As a Gaul, your first troop, the Phalanx, leaves a little to be desired. Note: At level one, you can still change you skill points around. Even if they have some spearmen, TTs easily wipe them out. Its role is to destroy the enemy’s wall and make the battle easier for the attackers. A Gaul village can trap up to 200 units of the attacking army. Trade off one of excess! Username: This name already exists or has not allowed chars. Frequently underestimated, Gauls are an excellent tribe to play as either a beginner or an expert. But in Travian speak, an anvil is a massive wall of defensive troops, basically. 1. Advanced Travian players will have multiple chiefs on standby. In order to turn someone into a farm, target the following buildings: -Granary -Flour Mill -Bakery -Wheat Fields -Main Building -Marketplace. Most players will have their villages all relatively close by, forming their “cluster” of villages, as seen in the screenshot below. This does not mean that you cannot raid, or that you shouldn’t, because you eventually should, just that if you choose to play defensively, this is the best race for it (if you are interested in tips on raiding as a Gaul, check out the raiding guide). I would suggest not getting swordsmen until later on however in your first village, as TTs are much better raiders than swordsmen could ever be. dodging a clearing wave and fighting catapult waves) is to send your troops out and time it to cancel and return the second certain attacks come in. Of course, the point of their “lacking” in damage/defense (which isn’t really true, Gauls are great at both) to other troops is their speed, which is an amazing trade-off. Combined with the Plus attack increase and Blacksmith upgrades, your army is dishing out serious damage. If you have allies nearby too with administrators, they can also aide in lowering the loyalty. Also Pathfinders are fast for quick reconnaissance on your foes. If the attacker chooses to hit you AGAIN, you can do a little trick here to make them more angry. Trading/Merchants Credits to Nohbdy on this section. It’s that simple. What they would do is synchronize their chiefs from multiple villages to hit in the relatively same time and this will allow a village’s loyalty to drop within a small period of time and be conquered a lot faster. Dodging and choosing your battles is very important; do not lose troops for no reason! The Gauls had no consistent uniforms like the Romans did. Hey guys, I used to play Travian (ALOT) a while ago until 2014-2015, but then, life happened, and I could not give it any time so had to stop playing, as it turns out, I have at least 6 months of doing nothing in front of me today and I thought maybe I should pay my good old friend a visit, anyone looking for a dual? You can play defensively and offensively easily. Copyright © 2020 Game Yum. If you see an incoming attack during the early-game of Travian, send your troops out for a bit. With a great defense against infantry, the DR is a crowd-pleaser to those who need defensive troops in times of need. The TT is an amazing unit and is my personal favourite because of the speed. That is fine, since they are amazing attackers for infantry regardless. Mix of Swordsmen, Haeduans, Rams, Trebs. If they are deleting, the time it takes in between conquer trips is important! Prepare to dominate as you become a force to be reckoned with. Close. Travian strategy guide gauls Mirror Link #1 Exe 2010-6-22 308136 On A free version of a different information windows, so it seems more complicated features. As the game progresses, merchant capacity matters more and speed is not everything. Hardly anyone can rival them in these areas. Balance of a gaul anvil? This will be primarily a guide focusing on primarily self-resource production and… Also scout Teutons for macemen. As soon as you see another attack coming in, release his current trapped troops and train more traps. On travian its very hard to play defensive and offensive, so defensive it is. This way he has more of his troops trapped and you can attack his base with units if your troops are faster (best option here is with TTs) or follow his troops home from the trapper and kill them. Le farming désigne le fait d'évoluer et de gagner des ressources essentiellement par le biais des champs de ressources. Double cranny size (raid protection): Yes, this is a major turn-off for people attacking you early game simply because they will be wasting time getting zero bounty. Moderate defense bonus from the Palisade: The Gallic Palisade is the middle ground of the Roman City Wall and the Teutonic Earth Wall. If you’d like to become an Elite Travian player, win medals and awards, host a World Wonder village, fight an alliance war, and save time playing the game, then this website contains all the playing strategies you’re going to need to kick ass on the server… You can “abuse” this in a sense in order to change your hero stats as you wish. Okay, so you’ve read so far and understood the concepts and functions of all the Gaul units you can make and now it’s time to create a new account. They save troops! Introduction. As you should know already, the trapper is a great tool early game, although it loses its novelty later on. Other tribes have to negotiate, or risk being farmed as they build up resources, since it would take at least eight crannies to protect a Roman or Teuton from attack until they have settlers. This allows for quick resource feeding and provides a huge bay of army close together. It is aimed at Gold Users but can be adapted for none Gold users however. With Tournament Squares boosting long range speed, Gauls can be the most effective end-game raiders because of the speed and high carrying capacity of Theutates Thunder. What you need to try to do is become the dominant player of your 