music.A musician may position the instrument on a table, on the lap while seated, or resting against the left shoulder. Debate exists over the origin of the autoharp. Buy How To Play Autoharp with CD by McCabe. Being a 15 chord autoharp, it is considered easier to learn, because of these 2 reasons: It has less chords to play with; The buttons are bigger and therefore easier to reach and press for beginners Common major chords for the autoharp are made up of the I, III, V of the scale which begins with the root, or chord name. Thus the chord C is made up of C, E, G (I, III, V). Learning to play a harp, however, can be achieved with some hard work and knowledge. It’s ridiculously easy to play and strumming those big three or four oct ave chords is bound to bring a smile to your face. Unless you buy your autoharp with the assumption that you're going to fiddle with it extensively from the start, you should also pay attention to which keys you can play on the autoharp in question. This best-selling Autoharp method published by Santorella Publications contains clear, logical lessons for beginners with lots of different strumming patterns. This is a very reasonably priced intro to autoharp book with history, instructions, lesson, folk songs, and how to take care of your autoharp. He named his invention the "autoharp". How To Play Autoharp by Larry McCabe is "The #1 autoharp method for students of all ages." Once you get it tuned, you can pick up the autoharp, make some pretty chords and strum along with your singing on simple songs after only a … Who can play the autoharp? The Autoharp Page. How to play the Autoharp - Books, Videos & other Education Material. Playing melody on the autoharp is not as difficult as it may first appear. The Oscar Schmidt 21-chord autoharp is an instrument for people who love and appreciate fine music. Like many autoharp players, I consider myself a guitar refugee, but I do in fact have a genuine affinity for the autoharp… These features are designed to make the autoharp app as realistic as possible: Touch-sensitive volume; Play muted strings; Stop strings with multiple fingers To do this on any of the OS harps, you will need to install strap buttons as per the picture about halfway down this page. Autoharp uses high-quality audio samples and matches its volume to your strumming speed for realistic playback. I have an extensive background in music but came to the autoharp after studying 5 string banjo. This is called “playing in” and is a phenomena widely recognized by musicians, even though nobody understands why it works. Remember the autoharp in grade school, or in little classes at church? As with any vintage instrument, establishing the value of an old Autoharp can be difficult, but newer models are fairly easy to price. The MIDI autoharp is certainly the most enjoyable MIDI controller I have ever made! The Autoharp Is A Real Musical Instrument! If you want to play the autoharp standing up (recommended, certainly for singing, if you're going to perform in front of an audience at all), you will want to attach a strap. Includes my Top 5 pick of autoharp books to learn from. But, as if that isn’t enough, the autoharp comes with new chords: F# minor, B minor and E major, which are specific to play Blue Grass Music. We dreaded that thing: a loud, jangling, no-two-strings-in-tune monstrosity whose sheer cacophonic force announced your lack of talent like a clarion. This … The Autoharp is a wonderful instrument for the occasional player because it offers a wide range of playing possibilities. I recommend that you build the MIDI autoharp from scratch. First, I wanted diminished 7th chords on my autoharp. There are beginners of all ages and backgrounds who will discover great joy in playing the harp. How to Play autoharp, autoharp Lessons, autoharp Instruction Courses, autoharp Singles Download, free autoharp lessons, downloadable autoharp courses, digital download, learn to play autoharp There's nothing more frustrating than getting an autoharp that doesn't work or suit your needs, so I'd suggest a new one. Maltbie D. Babcock (1858-1901) was a Presbyterian minister who served in New York and Maryland. I also play some guitar, 6 and 12 string, and have since about 1963. Every musician I have shown it to wants one. The OS11021AE is an autoharp designed to play Blue Grass Music. From: icon Date: 09 Feb 09 - 09:42 AM I'm taking up the autoharp (OS 21-chord) late in life; no intention to perform in public, just with the guitarist son for the grandchildren, probably. Her account is here . I first learned to play music using books by Meg Peterson. One example of a person who reconfigured a 21-chord autoharp to a diatonic so it would play well in G and D (and somewhat in A) is Wendy Grossman, of Shiremanstown, PA. Since then I found a few other fantastic books for building up your autoharp chops. The Cyberpluckers keep in touch by means of an electronic mailing list. - … well, some of us want to keep playing it, and cant seem to remember which little buttons to push, and are overwhelmed by what should be a simple instrument to play! If you store your Autoharp under the bed or in the closet, this workshop is for you. Push one of the chord buttons and strum ... that's all there is to it! Just about anyone! Autoharps! The patented chord bar configuration makes it easy to learn and to continue to play for years to come. In many cases I play music which actually calls for diminished 7ths as harmony chords. An autoharp is an easy instrument to start with since you can just push the chord buttons and strum across the strings. Well, that’s certainly true! This step-by-step approach to learning to play the autoharp will help beginners and teachers understand the many ways in which this versatile instrument can be used. The autoharp is an instrument I have known since my earliest childhood, but it was only a few years ago that I began to take an active interest in it.I would like to introduce it to you here. All for under ten bucks. Tune your autoharp before you play, and before you put it away after playing. This app works like a real autoharp. OS11021FE autoharp plays in eleven different keys. It also includes options to show the active strings, or keep your chord buttons pressed, to make playing easier. The Cyberpluckers is a collection of autoharp players and autoharp music lovers who work and play (when they're not playing music) on the Internet. Minor chords are I, flatted III, and V. Seventh chords (more accurately called dominant sevenths) are made up of I, III, V and flatted VII. To play the harp, you should start by choosing a harp and learn how to hold it properly. Autoharp uses high-quality audio samples and comes with standard 15 and 21 bar layouts.