A structured abstract with headings should be included as part of the manuscript. Educating future registered nurses for social justice is an urgent, yet complex undertaking in nursing undergraduate education today. Log-in or click the “Create Account” option if you are a first-time user of Manuscript Central. The International Journal of Nursing Studies (IJNS) provides a forum for original research and scholarship about health care delivery, organisation, management, workforce, policy and research … Time for Review, Decision, and ProductionThe average time from manuscript submission to the author's receipt of the editor's decision about publication is 2-3 months. (In the absence of an ethics board, a full description is required of measures to protect human research participants, including full disclosure about the intended use of the data to those providing it and voluntary participation in data collection), Report research studies that add to nursing education knowledge and do not simply replicate, in a different setting, what is already known through a substantial body of evidence, Present logical organization and reasonable critique of literature with conclusions appropriate for either a critical or integrative literature review (if a literature review), Include current references and accurate citations, Conform to accepted usage of the English language. The system will send you an automatic user ID and password reminder. The number of mentorship visits attended was associated with post-mentorship knowledge scores (r=0.539) and post-mentorship self-efficacy (r=0.623). The students’ contributions towards the ScR through their collaborative project work fostered personal growth in IL and EBP competencies through a meaningful project that can extend beyond the classroom to possibly influence patient care. The themes of: Learning about self, Knowing self, Value of social support, and Relationships with clinical instructors reflect participants’ descriptions of coping with stress. Submitting Your Manuscript1. Second, it is more than problem-oriented: nursing work involves working with and for 2 International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, Vol. Online production tracking is also available for your article through Wiley-Blackwell's Author Services. The Journal of Nursing Scholarship (JNS) is the official journal of Sigma and one of the most widely read and respected healthcare journals. Journal abbreviation: International journal of nursing education scholarship. Forty and Eight, an organization for service members and veterans, offers this scholarship for nursing students who already received scholarships but need additional financial assistance. … Implications are offered to support the formulation of community activities. Nurses must contribute to the development of professional practice and thereby improve quality of care by using their research abilities. 5 Solution Focused Teaching: A Transformative Approach to Teaching Nursing Margaret McAllister, Lorraine Venturato, … How to apply. Please read the … Boyer, E. L. (1990). Scholarsh.". Reaching health professionals, faculty and students in 103 countries, the Journal of Nursing Scholarship is focused on health of people throughout the world. Pre-post attitudes toward physician-nurse collaboration were surveyed, and collaborative behaviors were observed during the event. The mandate of the journal is to present high … Journal of Advanced Nursing 57 82 4. Cheryl M. Smith, RN, EdD, FNP. Using purposeful sampling, we interviewed a total of 18 participants, including eight faculty, eight students and two placement coordinators. 9 [2012], Iss. Research pertaining to the clinical work environment is prevalent, however there is a paucity of research investigating the nursing AWE. The aims of this study were to explore 1) nursing students’ self-assessed competence levels during education 2) the relationship with competence and frequency at which competencies are utilized in clinical practice, and 3) factors related to competence levels. It was found that students’ performance of some of the steps assessed were not consistently between the demonstration and SBL methods across the three skills. Fifteen students attended four or more extracurricular, student-led journal club sessions (19.2%). Journal clubs are accepted as an effective strategy for promoting evidence-based practice (EBP). Visit http://authorservices.wiley.com/bauthor/ to sign up for author services. As both interventions present unique challenges in regards to technology and facility requirements, having multiple effective intervention options will be of benefit to educational institutions. It is the recommended abbreviation to be used for abstracting, indexing and referencing purposes and meets all criteria of the ISO 4 standard for abbreviating names of scientific journals. (uploaded separately from body of the manuscript) Title: The title should indicate the focus of the article in as few words as possible. Factors note the inconsistency in recognition and timely treatment of women experiencing it, which suggests healthcare professionals’ mentorship about postpartum hemorrhage. The purpose of the journal is to … The Journal of Nursing Scholarship (JNS) is a peer-reviewed journal, published six times per year for subscribers and members of the honor society of nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International. The ISSN of International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship journal is 1548923X. Authors for whom English is a second language may choose to have