7×7. And let’s not forget feeding your expansion villages. This gives amazing hero xp early on. Sure your ready to take on the hardest type of player on travian?? Anyways, only use Phalanx to raid early game on inactives, as they are of a decent speed and a handful of them can rake in resources over time. Message: data This is especially useful if you know the player you are attacking is deleting or going to attempt to rebuild the residence. Here is a table showing how many Trebs are required to knock down a level of a field/building: Every clan has an honored elder and experienced fighter used to persuade the inhabitants of other villages to join his clan. Swordsmen are more expensive than Phalanx, but they are exceptional attack troops. While its somewhat useful in the very early game, but its practically useless from mid-game onwards as armies grow bigger. While a Gaul hammer can be just as powerful and effective as a Roman or Teuton one, especially when build of Haeduans and Swordsmen, they are an excellent tribe to build an anvil with. This guide is written primarily for speed servers running Travian Version 3.6, but is compatible with Travian 4 and some aspects work with Travian Classic servers. The Gallic Merchant is the fastest of them all, allowing your sales to appear near the top of the list and giving you extra advertisement to people who do not have he time to look for better trades as well as to people who need resources fast. One level 10 cranny will ensure your safety of resources from Romans and Gauls. Lets say as a Gaul … This guide was made for the purpose of producing something useful for those who wish to take the leap and play Gaul. Troops impriso… OK, the first thing that you've got to know is that Gaul means defence. The extra advantage makes Gauls the ideal salesmen on the market, especially early on when most trades are in only a few hundreds and all that matters is speed. This guide below has been made for all levels of travian players and is aimed at the most modern travian server. With a level 10+ tournament square, you are open to a lot of the Travian map to attack. You SHOULD have wiped out all of the player’s troops now, because if you haven’t your next waves are going to be introduced to a world of pain…, 2a) Catapult waves. Haeduans are amazing in two aspects; their high attack damage and defense against cavalry. While you’ll start out weak with just your phalanx, if you use your defenses and raid intelligently, you can easily overtake your neighbors with Theutates Thunder. Have level 20 blacksmith upgrades on your offensive troops, and plenty of catapults too. A Phalanx creates in 2:56 in a 20 barracks. If you can survive the beginning of the game, then you have the potential to become one of the most powerful players. All then to do is prepare for the Natars arrival. However, early game these things are EXPENSIVE! Because the founding of a village is particularly difficult, three Settlers are necessary. This travian strategy guide has been made for all levels of travin but it is advised this type of game that the player has experience (if you have none why not try playing as a defensive travian gaul?) Teutons get a lot of attention for their fast, powerful armies and Romans get praised for their strong infrastructure and powerful late game hammers, but the truth is that the Gauls are extremely powerful in mid and late-game and have some of the best tools for surviving until that point. Tulan in Texas Valentine and Tuldio Retreat in Pelladane have the other crafting trainers and optional accessories along with data. T… While they may seem weak in the beginning of the server, Gauls soon become some of the most powerful and influential players in the game. Let’s see what a typical 7×7 centered around this iron oasis is like: You are bordered in blue in the center, those bordered in black are active players. With your traps and enormous crannies, a Gaul can survive to expand and build without ever having to worry about being raided. Later on, taking 200 units out from a 4K+ units army isn’t going to do much., 1) The clearing wave. A good question, and this guide could be used without too much trouble by a gaul, and even by a teuton (although the teuton will have better strategies available). A Phalanx creates in 2:56 in a 20 barracks. This is a great way to discourage early game farming - in fact, most savvy Teutons and nearly all Romans will avoid you simply for being a Gaul. As defenders, they are relatively weak, particularly against cavalry. Bonjour, Voici un guide pour prendre un bon start en tant que Gaulois Farmer. This video is unavailable. Patience is key for Romans and Gauls when it comes to raking in resources. A mix of both of these units is ideal. Both are great when it comes to defense. This means that a playstyle that favors them will work out far better than an aggressive strategy, especially if you are new to the game or the race. Primarily a guide on self-resource production and how Gauls can improve their gaming. A TT hero is key to start wiping the floor of Teutons. You are an invaluable asset to an alliance if you are a good Gaul. Being a simple infantry unit, the Phalanx is relatively cheap and quick to produce. Usually, you want a good mix of infantry and cavalry for your anvil. Low on a resource? They are the middle ground for capacity (Roman merchants carry 500, Teutons carry 1000), but are the fastest and are amazing because of this. Your second village can be a 15-cropper, even though that is most commonly the Teuton route. On the bright side, the Gaul chief moves at 5 squares/hour instead of 4 like its racial counterparts. You can be fine without Gold too though! All races can make defensive units on their own in supply villages. What you do is find a spot ~5-6 hours away from you (on