Pune Digital Library. Salt Lake City , Karnataka United Kingdom Eagen Email: [email protected], EPAM Systems Email: [email protected], Braam Research Email: [email protected], Okta , NY USA Email: [email protected], Baltimore USA For more information about SEI training courses, see Registration Terms and Conditions and Confidentiality of Course Records. Hyderabad , MD Spain Boston Romania Email: [email protected], Southern Company , Delhi Email: [email protected], Chennai Email: [email protected], Dominion Resources Services Email: [email protected], Credit Suisse, Information Technology , MD USA Email: [email protected], WellPoint, Inc. , OH Houston The graduate certificate in computational and information science offers students comprehensive training in numerical analysis, software engineering, computer science, and statistics and data modeling in ways that promote discovery in the sciences, engineering, and humanities. USA , TX Washington Email: [email protected], Tieto , OH Email: [email protected], New Delhi Email: [email protected], EPAM Systems Finland Email: [email protected], Zmark Inc. Houston Email: [email protected], Roche Diagnostics International AG Canada Budapest Customer Portal. Email: [email protected], SoftServe Inc. India Westport Riyadh USA Email: [email protected], Sun Microsystems Durham This CMMI model is designed to help organizations improve their product and service development, acquisition, and maintenance processes. USA Email: [email protected], GM Financial Email: [email protected], Align Technology, Inc. , MO Email: [email protected], Visma Sirius A/S Annapolis Junction Belarus New Brunswick Email: [email protected], GAPASK Inc. , IL Email: [email protected], The Boeing Company USA, BTC AG Email: [email protected], EPAM Systems Harvest Email: [email protected], Cedars-Sinai Health Systems USA USA Spain Los Angeles Email: [email protected], SWIFT (Society of Worldwide Inter-banking Financial Telecommunication) , CT USA Email: [email protected], Raytheon Company, Intelligence and Information Systems Mason Email: [email protected], Raytheon | Websense Email: [email protected], Kissimmee Utility Authority Olympia USA Email: [email protected], GE Global Research USA 45. Email: [email protected], Nationwide Insurance USA Dublin Moline Chernivtsi Finland Rotkreuz Helsinki Email: [email protected], Siemens Medical Solutions Inc. USA Heelweg Email: [email protected], UnitedHealth Group / Optum USA Email: [email protected], Aetna , VA Read about popular certification options for software engineers. Email: [email protected], Glen Allen USA , VA SEI Software Architecture Professional Certificate. , Minsk Email: [email protected], DLIFLC USA , NH Email: [email protected], SoftServe, Inc. Canada, US Postal Service Oslo Canada SEI Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method Evaluator Certificate,SEI Software Product Line Professional Certificate . Gilbert Switzerland , MA Va Email: [email protected], Roche Diagnostics SL Lansing Dublin Dublin , MI Email: [email protected], Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Originally created for the U.S. Department of Defense to assess the quality and capability of their software contractors, ISACA’s CMMI models have expanded beyond software engineering to help organizations around the world, in any industry, understand their current level of capability and performance and offer a guide to optimize business results. , NY Email: [email protected], Hewlett-Packard Email: [email protected], General Electric Cincinnati Email: [email protected], General Dynamics Canada , New Delhi Karlstad Chengdu Ukraine London New York , ACT Buffalo Grove Indianapolis USA Finland Jyväskylä , IL Switzerland Email: [email protected], Deloitte Consulting LLP Moon Township USA, BAE Systems Pittsburgh Buenos Aires Lahore Irving , Zug USA USA Hungary , CA , ON Email: [email protected], Duke Energy Corporation Email: [email protected], Chantilly San Diego , CA USA , MD Rotkreuz Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Pre-Approved for CompTIA CEUs Note: Approved training courses in this document are subject to change without prior notification. Pittsburgh Arlington USA, Philips , MA Email: [email protected], CACI International Inc Kuopio Email: [email protected], Microsoft Corporation Peru San Diego Mclean USA USA Zurich , Indiana India , IN Email: [email protected], Rockwell Automation, Inc. , CA Switzerland USA , VA Email: [email protected], Jabil Circuit Email: [email protected], Tampere , IL USA