their manuscript professionally edited before submission to improve the English. The study findings contributes to nurse educator workforce development by providing practical information for nursing educators, academic administrators, and faculty preceptors. They must receive sponsorship from a Voiture Local, a local chapter of Forty and Eight. Globally, Evidence based nursing practice (EBNP) is becoming an expected norm for nursing practice. By submitting your manuscript to this journal, you accept that your manuscript may be screened for plagiarism against previously published works. Supportive and respectful relationships are essential for a student to learn and cope effectively with stressful situations. Clinical faculty have a critical role in recognizing the stress students experience in the clinical environment. Indiana University School of Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; [email protected] Myrick, RN, PhD; University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; [email protected] H. Oermann, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN; Duke University School of Nursing, Durham, North Carolina, USA; [email protected] Orchard, RN, EdD; University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada; [email protected] Scanlan, RN, PhD; University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; [email protected] It is the official journal of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International, and reflects the honor societys dedication to providing the tools necessary to improve nursing … Virtual reality is an accessible tool for supporting student engagement. Study findings suggest that in response to a high-stakes exam, prelicensure nursing students experience high levels of perceived stress coupled with sympathetic activation but not activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal axis. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing Volume 16, Issue 3 Technology in nursing scholarship: Use of citation reference managers Cheryl M. Smith Corresponding Author AU School of Nursing… The Journal will inform you by e-mail once a decision has been made. 1, Art. This description of master teachers provides nurse educators with characteristics and behaviors that may be needed to develop a master teacher practice. The terms and conditions of the CTA can be previewed in the samples associated with the Copyright FAQs below: CTA Terms and Conditions http://authorservices.wiley.com/bauthor/faqs_copyright.asp For Authors Choosing OnlineOpen If the OnlineOpen option is selected the corresponding author will have a choice of the following Creative Commons License Open Access Agreements (OAA): Creative Commons Attribution License OAA Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License OAA Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial -NoDerivs License OAA. Placements incorporated little evaluation of benefits for local communities. You will receive proofs of your article prior to publishing in Early View and that is your opportunity to make any needed corrections. Journal of Nursing Scholarship 39 63 8. Reaching health professionals, faculty and students in 90 countries, the Journal of Nursing Scholarship is focused on health of people throughout the world. The abbreviation of the journal title "Journal of nursing scholarship" is "J. Nurs. References should be the most current available on the topic.Tables and Figures: Each table and figure should be presened separately but may be submitted as one file. For general information about manuscripts, please contact Melody Jones: For queries about submitting manuscripts, please contact the editor by E-mail: Time for Review, Decision, and Production. We recommend that nursing programs attend to hidden practices that sustain clinical placements abroad as prestigious, commodified experiences. An International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is a unique code of 8 digits. for relevant news, product releases and more. The author is responsible for compliance with APA format and for the accuracy of all information, including citations and verification of all references with citations in the text. Course faculty incorporated information literacy (IL) and evidence-based practice (EBP) competencies into an undergraduate research course by taking the traditional practicum research project and redesigning it as a longitudinal scoping review (ScR) collaborative project. Running head:  The running head is an abbreviated wording of the title; it usually is not more than four or five words. A quasi-experimental pre/post-test design was used to test intentional learning in nursing students (N=92). WELCOME to the International Journal of Nursing Research (IJNR) provides a forum for articles on all aspects of higher degree nursing education, research, and management. It is used for the recognition of journals, newspapers, periodicals, and magazines in all kind of forms, be it print-media or electronic. Editor-in-ChiefMary-Anne Andrusyszyn, RN, BScN, MScN, EdD, FCNIE; Co-founding Editor, Professor and Chair, Graduate Diploma in Applied Health Sciences, University of Western Ontario, Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, London, Ontario, Canada; [email protected] (Rycki) Maltby, PhD, RN, FACN; Professor of Nursing, University of Vermont, Burlington Vermont USA; [email protected] Booth, RN, PhD; Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario, Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, London, Ontario, Canada; [email protected], Associate EditorsMichael