a 1-way trip, so 10-12 hours total) and raid them overnight. It is also a whopping 45K+ clay to train. Haeduans are your primary clearing cavalry unit along with swordsmen. If you think you will not be a heavy raider, make sure your 6-c’s have level 10 fields and their 25% bonus buildings. The rest will go into defensive bonus. It is best used in your clearing wave because its effects on the wall are calculated before the battle (wall level goes down before damage/defense is calculated) starts. You have just made a farm, and now he cannot demolish his stuff to get back into positive wheat. There are much more you can find here, such as fancy profile for you ingame profile or some free cool stuff to be downloaded The main purpose of the Druidrider is definitely defense against infantry. As a Gaul player I see two things you can do early on; start leveling fields and a cranny and relax with production and then eventually make troops, or take a risk and try and make military right away and start raiding. Swordsmen are up to par in relation to Axemen and Imperians, and Gaulish cavalry is amazing when it comes to damage. The Teuton scout, the Roman Equites Legati, and Gaul Pathfinder are the same in many regards but the Teutons have the economy on their side: Their scouts only cost you one crop. This is more than made up for by the Gaul’s next raiding unit: the Theutates Thunder. With this strategy you can rise to the top of any server. Many … Leveling up the trapper becomes overkill after level 9 or so. Travian 4 Gaul Guide. This is applicable to every race. The idealistic, perfect 15-cropper is of course 3 50% wheat oases in the 15-c’s 7×7 with some other oases nearby, but these are very rare and would take some time to find, even with a cropfinder (which is illegal by the way!). In my opinion, I would say to go with a DR instead of a Haeduan since you will run into more infantry always than cavalry, but the choice is yours. Most anvils are upwards of 25,000 troops. If you can’t do it alone, get a friend to dual with you or get some active sitters. Mass Phalanx as your prime defensive unit. Overview This is just a guide I decided to make; any additional info from more experienced players will be welcome and included in guide if I think it is needed. The Haeduans and Theutates Thunders (TTs) dish out damage easily, and TTs are the best raiding unit in the game next to Macemen. Primary army for a Gaul player: Early on: Phalanx to raid->TTs and scouts. If you had a ton of resources you certainly could, but I will do some math to show you why I never bothered. Build cautiously, stay safe, and punish your attackers with your powerful defensive units and traps. Gauls will easily be able to transport resources from one village to another, providing continuous growth to new expansions. When the game reaches the point where people are trading in 3000, this becomes a lesser issue that almost disappears when people make trade offices. Smash the temptation pink for SL commanding is 290. Troop-wise, growth is very important. Your email address will not be published. E.g. Usually, you want a good mix of infantry and cavalry for your anvil. Speed bonus: Yes, this is definitely true, and is very important in allied efforts. But in Travian speak, an anvil is a massive wall of defensive troops, basically. Watch Queue With this, you can try to keep the amounts you want when you sell wood and wheat in multiples of close to 1000, clay in close to 750’s, and iron in close to 500’s. For an anvil we will shoot for efficiency and forgo the use of a greater barracks at all. I myself would not choose a defensive hero, but it is an available option if you wish to go on a defensive path. That does not mean that you can’t raid with it - you can and you should, it is just less effective than your opponents starting troops. The others are inactive players/farms. From the glorious Theutates Thunder (fastest unit in the game and arguably the best raider), to the reliant Druid Rider and Haeduan, Gallic cavalry is extremely valuable. This guide was made for the purpose of producing something useful for those who wish to take the leap and play Gaul. Travian: Starting Guide for Gold Users - Duration: 13:40. However, they lack attack and should not be used to raid with against those who have units in their villages. Gallic crannies hold an astonishing 2000 resources. You need activity to always be able to send out troops, talk to allies, level up fields/buildings, and see if you’re being attacked. This thread here has the appropriate links to learn Travian for a beginner: In summary, Gauls are masters of versatility. It hurts me when I see no rams in a losing battle. The Pathfinder is the Gallic scout. Also, to be a “top player”, you may want to invest some money into Gold. The loyalty will lower and you will begin assimilating the village to your side. Accompany this wave with your rams and 1 trebuchet to make it go as slow as your catapult waves hitting after this wave. Without defense itself, it does require an escort to be effective. Please contact the Support. A 15-c requires at least 2-3 villages of resources being pushed to it for optimal growth unless you use Gold and use the NPC merchant and/or raid like a maniac. If you are continuously getting stronger and getting a higher population, you will near the top rankings on your server, which should even out from just dominating Teutons to a mix of all three races, as Gauls and Romans have excelled and become good players as well. I would say to just avoid even bothering to get a hero until you can at least get a TT one, let alone a Haeduan. This is vital when time is of the essence; most players losing a village are either always trying to rebuild their residence to prevent conquering, or deleting. This should be your general