Email: [email protected], Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. Newtown , PA , Ontario Switzerland Email: [email protected], Sydney,NSW USA Email: [email protected], Sandia National Laboratories USA Email: [email protected], Scantron Corporation PA Email: [email protected], CERT-in MEITY , VA , GA , VA USA Email: [email protected], KD8 Consulting Oldenburg USA USA USA Boston , DC , PA Email: [email protected], Nationwide Insurance San Diego For more information about SEI training courses, see Registration Terms and Conditions and Confidentiality of Course Records. , Berkshire , Ontario , VA Helsinki USA USA Danbury Email: [email protected], Nationwide Insurance Fairfax Email: [email protected], Copa Airlines , VA Belarus Hoffman Estates Spain USA Ukraine Russian Federation Canada Email: [email protected], Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan Email: [email protected], Walt Disney Parks and Resorts , Telangana USA Charlotte Email: [email protected], Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Andover Email: [email protected], United Kingdom India USA, Warner Bros Games Email: [email protected], Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Tucson , ON , NY Email: [email protected], DHL Global Forwarding , IL CERT-Certified Computer Security Incident Handler (CSIH) Skill Level: Intermediate Status: Active For individuals responsible for recognizing, shop analyzing, and responding to a computer security incident. Kirkland Pittsburgh Helsinki USA Email: [email protected], Microsoft Corporation South Africa St. Paul , CA USA USA Bethesda USA Email: [email protected], Roche Diagnostics International, LTD , NY Email: [email protected], MasterControl, Inc. Austin USA Email: [email protected], Tieto Finland These documents include technical reports, presentations, webinars, podcasts and other materials searchable by user-supplied keywords and organized by topic, publication type, publication year, and author. Email: [email protected], Tieto Esy Oy Email: [email protected], ALEKOTRA USA, Systems, Planning and Analysis, Inc. , OH USA Email: [email protected], NASCO , GA The SEI works with organizations to improve software engineering capabilities by … Complete a specific training program to offer a specific SEI service. Mechanicsburg USA Germany , VA Tampa Email: [email protected], Charles Schwab & Co. Belarus , TX USA India USA Tallinn , FL , MD , Telangana Belarus Durban , PA CERT STEPfwd (Simulation, Training, and Exercise Platform) contains CERT training courses on information assurance, incident response, computer forensics, insider threat, software security and other vital information security topics. Email: [email protected], MassMutual Financial Group Email: [email protected], Credit Suisse USA, Entergy Corporation Email: [email protected], CANRIG DRILLING TECHNOLOGY, LTD Email: [email protected], Cummins, Inc Email: [email protected], BTC Business Technology Consulting AG Arlington Email: [email protected], Roche PVT GmbH , VA Germany, TetraSoft GmbH USA , CT , OH Email: [email protected], Carnegie Mellon University- MSE Student Email: [email protected], San Diego USA USA Email: [email protected], Oak Ridge National Laboratory USA Pakistan Email: [email protected], Naresuan University , TX Los Alamos Finland Hyderabad Niskayuna USA USA USA USA Email: [email protected], Verizon USA Email: [email protected], Robert Bosch GmbH, Automotive Electronics, Driver Assistance USA, KPMG VA , CA Netherlands USA CERT Secure Coding in Java Professional Certificate. Email: [email protected], Technologies Co., Ltd Email: [email protected], Southern Company Services , VA Wroclaw Email: [email protected], Alcatel-Lucent Email: [email protected], Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems , DC Salt Lake City Chernivtsi Phoenix Newark Email: [email protected]; [email protected], CrowdStrike Pittsburgh USA , CA Email: [email protected], Booz Allen Hamilton Email: [email protected], Intellics Engineering You don’t actually have to have your education completed before you attempt the exam – you can do so when you’re in the final year of a bachelor’s program. , IN Email: [email protected], STQC Directorate, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt. Bloomfield Email: [email protected], Intuit Email: [email protected], Lviv USA, Verizon Enterprise Solutions Email: [email protected], OGSystems , Cluj , GA USA Email: [email protected], Sage Management Enterprise Earning this certificate helps Java developers increase the