Kerr, PhD; Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada; [email protected]; Statistical Consultant, Editorial BoardSandra DeYoung, EdD; RN William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ, USA; [email protected] Leino-Kilpi, PhD, RN; University of Turku, Turku, Finland; [email protected] Moorman, PhD, RN, CNE, WHNP-BC. They have also translated them into various languages (please find them here http://www.ease.org.uk/guidelines/index.shtml). For more information, visit our journal apps page. During the 2016–2017 academic year, the Fundamentals of Nursing course curriculum contained the teaching of demonstration method (n=168). Authors who are responsive to the suggestions of the reviewers are well placed to have their manuscripts accepted for publication. Sigma scholarship for nursing students! Editing Service Authors for whom English is a second language may choose to have their manuscript professionally edited before submission to improve the English. The widely circulated wealth of information reaches over 90 countries and over 130,000 medical professionals around the world. The journal publishes articles related to specialities of nursing education, care and practice. A within-subjects design allowed measurement of perceived stress, salivary cortisol, and salivary alpha amylase in pre-licensure nursing students under two different conditions: a high-stakes exit exam and a low-stakes homework assignment. The De Gruyter production team is instructed to enforce this policy during the production/proofing process. Clinical Relevance: A one or two sentence statement on clinical relevance of the study follows the structured abstract. 5. Review your submission (in both PDF and HTML formats) before sending to the Journal. If you select the OnlineOpen option and your research is funded by The Wellcome Trust and members of the Research Councils UK (RCUK) you will be given the opportunity to publish your article under a CC-BY license supporting you in complying with Wellcome Trust and Research Councils UK requirements. The findings will help inform education programs and further research about nurse practitioner education internationally. Reaching health professionals, faculty and students in 90 countries, the Journal of Nursing Scholarship is focused on health of people throughout the world. Journal of nursing scholarship Abbreviation. International Scientific Journal & Country Ranking. The impact factor (IF) 2018 of International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship is 0.81, which is computed in 2019 as per it's definition.International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship IF is … This accepted version will be made publicly available 12 months after publication. Information regarding all scholarships, including eligibility and conditions, is available in the training and development funding guidelines. The Publication History of Journal of Nursing Scholarship covers 1971-1982, 1996-ongoing. The International Journal of Nursing Studies (IJNS) provides a forum for original research and scholarship about health care delivery, organisation, management, workforce, policy and research methods relevant to nursing, midwifery and other health related professions. Nursing has a strong foundation in … The Carnegie Foundation for the … For further information, see, http://authorservices.wiley.com/bauthor/faqs_copyright.asp, http://www.wileyopenaccess.com/details/content/12f25db4c87/Copyright--License.html, http://authorservices.wiley.com/bauthor/english_language.asp, http://www.ease.org.uk/guidelines/index.shtml. Nursing students experience stress in clinical practice which can have a negative impact on their learning. In response, we piloted the use of Sentinel City®3.0, a virtual reality simulation program. To determine the effect of the intervention, Cohen’s d statistic was used. Nurse educators are challenged to design courses that maintain rigor, promote student learning, maximize resource utilization, and ultimately prepare graduates for clinical practice. Whenever possible, the review of literature and the discussion, interpretation, and comparison of findings should include reference to relevant works published in other countries, contexts, and populations.Clinical Resources: are required and consist of Web sites (title of material and URL) that are related to the topic of the article are provided to aid readers in incorporating new knowledge into their practice and should proceed the references.References: The list of references should include only those references that are important to the text. The challenges of bioscience courses such as anatomy and physiology in nursing education are well documented. When you have selected all files you wish to upload, click the “Upload Selected Files” button. … International Journal of Nursing Sciences (IJNSS, ISSN: 2352-0132, print ISSN: 2096-6296, CN: 10-1444/R) is the official peer-reviewed research journal of the Chinese Nursing Association. EBP practice score was significantly higher among frequent journal club attendees. Click on the “Browse” button and locate the file on your computer. The latter is the self-regulated teacher role, and a self-regulated teacher is an effective clinical teacher. Minimal research addresses the ways in which clinical teachers’ effectiveness could be improved if they took on a self-regulated teacher role. This paper reports on nursing students’ and nurses’ lived experiences mediating their development of humanistic caring. Enter data and answer questions as appropriate. Additional tables and figures that exceed the 20-page limit may be submitted as “supporting information for review and online publication only”. The purpose of this interventional comparative research study was to determine the effect of linguistic modification (LM) of MC exam questions on score and timing of ESL compared to native English-speaking nursing students. Published bimonthly by Wiley, JNS contains peer-reviewed, thought … Many excellent manuscripts are accepted, some pending minor revisions. Every group revealed a significant positive correlation with competence and frequency at which competencies are utilized in clinical practice in clinical placement. Enter your institution and address information as appropriate, and then click “Next.”3. 