skill/stat point build unless you are going to just farm oases/macemen for experience: ~15 points into attack, just so you can have a little attack early on with your army/solo troops ~5-10 points into regeneration. The Pathfinder is pretty self-explanatory; they are the scouts for Gauls. A cheap and effective defender. Most Gauls get Haeduans since speed isn’t really an important factor when it comes to clearing waves, and they are stronger attack-wise. Attack damage won’t matter late-game as much, but early on it saves troops. The fastest of the conquering units, the Chief is also not as effective when it comes to lowering loyalty compared to Teutonic Chieftains. Sure, you can upgrade it more, but it’s best to just rely on your cranny, as you’re burning resources on training traps. The generic example is swapping your 5 points to “Attack” when you are attacking, and then after the battle you would just put your points into regeneration. Žaidime „Travian: Legends“ galite bÅ«ti kuo panorėję. Another unique Gaul feature is the Trapper. If there are no scouts in the scouted village, their visit will be unnoticed. The same sort of build would be used as an offensive one except you would probably have to adjust the points around a bit (i.e. Also Teutons are the most common buyers of wheat, Gauls of clay, and Romans are the buyers of iron. Gaul is definitely the more “defensive” tribe of the three, and in the late game is an extremely powerful force to be reckoned with. Here put in your best thinking and buy low and sell high for profit as well as simply sell to get a better balance of resources for what you are doing. You will be able to aide allies across the map, and travel all over for dominance. Six Gun Galaxy - A Guide to Character Abilities, Six Gun Galaxy - A Guide To Leveling Alternative Characters, Six Gun Galaxy - Tackling Devastated City, Six Gun Galaxy Review: Sci-fi Meets The West. However, other Gauls will choose a TT hero because of its speed. Make sure your cranny is large enough to hold all of your resources, and if you’re worried about being attacked, build traps before leaving BP. That being said, their offensive capabilities are also very good, so no worries there if you wish to be a top player playing Gaul. And still, 1333 resources protected from Teutons is fine early game since you can easily spend resources in efforts to prevent your enemies from getting anything. Haeduans’ training and equipment is particularly expensive, and at 3 units of wheat/hour, one must always ask himself whether he is prepared to accept these costs. It is still expensive to get settlers early on! The other for you is the Druid Rider, which does do more defense than Phalanx for infantry, but it doesn’t fare as well versus cavalry. Jordaniel13 26,918 views. The Pathfinder is the Gaul's reconnaissance unit. Expensive siege weapons: By the time it comes for someone to get siege a mere 200 more of a resource per siege unit will not hurt too much. They can quickly travel the map to aide others. Hammer refers to a very large attacking army which is built in a single village and whose sole purpose is to attack, break the defense and destroy the enemy. If you have an allied Teuton ask them to help you out as defensive scouts (to block enemy scouts). getting defense points, defensive bonus, maybe a bit more regeneration). Press J to jump to the feed. Moderate defense bonus from the Palisade: Merchants can carry 750 resources (speed: 24 fields/hour): Summoners War Optimal Def% and HP% Ratio Guide. A site which present hints, tips, guides, scripts and graphic packs for Travian (online browser game). Enemies can be imprisoned and won't be able to harm your village any more. With the Gaul it is very easy to capture attackers using traps which are very inexpensive and fast to produce. They can play any role and are very easy to adapt with. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Watch how you spend these things and ensure they don’t die. This guide is for players who have some experience Travian or are new to Travian Version 4. By far the fastest unit in the game, the Theutates Thunder will expand your raiding zone by three whole screens or more, and strike fear into the hearts of any Teutons who have failed to upgrade to spearmen quickly enough. The Gaul palisade is somewhere in the middle between the Roman city wall and Teuton earth wall. These swordsmen will easily use up the iron stores Gauls seem to get (probably through a lot of things costing more clay, and TTs/trebs cost a lot of clay) and are your main escort in clearing waves/catapult waves. Search. Gauls are excellent at defending, but an aggressive tactic is possible, too. If people raid or attack a Gaul with traps, and the traps outnumber the units attacking, they become trapped. Remember that Teutons trade in 1000, Gauls in 750, and romans in 500. Having a TT hero when your villages are spread apart is a great thing for transportation. A Guide for Successful Gauls Travian is a thrilling game, but in order to play successfully (survive, be able to grow fast, enter a first class alliance, become a strong offensive or defensive player)… I see this type of question a lot on the forums so I will try to explain what you should try to think of for a Gaul hero. This medium cavalry unit is outfitted for defense. Unless you’re worried a 9 or 15-c is going to be taken by someone else, try to just get a normal 6-cropper as your second village. Most people will look for trades that make best use of their merchants as well as their resources and time. They are very fast and they can carefully advance on enemy units, resources or buildings in order to spy on them. So while the Gaul army starts off relatively weak, it soon grows to become quick and deadly, and extremely effective in mid- and endgame wars.