security of their software and reduce vulnerabilities in the programs they develop. Email: [email protected], Roche Diagnostics International Ltd , ON Lithuania Cleveland , MD , MA South Windsor , WA Email: [email protected], SAVA Workforce Solutions The U.S. Department of Defense, as well as other public agencies and private businesses, can meet mission goals and gain strategic advantage by using tools, technologies, … Lviv Dublin Switzerland India At the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), we research complex software engineering, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence engineering problems; create and test innovative technologies; and transition maturing solutions into practice. Edmond USA Niskayuna Email: [email protected], Booz Allen Hamilton We build high-performing engineering teams that are agile, work ready and outcome-oriented. The Certificate in Software Engineering is intended for students who want to increase their knowledge and skills in software design, development, and maintenance. Richmond Email: [email protected], REDMATH (PRIVATE) LIMITED The Northeast Software Engineering Center is headquartered in Marlborough. USA , IL Sao Paulo Email: [email protected], Texas Instruments USA , PA , WI New Delhi Email: [email protected], Roche Diagnostics International Ltd. USA Email: [email protected], GE Global Research Email: [email protected], Cabela's Inc. USA , ZG McLean Washington See each course or exam page for fee information. CERT Cybersecurity Engineering and Software Assurance Professional Certificate,CERT Certificate in Digital Forensics,CERT Secure Coding in C and C++ Professional Certificate,CERT Secure Coding in Java Professional Certificate. , MN , Victoria Email: [email protected], Costco Wholesale USA Email: [email protected], Deloitte Consulting US India Pvt Ltd Email: [email protected], Deloitte , Ontario , Tx Email: [email protected], Rockwell Automation , PA , West Bengal , VA Fredericksburg , CT Email: [email protected], TietoEnator Dallas , Geneva Help organizations gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of their established insider threat programs using the CERT Insider Threat Program Evaluation methodology. Email: [email protected], Melbourne Email: [email protected], Black Hall Aerospace 0 items $ 0.00. Email: [email protected], New York Independent Systems Operator Tucson USA Richmond Mexico Salt Lake City Finland Email: [email protected], IBA Group a.s. Bedord Owings Mills , IN Moon Twp Memphis Email: [email protected], Raytheon Company, Space and Airborne Systems Rio De Janeiro USA Email: [email protected], CERT-In Email: [email protected], Auckland University of Technology Glasgow USA Spain Email: [email protected], Tieto Wroclaw Dallas Montgomery Switzerland , FL Belarus McLean Email: [email protected], Capital One Bank USA , Jammu and Kashmir India Email: [email protected], EPAM Systems Boston USA USA , NJ USA Atlanta USA Arlington Email: [email protected], Discover Financial Services Email: [email protected], Osram Sylvania , Tamil Nadu Belarus , Oh Kolkata Email: [email protected], TietoEnator Finland Oy Tucson USA Email: [email protected], GM Financial , IL Sweden USA SEI Certificate Holders The individuals listed below have earned an SEI certificate and requested that the SEI include their information on this list. , Ut Bristol PCPP-32-1 certification reflects your experience and programming skills in the following areas: Advanced OOP, GUI Programming, PEP conventions, Text File Processing, Communicating with a program\\’s environment as well as maths, science, and engineering modules. , CA Lviv , NY This CMMI model is designed to help organizations improve their product and service development, acquisition, and maintenance processes. , PA Switzerland Springfield USA Fair Lakes , IN San Antonio Email: [email protected], SoftServe Inc. Email: [email protected], Fremont New Delhi , OH Singapore Email: [email protected], Deloitte Email: [email protected], Baltimore Buffalo Grove USA Email: [email protected], Unisys Email: [email protected], Jhubei City CERT Insider Threat Program Manager Certificate,CERT Insider Threat Program Evaluator Certificate. Email: [email protected], Roche PVT , PA Email: [email protected], Global Technology & Operations (GTO) - IMS | Brogan (A unit of IMS) Chengdu Email: [email protected], Ford Motor Company Email: [email protected], Aptima Inc. , MI Favourites. Email: [email protected], LSI – Engenio Storage Group , NY USA Geneva USA Mexico Norway , Ontario USA Pittsburgh , TX Sant Cugat del Vallès Email: [email protected], Orion Technology, A division of Rolta Canada Ltd. , Ne The 40-hour curriculum is designed to meet the evolving needs of industry. USA McLean , Punjab New Britain Views. , GA Email: [email protected], EPAM Systems, Inc. Sao Paulo Finland , Pa , MD Email: [email protected], U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Email: [email protected], STQC, MEITY, Government of India Email: [email protected], Raytheon , MO USA , OR Minsk , ZG Barcelona Ashburn Email: [email protected], Tieto Sweden AB Malvern Overview The Software Systems Graduate Certificate offers a comprehensive course of study in the design and implementation of systems software, including operating systems, compilers, and networks. Email: [email protected], Harris RF Communications Email: [email protected], Harris Corporation Switzerland USA Email: [email protected], Mellon Financial Corporation Email: [email protected], PKH Enterprises, LLC Earning this certificate enables system and network administrators to analyze data from systems and networks and respond to security alerts. Switzerland, Seakr Engineering, Inc , Ontario Aventura Email: [email protected], Australian Signals Directorate Email: [email protected], Raytheon Company, Intelligence and Information Systems Email: [email protected], Nationwide PCIT , Texas Email: [email protected], Travelers USA Mexico USA Riverwoods , CA Email: [email protected], The Nielsen Company , IN Johannesburg Gauteng Email: [email protected], Iternum GmbH USA USA McLean Email: [email protected], Tieto Email: [email protected], Finland , IN Lyngby Email: [email protected], Northrop Grumman USA Switzerland , WA Washington Email: [email protected], FamilySearch USA Germany McLean Huntsville SEI Software Architecture Professional Certificate,SEI Service-Based Architecture Professional Certificate. USA Email: [email protected], EPAM Systems USA USA India Email: [email protected], Navigator Management Partners , Zug Pittsburgh Fairfax , DC Email: [email protected], Upiksoft LLC Email: [email protected], Federal Reserve Bank of New York Email: [email protected], Farmington Email: [email protected], SourceCell Houston USA Email: [email protected], FBI Denmark , CA Ottawa , Gelderland USA, Missile Defense Agency USA Argentina English courses available. Email: [email protected], Atlantic Lottery Corp. Email: [email protected], Liveadvisor Inc. Email: [email protected], Tieto Email: [email protected], Leidos SEI Software Architecture Professional Certificate,. Rotkreuz Email: [email protected], EPAM Systems , Fl Brazil Email: [email protected], WildSoft GmbH Lockheed Martin, Missiles and Fire Control, Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), Ministry of Electronics & IT, TietoEnator Corporation, Digital Innovations, Deloitte Consulting Innovation, Deloitte Consulting LLP, SWIFT (Society of Worldwide Inter-banking Financial Telecommunication), Gajendra Prasad Pennichetty Sankaranarayana, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, [email protected] / [email protected], [email protected] & [email protected] San Francisco New York Email: [email protected], Richmond , MA Eschborn USA Email: [email protected], SoftServe Inc. Okkiam Thoraipakkam Email: [email protected], Raytheon Company Email: [email protected], KBR Inc , CT , VA Email: [email protected], Texas NICUSA, LLC Email: [email protected], Tietoenator HealthCare & Welfare Austin USA Canada Core software engineering training which is aligned with the latest ACM/IEEE Software Engineering standards; ... (UWI) and the Suzhou Global Institute of Software Technology (GIST) and was officially opened in September of 2016. USA USA Vilnius Email: [email protected], Standard Life of Indiana Saint Paul , NJ Milwaukee Email: [email protected], SoftServe, Inc. Email: [email protected], Raytheon Email: [email protected], Credit Suisse AG Mexico Email: [email protected], Zug Chantilly Huntsville Email: [email protected], BJC Email: [email protected], EPAM Systems, Inc. USA , OH USA , CA Email: [email protected], Boeing , London Reston Bangalore CERT Incident Response Process Professional Certificate,CERT Information Security Professional Certificate. Email: [email protected], Kodah Technology Services, LLC. United Kingdom, Raytheon , IN Email: [email protected], Fidenta Oy Email: [email protected], Wipro Consulting Group , GA Tysons Corner Email: [email protected], Gravit-e Technologies India, Ganit Technologies LLC , VA In 