Eames Plastic Armchair DAL 1961 - Present. Browse and search the eames.com marketplace for original and authentic Eames Office Chairs including the Aluminum Group, Time Life and Soft Pad series. Designed by Charles and Ray Eames. Charles and Ray Eames based their iconic 1950s design on the earlier English club chair from the nineteenth century. Furniture History. This American duo pushed the boundaries of the mid-century furniture design further with the use of, at the time, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and newly discovered materials. Vintage Product Literature. With a grand sense of adventure, Charles and Ray Eames turned their curiosity and boundless enthusiasm into their creations. Herman Miller, Inc., continues to produce the Eameses iconic furniture today. Made in U.S.A. Charles and Ray Eames realized their dream to create a single-shell form in 1950 by making their molded chairs … The most iconic item from the collection is the Task Chair, a classic office desk chair originally created with a mesh suspension back for outdoor use and adapted for the office. In close coordination with the Eames Office, Vitra developed the new larger version so that taller people, too, can enjoy the same exceptional comfort that Charles and Ray Eames intended with their original 1956 design. € 2300. It also had to be comfortable. 60 FREE Shipping Charles and Ray Eames began working with molded plywood in the 1940s and the design of the lounge chair was based on Charles’s vision of a chair with the look of … The first completed set was gifted to Billy Wilder, and is produced by Herman Miller. DVD The Films of Charles and Ray Eames: Volume 1 Scale is the New Geography DVD The Films of Charles and Ray Eames: Volume 2 View all; Elmer Berstain CD Music of Elmer Bernstein CD View all; Eames Demetrios Scale is the New Geography DVD How We Make the Eames Lounge Chair DVD A Gathering of Elephants DVD View all; Powers Of Ten The Films of Charles and Ray Eames: Volume 1 … Featuring high-quality leather upholstery mounted on plywood shells and, via the revolving foot, offering a uniquely comfortable sitting experience, it is little wonder that shortly after its release in 1957 the Eames Lounge Chair won a Triennial Prize in Milan. Ray Eames (1912-1988) can be credited with bringing colour to mid-century modern design. In the 1950s, Charles and Ray took on a project to design a high-end, luxury chair. The Eames Chair has this je ne sais quoi. 3 in stock Add to Cart. This Eames chair typically sells between $1,500 and $7,000. 21 in stock Add to Cart. Epitomising the playful, functionality of mid-century American design, the DSW Chair by Charles and Ray Eames feels as fresh today as when it was first introduced over 60 years ago. Let’s step back from the chair for a moment to look deeper into the two people who created it. Since the Lounge Chair first went into production, average human height has increased worldwide by nearly 10 cm. Starting in 1943, the office of Charles and Ray Eames was highly influential and contributed significantly to the development of both modern architecture and furniture. It was to be modern, chic, and stylish. Charles and Ray created the Eames Aluminum Group Chair in 1958 at the request of their close friend Saarinen, who wanted a chair design that would fit the aesthetic of his mid-century modern home. Eames Plastic Armchairs 2006 - Present. An Introduction to Charles and Ray Eames. COC101R Leather Office Chair - Red (cf) $439.00. For the first time, Eames and Saarinen proposed using three-dimensionally moulded plywood shells for their chairs that would provide a large degree of comfort through their ergonomic form alone, without the need for elaborate upholstery. “The chair that Charles and Ray were designing,” says grandson Eames Demetrios, “is the chair that’s made tomorrow.” This is an authentic Eames Cahir by Herman Miller. Wunderkammer Studio - Chairs by Charles and Ray Eames Poster Print - Mid Century Wall Art - House Home Décor - Mid Century Gift - 18 x 24 Unframed Art Print $38.60 $ 38 . COC103W Soft Pad Boardroom Chair - White (cf) $519.00. The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman live in stylish interiors everywhere and have been the subject of documentaries and books. From the Eames RAR Rocking Chair to the Eames Lounge Chair, these are design-led pieces with unrivalled comfort and at Pash Classics, our collection of Eames chair replicas are everything you’d expect from the acclaimed pair. Their designs combine art, science, architecture, and style, and the couple is known for […] The Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman are furnishings made of molded plywood and leather, designed by Charles and Ray Eames for the Herman Miller furniture company.They are officially titled Eames Lounge (670) and Ottoman (671) and were released in 1956 after years of development by designers.It was the first chair that the Eameses designed for a high-end market. Apr 25, 2020 - Charles and Ray Eames did not make prototypes, and they did not design by drawing things. Out of stock - email for re-stocking date. Available in italian leather, aniline leather, vintage brown and other leather options. The irony is that these furniture makers were known for their remit of mass producing affordable furniture. Together, the American husband and wife team created some of the most iconic mid-century designs, including the ubiquitous Eames plastic armchair, Eames lounge chair and ottoman, and “Hang it all” coat rack. Designed by a husband and wife team, the chair and ottoman were released in 1956 after years of development. Eames Aluminum Group Task Chair. The Eames Chair. Now, the design is admired and desired for more than just its artistry, but also for its place in modern design history. One of the most recognisable and desirable classic furniture designs of all time, the Eames Lounge Chair is as beautiful as it is comfortable. Charles was an architect, and Ray was an artist. Dark maple - white felt pads; Dark maple or black - black felt pads; Ash honey-colored - white felt pads; In contrast to DSR and DAR the dining room chair DSW comes with a wooden frame. 