Training seminars in general should focus more on implementation than classroom training, as it is during implementation that problems are more often discovered. Its program evolved from a training seminar it gave to a plant in China. google_color_url = "F0E68C"; In SAP's Plant Maintenance (PM) module you can manage key activities like inspections, notifications, maintenance, and repairs. SAP PM Tutorials – Plant Maintenance Module Training materials. Pay Application and Examination Fees to NABCEP 6. The National Construction College is the biggest plant training provider in the UK, with a £10 million plant fleet that operates over 220 acres and which is updated regularly. The idea is to move as many of the inspections as possible to running inspections rather than shutdown inspections, and then to document the new procedures systematically. Meet prerequisites of related experience and/or education as outlined below 3. Examples of good and bad reliability issues are normally collected in the mill during the preparation period. google_ad_height = 250; 1. The company's training course in essential care of equipment used to last for two or three days. If the lessons can be implemented in the trainees' mill during the training session, practical problems such as safety, finding the right tools, getting time from machine operators, informing supervisors and finding spare parts will become a part of the training. But despite taking much longer, the experience did show that there are many benefits to practicing concepts that have just been taught. Please accept a warning that our site calculates VAT from the order total value and therefore penny rounding differences can occur when comparing the order total including VAT to individual product prices inclusive of VAT. google_ad_client = "pub-1024303395720607"; google_ad_type = "text_image"; Conventional training on alignement would usually focus on how to use a laser alignment tool. . google_color_url = "F0E68C"; Take Your Maintenance Training to Another Dimension! google_color_text = "000000"; This is essential learning for all SAP PM module users. Now do thoroughly study the learning material provided by SAP training … about Site Safety Plus Accredited Courses. By continuing to use this site, you agree to accept these cookies. Mill management should begin by explaining why the plant wants to improve reliability and what the expectations are on the attendees. Yes Yen Presents a range of Computer Based Training (CBT) and Web Based Training (WBT) courses for Industrial Maintenance Training and Industrial Plant Operator Training (PROCESS / MARITIME Industry). In this course, you will learn the most common end user PM functions, transactions, and reports used for master plant maintenance. Closed Course - These courses are available to your employees only, and held at sites of your choice. Our plant maintenance courses cover a range of subject areas and make use of our impeccable workshop facilities that are well stocked with all conventional and modern types of equipment. google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; For more information on our open courses: For more information on these closed courses: The NCC Course Programme 2014 provides a wealth of information about the College and the courses we offer. google_color_link = "8D4200"; Overview: SAP • SAP Business Suite • Navigation (system handling) Ritchies Training Centre can provide you with training, testing or even a quick refresher course to brush up your skills in our centre on the following category of machines: 180 Excavators; 360 Excavators / Above or below 5 ton; Telescopic Handler (All sizes) Telescopic Handler 360 Slew The course is three days of instruction plus four hours of exam time. Methods such as oil and vibration analysis, the use of stroboscopes and infrared guns and simply looking, listening, feeling and smelling are used to investigate the condition of the team's equipment. google_ad_format = "728x15_0ads_al_s"; Open Course - These courses are held at our training centres on set dates and will be attended by a mix of people from different companies. Courses are also very much useful for related Educational / Training Institutes on Technical Skills (Industrial Plant Operator / Mechanical Maintenance - Engineer, Technician & Mechanic Training). The main hydraulic unit for one of its paper machines was cleaned and many problems were found. //2007-09-17: Maintenance Articles, Below the fold Issues such as lubrication, alignment, corrosion, balancing and filtration can then be brought up during the course and visual examples displayed. Also, the trainees become more motivated to get involved in the training, because the concepts are applied directly in their work environment. SAP PM – Plant Maintenance SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM) is a software product that manages all maintenance activities in an organization. in an organization. //-->. In order to use this type of training method, a visit to the mill is usually needed in order to prepare for the training and to develop a good plan for the implementation process. In Idcon's program, two to three teams are selected to train in PM/ECCM (preventive maintenance/essential care and condition monitoring). RedVector's maintenance training curriculum includes 400+ courses and immerses learners in virtual scenarios using powerful 3D animation and models. 2 students Overview Curriculum Instructor Reviews Training Curriculum SAP Module: PM-Plant Maintenance SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM) is a software product that manages all maintenance activities in an organization. You can free download the course from the download links below. Dates and times are to be agreed. This website uses cookies and by using the site you are consenting to this. Business Processes in Plant Maintenance. Level: Basic Processes & Foundation Languages: English Course included in the following training paths: ... Our 3 to RUN initiative empowers you to schedule our chosen classroom training course or virtual SAP Live Class on a date that suits you. One way to help resolve this phenomenon could be to give classroom training in conjunction with practical experience. This training course is currently under development and selected modules are available via the links below. Plant Maintenance module consists of key activities to include inspection, notifications, corrective and preventive maintenance, repairs, and other measures to maintain an ideal technical system. In fact it is common for trainees to forget some of the lessons learnt, just weeks after the event. Audience This tutorial has been prepared for anyone […] The teams set up the documentation for their equipment. Each team is made responsible for improving the reliability of their assigned equipment during the training period. The National Construction College is the biggest provider of Site Safety Plus Courses in the UK. Enquire Now! Admittedly, some plants do very well by training a few key people who then are able to transform what they have learned into an implementation process. google_ad_height = 15; The participants are more likely to remember the concepts and understand why the ideas taught in the classroom are so important. A good example is alignment training. Management should put together a plan which can include the number of working hours required for development of condition monitoring routes, information meetings with supervisors and planners, getting computers for data entry and research of current procedures etc. google_ad_channel = "4461776895+9068415853"; We deliver best in class training content for the entire workforce within Operations and Maintenance. Pulp and paper companies can spend thousands of dollars on training, but often, very little of the knowledge gained on training courses is ever used in the mill. A new guard will allow a visual inspection with a stroboscope or flashlight while equipment is operational. Once certified, complete continuing education and experience requirements, submit a recertification application, and pay a recertification fe… Earning the Certified Professional Maintenance Manager credential will indicate, to both your employer and industry officials, that you possess in-depth expertise in plant and facilities maintenance management. Usually it is easiest to take a number of pictures in the plant. Pass a written examination 7. Construction and Specialist Building (including ... Construction and Specialist Building Courses. Module 1 Tutorial 1.1: SAP PM OverviewAdvertisement Tutorial 1.2: SAP Plant Maintenance Process Tutorial 1.3: SAP PM Organizational Structure Tutorial 1.4: SAP PM Work Center Tutorial 1.5: SAP Functional Location Tutorial 1.6: SAP Alternative Labeling of Functional Locations … The last part of the training program focuses on documenting the preventive maintenance process, taught earlier in the training. Our plant maintenance courses cover a range of subject areas and make use of our impeccable workshop facilities that are well stocked with all conventional and modern types of equipment. © The Construction Industry Training Board 2014, known as CITB. Its program evolved from a training seminar it gave to a plant in China. Maintenance consultant company in the USA, Idcon, has structured a training class called the Reliability Jump Start program, based on the above principles. Sign and agree to uphold the NABCEP Code of Ethics 5. But a better approach could be to include an implementation and/or an improvement plan.