2006, Version 1.2 of the CMMI Product Suite included the release of CMMI for Development. Email: [email protected], John Deere USA courses. Quito , NY , MI , FL Spain Teletrol-One Co., Ltd. USA Lviv Toronto Cambridge USA, Brazilian Federal Court of Accounts, Alcenit, University of Brasilia Princeton Professional Certificate in Computer Science and Mobile Apps (Harvard University) Featured. South Africa USA What are the best software engineering certifications? India Seattle Charlotte , Arizona Email: [email protected], StormLogic, LLC USA Arlington ICT Academy will help you to acquire a useful skill and open up employment opportunities in a wide range of profitable industries by taking one of the online Software Engineering courses. Houston Canada Colorado Springs OpenEDG Python Institute Certifications. Cleveland Email: [email protected], Court Record Solutions , Oh Helsinki Alexandria Email: [email protected], Backbase , CA Mason Waiblingen Wayne Belleville , Nova Scotia Dearborn Email: [email protected], Roche Diagnostics Email: [email protected], Unisys Pakistan SEI Software Architecture Professional Certificate Certificate Software Architecture Earning this certificate helps you understand software architecture concepts and practices, including architecture documentation, design, and analysis techniques, and how they can be used in adopting a product line approach to software. USA State College , AZ Email: [email protected], United States Citizenship and Immigration Service USA Alexandria USA , Virginia , VA Falls Church , TX Email: [email protected], ZIONS BANCORP India Email: [email protected], Continental Automotive , WI United Kingdom USA Annapolis Junction Washington Email: [email protected], Deloitte Consulting LLP Email: [email protected], BTC AG USA , NY Leuven USA USA White Plains , CA Email: [email protected], BTC Business Technology Consulting AG In this course, you learn about PSP metrics associated with improving time estimation and reducing defects. Email: [email protected], BAE Systems USA Seattle Email: [email protected], KaufmanHall Email: [email protected], Morgan Stanley , AZ Email: [email protected], Tieto Oyj/Tietokarhu Oy Email: [email protected], DRS-AAC Lithuania Panama Software Engineering Institute Software Engineering Institute Certifications. USA Rotkreuz Miami Issaquah Email: [email protected], Verizon , AL Belarus San Francisco Email: [email protected], SAP America, Inc. Belgium Email: [email protected], Roche Diagnostics “The strength of the SEI architecture practices is in their collaborative nature. Email: [email protected], Opass Helsinki, Finland , VA USA , VA Santa Monica Mexico City Zurich Email: [email protected], ObserveIT USA , NJ Finland Architecture is an artifact for early analysis to make sure that the design approach will yield an acceptable system. Email: [email protected], Ceridian Canada Ltd. India Email: [email protected], K&L Gates, LLP Redmond Email: [email protected], Siemens Medical USA USA , VA Madison USA , WI Professional Software Developer. USA , WA Hungary USA USA Richmond Email: [email protected], Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) USA Germany, Baker Hughes, a GE Company Email: [email protected], Jakisoft Oy Stafford Email: [email protected], TietoEnator Corporation, Digital Innovations Email: [email protected], Lockheed Martin Email: [email protected], Aetna , Dehli Carson USA Email: [email protected], Boeing Insider Threat Program Email: [email protected], A2 Technology Partners, Inc. Inkoo , Cundinamarca USA Research Triangle Park USA USA Lacey Email: [email protected], FedEx Services Manassas Zurich USA, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology Bengaluru Chicago Software Engineering Courses. You learn to recognize common programming errors that lead to software vulnerabilities. Cary Email: [email protected], Madison , VA , DC , Ontario Boston USA, MasterControl, Inc. Email: [email protected], Capital One USA , Muscat USA Email: [email protected], Asurion LLC Microsoft certifications are some of the most highly recognizable in the IT industry … Distrito Naciona Glen Allen India Email: [email protected], Dnipro Alexandria Email: [email protected], California State University Fullerton Email: [email protected], PHIA USA Palm Beach Gardens Email: [email protected], Lockheed Martin 1 | SOFTWARE ENGINEERING INSTITUTE CERTIFICATION AGREEMENT SOFTWARE ENGINEERING INSTITUTE 1. Springfield USA McLean Email: [email protected], Roche Diagnostics SL USA Panama USA The certification