5. Eames Office Chairs Designs that have only gone from strength to strength, the Eames Office Chair. Charles and Ray Eames. Charles and Ray Eames Awards and Honors. Charles and Ray Eames. € 275 / piece. Despite its humble origins, the Eames Lounge and Ottoman are in the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art. The Eames Aluminum Group was a collection of office furniture designed by Charles and Ray, and released in 1958. Add to Cart. Every single Charles & Ray Eames chair has become a cult classic. Eames Demetrios Scale is the New Geography DVD How We Make the Eames Lounge Chair DVD A Gathering of Elephants DVD View all; Powers Of Ten The Films of Charles and Ray Eames: Volume 1 Scale is the New Geography DVD DVD: Eames by Demetrios View all; Teaching Scale Scale is the New Geography DVD DVD: Eames by Demetrios View all Yet, as popular as the lounge chair and ottoman have become, they remain grounded in the handcrafted details that continue to distinguish this classic, authentic design," according to the Herman Miller website. Our Classic Lounge Chair Replica is the finest reproduction of the Eames collection designed by Charles and Ray Eames. The Eames Office LLC is dedicated to communicating, preserving and extending the work of designers Charles and Ray Eames. When Charles and Ray Eames moved to California the close collaboration with Saarinen came to an end as well. With the Vitra Lounge Chair Charles & Ray Eames have re-imagined the classic club chair in a contemporary, glamorous garb. As Charles noted about the molded plywood chair, “Yes, it was a flash of inspiration – a kind of 30-year flash.” Combining imagination and thought, art and science, Charles and Ray Eames created some of the most influential expressions of 20th-century design – furniture that … Today, the Eames Office continues to preserve and extend founders Charles and Ray Eames’ work as well as to create new works. They definitely are, as a major auction at the Wright auction house proved. ... Eames Lounge Chair and... 1956 - Present. LCM chair with Original black aniline dye finish by Charles & Ray Eames for Evans, 1947. Stardom ensued for both design and designers. € 2600 / set. Charles and Ray Eames appeared on the NBC television network Home show hosted by Arlene Francis. Having met at the Cranbrook Academy’s faculty of arts in 1940, the pair quickly became an item and married the following year. Undoubtedly the most famous and most spotted Eames designs the world over, the fiberglass, plywood and wire side chairs have become synonymous with great design, functionality and longevity. Set of 4 DAX chairs by Charles & Ray Eames for Herman Miller, 1950/60s. These chairs were opulent, the height of luxury. Eames Molded Wood Chair 2013 - Present. American designers Charles & Ray Eames made groundbreaking contributions to many creative fields including architecture, furniture design and the fine arts. In a letter to Charles, Ray wrote that the chair looked "comfortable and un-designy." The chair features premium Aniline leather and 7 layers of plywood. Eames Aluminum Group Chair. This supreme reproduction is available now with Fast FedEx shipping. Charles and Ray Eames are probably the most famous designer couple of the 21st century. Created by Charles & Ray Eames the DSW chair is part of the popular Eames Plastic Chair collection by Vitra.DSW is the abbreviation for "Dining Sidechair wood base".. Glider. Among Mid-Century furniture designers—that is, those working from the 1940s to '60s and even into the '70s—the unofficial King and Queen of that era are Charles and Ray Eames, the California-based husband-and-wife team. A result of Charles and Ray Eames' experiments moulding plywood into complex shapes, the exemplary lounge chair reflects the celebrated duo's innovative approach to design. Working with her husband Charles (1907-1978) as the Eames Office, Ray Eames brought a painter’s sense for colour to every project and collaboration that passed through the … Charles, Ray Eames lounge chair and ottoman, Herman Miller, 50th Anniv., Ltd ed., 1956-2006. Ray Eames meanwhile was born Bernice Alexandra Kaiser in 1912, and grew up in Sacramento, California before moving to New York to studying painting. Orange Herman Miller Vintage Original Eames DSW Dining Side Chair. Their moulded plywood chair (DCM) is considered the best design of the 20th century. They made models, many models, usually in the size of the planned for finish product, and in the same materials from which the finished product would be made, until they got to the stage where they were happy with the final design. Eames Plastic Side Chair 2006 - Present. Impeccable, superlative design made the Charles and Ray Eames chair famous the world over. Originally designed as a birthday present for director Billy Wilder, the 1956 Lounge chair was the Eames' first design for the luxury market. Many Eames pieces have become so archetypal it's hard to believe they're collectible.