4a. International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship is covered by the following services: Workplace violence is one of the most compelling problems facing health care sectors all over the world. The combination of module and simulation event was not a more effective option than the event alone. No significant increases in resilience from first to second semester were noted, as anticipated. A consistent theme among the recommendations for revising nursing curricula is the utilization of innovative curricula designs that focus on enhancing the critical thinking ability of nursing students, such as a concept-based curriculum. The mandate of the journal is to present high quality papers to advance nursing education through research, description of innovative methods, or introduction of novel approaches about all aspects of nursing education in a timely manner. If you are interested in submitting a manuscript for possible publication, please review submission requirements below. For further information and offers please contact your sales manager. International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship e m u l o V 6, Issue 1 2009 Article 8 Gifted and d e t n e l a T Students’ Career Aspirations and Influences: A Systematic Review of the Literature … The study aimed to investigate the impact of witnessing workplace violence during clinical training on the attitudes of Jordanian nursing students toward the nursing profession. For general information about manuscripts, please contact Melody Jones:E-mail: [email protected]: 1-317-634-8171Fax: 1-317-634-8188, For queries about submitting manuscripts, please contact the editor by E-mail: [email protected] Most recent research and scholarship on nursing education, International perspective on nursing education and the scholarship of nursing education, Outstanding platform for communication about nursing education research and practice, Student, faculty, curriculum, and program development and evaluation, Theoretically-based teaching and learning strategies in classroom, clinical, and flexible learning contexts, Administration and leadership of nursing education programs, CNKI Scholar (China National Knowledge Infrastructure), Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), KESLI-NDSL (Korean National Discovery for Science Leaders), Ulrich's Periodicals Directory/ulrichsweb, Every article easily discoverable because of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and comprehensive, Secure archiving by De Gruyter and the independent archiving service, Be relevant and important to the field of nursing education, Be of interest to an international audience, Contribute original, thought-provoking ideas and sound argument, Present ideas in a succinct, coherent manner with logical flow and conclusions, Include a description of the theoretical or conceptual base for the work being described, Describe the relationship between the educational strategy or innovation and its theoretical or conceptual foundation (if a description of a strategy or innovation), Report well-designed studies that have a) the theoretical or conceptual base evident in the design and b) whose conduct has been approved by an institutional ethics review board. Perceived stress and salivary alpha amylase were significantly higher after the high-stakes exam compared to the homework condition. Many Canadian nursing programs endorse clinical placements abroad. You can use it to subscribe to this data in your favourite RSS reader or to display this data on your own website or blog. All citations in the text must be listed in the references, and all references should be cited in the text. International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship Journal Impact (Facteur d'impact) 2019: 0.810 (Dernières données en 2020). Novice nurses are struggling to exercise the critical thinking skill set needed to make competent clinical decisions in today’s complex health care environment. Other nursing scholarships Intentional learning appears to mirror the characteristics, such as autonomy, responsibility of one’s own learning, self-regulation, and motivation, needed by students to be successful in student-centered pedagogies. We occasionally publish content analyses but these are not a priority for publication. The small-scale activities surrounding this practice in African countries indicate a need for better approaches to enhance EBNP. You can also access ScholarOne Manuscript any time to check the status of your manuscript. Results indicated that there were no learning outcomes in which students in Sentinel City®3.0 reported percentages lower than students in agencies or geographical neighbourhoods. complete assignments (Furst-Bowe & Dittmann, 2001). For Authors Signing The Copyright Transfer Agreement, Authors for whom English is a second language, Publishing