program offered by Global Institute for IT Management highlights best practices for successful software integration and much more. Email: [email protected], Direct Supply Inc. Email: [email protected], Raytheon Canada , ON Email: [email protected], Northrop Grumman, Mission Systems , Tx Email: [email protected], visuellklar , PA The Software Engineering Institute offers certifications on specific topics like security, process improvement and software architecture. Email: [email protected], SCIEX Thiruvananthapuram Email: [email protected], EPAM Systems , New York Newark New Delhi Switzerland Baltimore Email: [email protected], Northrop Grumman Information Systems USA Colombia USA Belarus Email: [email protected], Bach-Simpson, a division of Wabtec Canada, Inc. Rio Rancho USA Email: [email protected], Northrop Grumman Frankfurt USA Spain, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), MeitY, Government of India USA Jyvaskyla Buenos Aires Email: [email protected], Federal Bureau of Investigation USA Lviv Email: [email protected], GM Financial Auckland You will also find a listing of employers in New Jersey who … Zug USA Brazil Brazil Email: [email protected], Sencore Inc. , NC , Querétaro Email: [email protected], Northrop Grumman - Navigation Systems Division Salt Lake City Email: [email protected], Siemens Building Technologies USA Canada To request a copy of your SEI certificate, please contact [email protected] and identify the certificate program you have completed. Email: [email protected], Spain Email: [email protected], Vaillance Group Email: [email protected], Anthem, Inc. As a direct result of the SEI classes, I've been able to lead diverse groups of stakeholders through workshops and reviews of complex systems with demanding requirements to refine use-case scenarios and produce robust architectural solutions.” —James Wills, Argon ST, “The certificate changed my point of view on software architecture, and I feel more confident in my knowledge.” —Luis Fernando Castro Careaga, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana. CERT Information Security Professional Certificate. , WA Email: [email protected], Portland Lviv , VA Email: [email protected], TP ICAP Hyderabad Email: [email protected], Lockheed Martin Information Technology Canada Australia , NJ Email: [email protected], Deloitte Consulting India Private Limited Email: [email protected], Anthem/Wellpoint Email: [email protected], GM Financial Email: [email protected], Signpost Six , Berlin-Brandenburg Email: [email protected], Ax Division, Siemens Medical Solutions Email: [email protected], Pegasystems USA, UPMC Rotkreuz , NY Rotkreuz Email: [email protected], Philips Healthcare / Patient Monitoring Citizenship and Immigration Services (DHS), Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, STQC Directorate, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt. Email: [email protected], Lugano Seattle Romania USA , MO USA Email: [email protected], Autonomous University of Zacatecas Finland For more information about how the SEI handles course participant records, see Confidentiality of Course Records. Gothenburg Email: [email protected], EPAM Systems Email: [email protected], EPAM Systems Finland Bracknell Switzerland Phoenix USA Email: [email protected], Tieto Lietuva , OH Belarus Pittsburgh Canada Minsk , IN , VA Email: [email protected], EPAM Systems Inc Karlstad , Pa USA, DistriNet Labs Melbourne USA Sunnyvale USA Sant Cugat del Vallès Hartford , CA USA USA , TX Youngstown Email: [email protected], ING , PA The Certified Software Tester (CSTE) certification is intended to establish standards for initial qualification and provide direction for the testing function through an aggressive educational program. USA Washington Huntington Beach USA USA Annapolis Junction Email: [email protected], Brisbane Email: [email protected], Kansas City Tucson USA Email: [email protected], UPMC Email: [email protected], SoftServe USA Email: [email protected], FE "IBA IT Park" The information in this directory is intended for verification and collaboration purposes only. , VA Email: [email protected], Concept Solutions Inc. Email: [email protected], U.S. Email: [email protected], Industrial Scientific Corporation Switzerland, The Boeing Company USA Email: [email protected], ObserveIT Email: [email protected], Transamerica Life Insurance Co McLean Concord USA, Webster Bank, NA China Email: [email protected], OSDE USA Chernivtsi The International Software Certifications Board’s (ISCB) origins date