He was a very clever musician and actor, and he wrote very good poetry. When Rome was burning, Nero was playing the flute and when Karachi was drowning, Sindh government was celebrating Asif Zardari's birthday. The phrase refers to the legend of the Roman Emperor Nero playing the lyre as Rome burned down. It appears Nero has now arrived in India. “When Rome was burning, Nero was playing fiddle or flute on Palatine Hill and waiting to see the burning of the city in order to build one golden palace, Domus Aurea. He was self-indulgent, cruel, and violent as well as a cross-dressing exhibitionist. Sometimes, at these dinners, Nero would play on a harp or flute, and sometimes he would act portions of plays or recite poems which he himself had composed. When Delhi was burning, our Nero went with a flute to Gujarat to host President Trump. The great fire of Rome breaks out and destroys much of the city on this day in the year 64. Organizing these files is like fiddling while Rome burns—the boss won't care what they look like when he finds out we lost that big client! The Great Fire of Rome (Latin: Ignem magnum imperium), was an urban fire that occurred in July, 64 AD. Okay, so some details can get muddled through history. fiddle while Rome burns To take little to no productive action during a crisis. Nero was Roman emperor from 54 to 68 CE. Translated English (US) Nero was blamed for ignoring a serious matter, and neglecting his people while they suffered. “When Rome was burning, Nero was playing fiddle or flute on Palatine Hill and waiting to see the burning of the city in order to build one golden palace, Domus Aurea. Did Nero neglect Rome while … Chowdhury compared home minister Amit Shah with Emperor Nero and said, “When Rome was burning, Nero was playing the fiddle. It appears Nero … It was during the night of the 18 th July 64 AD, when a fire broke out in the merchant area of the city. According to the most reliable reports, Nero was miles away, in Antium, when the fire broke out. The fire began in the merchant shops around Rome's chariot stadium, Circus Maximus, on the night of July 19.After six days, the fire was brought under control, but before the damage could be assessed, the fire reignited and burned for another three days. He sat on a hillock watching the city burn as he wanted to build a palace of gold. The last of the Julio-Claudians to rule the Roman Empire, his 14-year reign represents everything decadent about that period in Roman history. One evening a fire broke out in Rome and raged furiously for a week. Soon after hearing about the fire, Nero headed to Rome. In the summer of AD 64, Rome was devastated by a huge fire that lasted six days. One such story is that of Nero merrily playing the fiddle while Rome burned in the Great Fire of the first century. “Nero fiddles while Rome burns” has become a phrase used to criticise someone who is doing something trivial or irresponsible in the face of an emergency. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Nero probably didn’t play the lyre or flute during these events either. If Nero actually did play a stringed instrument—and there’s no evidence that he did, whether during the burning of Rome or otherwise—it was probably a lyre or cithara.