Guidelines for Inexperienced or Non-English Authors, Pursuant to NIH mandate, Wiley-Blackwell will post the accepted version of contributions authored by NIH grant-holders to PubMedCentral upon acceptance. The Journal of Clinical Nursing (JCN) is an international, peer reviewed, scientific journal that seeks to promote the development and exchange of knowledge that is directly relevant to all spheres of nursing practice.The primary aim is to promote a high standard of clinically related scholarship which advances and supports the practice and discipline of nursing. International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship This is an RSS file. … Interpretive phenomenology: Embodiment, caring, and ethics in health and illness. Stress and Anxiety among Junior Nursing Students during the Initial Clinical Training: A Descriptive Study at College of Health Sciences, University of Bahrain. The Exploratory Learning Model is a useful conceptualization for integrating virtual reality into a course. Select the designation of each file in the drop down next to the Select File button. The experimental group only was provided an innovative, rapid e-learning instructional module focused on interprofessional roles/responsibilities and communication prior to the event. The author will receive an e-mail with a unique link that enables them to register and have their article automatically added to the system. Intentional learning had not been studied in nursing. Based on an analysis of interview responses from eleven, experienced, full-time, undergraduate nurse educators, this qualitative study offers an empirically based description of characteristics and behaviors of master teachers in nursing. Extracted data were verified for accuracy and completeness with a nurse practitioner educator from each program. Attitude Scale for Nursing Profession was used to assess the participants’ attitude toward nursing profession. During that time, each manuscript undergoes a rigorous double-blind peer review. Perceived stress after the exam was correlated with lower exam score. The Editor's Choice of Journal of Nursing Scholarship is a collection of free articles chosen by our Editor in Chief, Dr. Susan Gennaro. Please sign up for author services if you would like to access your article PDF offprint upon publication of your paper, and enjoy the many other benefits the service offers. While the interview assignment did not enhance intentional learning scores, intentional learning scores did significantly increase over the semester (p=0.039). Launch your web browser (Internet Explorer 5 or higher, Netscape 7 or higher, Firefox 1.0.4 or Safari             1.2.4) and go to the Journal of Nursing Scholarship’s ScholarOne Manuscripts login screen                                (http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jnu). For Authors Signing The Copyright Transfer AgreementIf the OnlineOpen option (described following) is not selected the corresponding author will be presented with the copyright transfer agreement (CTA) to sign. Teachers as self-regulated learners are practice-content experts and must also learn how to explicitly help students become self-regulated learners. Learn about our remote access options, General Information | Manuscripts | Format and Style | Content | Manuscript Submission| Additional Information for Authors | Author Services | Note to NIH Grantees. Permission to quote: The author is responsible for securing written permission of first author and publisher for quotation or reproduction of any materials that require such permission. Launch your web browser (Internet Explorer 5 or higher, Netscape 7 or higher, Firefox 1.0.4 or Safari             1.2.4) and go to the Journal of Nursing Scholarship’s ScholarOne Manuscripts login screen                                (. The Spirituality and Spiritual Care Rating Scale (SSCRS) was used as the instrument of measurement. All services are paid for and arranged by the author and use of one of these services does not guarantee acceptance or preference for publication. Despite an increasing body of research on stress and student perceptions of stress, faculty perceptions of student stress have been relatively unexplored. Resilience levels were collected using the Connor Davidson CD-RISC-25 tool in both first and second semester students. There are many reasons for this trend, however academic failure related to poor performance on multiple-choice (MC) exams, is the most common. Journal of Clinical Nursing 53 68 5. Like Anthropology and Aging, it is open-access, fast, and peer-reviewed! This lack of cohesiveness hinders nurse practitioner role development and practice nationally and internationally. Systematic multimethod competence evaluations with longitudinal designs are needed to monitor outcomes of nursing education. Journal of nursing scholarship. Implications include providing faculty a clearer understanding of the stress phenomenon so they may better educate and evaluate students. Future research on the relationship between virtual reality and learning achievements is warranted. In 2018, there were two titles awarded. Early doctorates in nursing were awarded … A rapid review of grey literature was conducted on nurse practitioner education standards in six countries (Australia, Canada, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, and USA). The Journal of Nursing Scholarship (JNS) is a peer-reviewed journal, published six times per year for subscribers and members of the honor society of nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International.