back to 1980 when it was founded as part of the Quality Assurance Institute (QAI). Email: [email protected], Marathon Petroleum Company LP , MD Germany , IL , MA Email: [email protected], Baltimore City Des Plaines , MN Email: [email protected], IBM USA Email: [email protected], Credit Suisse Email: [email protected], John Deere & Company Email: [email protected], 3M Company Email: [email protected], SAIC / Scitor Canada USA What We Do. USA, GM Financial , AZ Canada USA USA Email: [email protected], Nationwide Insurance Colorado Springs Middletown Washington Email: [email protected], Highmark Inc. USA, Lewis Center Email: [email protected], Crossmatch Inc. USA Oslo Beijing , VA Email: [email protected], Acme Process Group Switzerland, Fort Benning , OH , NJ USA , MD Pennington Kharkiv , CA Sweden USA McHenry Lahore India , TX Email: [email protected], LockheedMartin Email: [email protected] , NY Earning this certificate enables insider threat program team members help organizations to understand the effectiveness of their insider threat programs. Email: [email protected], DCS Corporation USA , DC , West Bengal Dallas Manhattan London State College Email: [email protected], Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Retirement Board (FRTIB) USA Mexico , MD Austin Finland The SEI works with organizations to improve software engineering capabilities by … This certification demonstrates your proficiency in four key knowledge areas (software engineering requirements, design, construction, and testing), as well as two applied modules. Glen Allen Alexandria Nearly all tech that we engage with today, relies on software. Newton USA Pittsburgh Email: [email protected], Latham , NY Zurich Email: [email protected], Roche Diagnostics International Ltd United Kingdom Hyderabad, Telangana Manhattan, NYC Email: [email protected], SoftServe Inc. Lviv Email: [email protected], SoftServe, Inc. , WI Finland Email: [email protected], Ernst & Young Finland Medical Assisting - train in Doctor’s Office Classrooms and learn patient-focused skills for taking and reading blood pressures and temperatures, documenting medical histories, collecting specimens and more.Practical Nursing – prepare for the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN) as you train to assist doctors and RNs in fast-paced healthcare settings around the region. Aurora Jamaica USA Kolkata , OK USA Email: [email protected], Helsinki India Email: [email protected], Army National Guard Email: [email protected], AB SCIEX , Quebec , CA Email: [email protected], GM Financial USA Poland Folsom Ottawa USA India Pittsburgh Hartford Canada Pakistan , PA USA Washington Email: [email protected], Siemens Corporate Research USA Email: [email protected], Credit Suisse Pakistan Finland San Diego USA Kolkata USA Raleigh Pittsburgh Email: [email protected], REMATH USA Cheltenham Email: [email protected], Travelers Email: [email protected], Merrill Lynch / Bank of America USA , TX St. Louis USA Email: [email protected], ABB Email: [email protected], Boston USA Software Engineering is the branch of Computer Science dealing with engineering principles and programming languages as they apply to software development. Estonia CERT Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessor Certificate. Its activities cover cybersecurity, software assurance, software engineering and acquisition, and component capabilities critical to the Department of Defense. , Greater London Charlotte Norristown Email: [email protected], AB SCIEX (Danaher) , Zurich Email: [email protected], Sunfire Technology Quebec Oman Email: [email protected], FedEx Services Washington Korea, Republic of , GA , AZ USA Email: [email protected], Samsung SDS Email: [email protected], SoftServe Inc. Switzerland, PKH Enterprises USA Email: [email protected], Roche Diagnostics International AG London Email: [email protected], Deloitte USA Johannesburg USA India Email: [email protected], Samsung Electronics Corporation The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) is an American research and development center headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Email: [email protected], Reston USA , VA Email: [email protected], Deloitte Consulting LLP New Zealand Email: [email protected], McKesson, Inc. Email: [email protected], National Archives and Records Administration Germantown , Ut Email: [email protected], Tieto / Fidenta Oy Australia , MD Switzerland Bodenackerstrasse, Brugg Australia USA The four courses are also available separately.