I started to feel tired (exhausted) and just felt different. In fact, human reproduction in general is a complete mystery to these befuddled folks. Our duaghter is only 13 and has told us she is having protected sex with her 21 yo boyfriend but soon plans to start having unprotected sex because they are ready for a baby. Answer Save. 1 0. Relevance. I have been having a creamy white discharge, but no other pms symptoms I’m use to. The both displayed two line however the important line was v v faint and I mean barely visible that my bf didn't see it properly untill he really really looked with it held up to the light. Answer Save. My period came when expected and it was like any other period, normal. It's disturbing to hear teens talk about how "cute" it's going to be. Anyway, I’m avoiding the pill at the moment as it makes me nauseated. 1 decade ago. Also why do a lot of guys seem to leave they're girlfriend or wife and their kids ? One word, two syllables. So one my coworkers in her late 30's is pregnant. I’ve had a full period since then at the beginning of October. Could I be? I'm one month pregnant with bad cramps and nursea and vomiting is there a way to get rid of this or do I have to stuck it up and deal with it. 3 years ago. Can you get pregnant wit a vibrator? On the 2nd of September I had a sudden urge to take a pregnancy test, so i did and on the early detection test and it was faintly positive. With all that contraception in your body it is unlikely that you would have become pregnant. Pregnant? BUT if that was the first period … 6 months ago. Did your schools really not tell you both anything about sex and contraception and pregnancy? Flying Spaghetti Monster. if the guy didn’t do a pullout and f inside you (unprotected sex) and let it sit inside the vagina for a good 2 mins. Am I pregnant?? - "PREGNANCY" THE WORST YAHOO ANSWERS!! About 3 days later I had cramping that lasted about 5 days. If you're already in the luteal phase it's just a waste of a pill. If you're only one month pregnant, you … Today October 21st i am supposed to get my period but I have not went ahead … Her friends also had kids as teenagers too one of her friends had twins when she was 16. 12 months ago. I am not stressed for any reason. 6 Answers. 5 Answers. 6 hours ago. When my period was over, I began to feel itchy down there and began to get a weird discharge with a weird smell. 1 decade ago. I found out I was pregnant august 23rd and now I am 10 weeks. I have irregular menses. lol this sounds stupid & i’m tried of googling. Edna. Both with very similar results. Give birth and have the baby adopted. 1 0. Lv 7. Two negative home tests. is it possible i can be pregnant. THE WORST YAHOO ANSWERS!! Can you be 19 weeks pregnant after only have one period? I had unprotected sex with a new partner on September 20th, he pulled out and I got my period on September 22nd. I had sex, we didn't use a condom but he didn't ejaculate inside of me. 3 Answers. can i be pregnant? He pulled out and I do not use a form of birth control. My husband and I had unprotected sex on the last day of my fertile window. But for the users of Yahoo! 27 mins ago. Does anyone know any at home, home made, pregnancy tests that work? Relevance. I started the pills July 7th . I am about 9 days late for AF. Pregnant. but for the normal calculation, my menses is due for 4 days (should be on 2nd).I have been have cramps and backaches and headache since 30th Jan. And was feeling nausea and dizzy since 31st Jan. Haven’t had sex since then. Find more questions on Pregnancy & Parenting on Yahoo Answers. 3. Pregnancy?!?!? 1 decade ago. I had protected sex, we used a condom, on the last day of my period on September 6th 2020. Pregnancy? ? Pregnant? Fredrick: hate Fred but Fredrick is a little better but not much I’m 17 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and I don’t feel pregnant I’m not showing no bump and I haven’t felt my baby move or anything. That was two weeks ago. There are going to be challenges in every generation, COVID-19 is impacting all generations, all across the globe. Lv 5. I’m hoping someone with knowledge and experience can help me out. yes. Mamawidsom. 2 months ago. From this mangled version of “pregnant,” you can likely deduce that dozens, if not hundreds, of Yahoo Answers posters have also completely botched … Not implantation bleeding. sarah. You run the risk of getting pregnant any time you have unprotected sex - whether your period is late or whether it isn't. i had unprotected sex oct 7th , according to my period tracker oct 7th was my ovulation day(not sure how accurate those are) . Favourite answer. Why is it that teens get pregnant ? If you've just ovulated it can't to anything either and there's a very high risk of pregnancy. Answer Save. 1. Lv 5. Pregnancy ? Relevance Asylum Escapee 1 decade ago. Another one had a kid when she was 13. In order to be approved it had to categorically NOT harm a pregnancy. Hi I have a question ,I’m on the pill and about almost two weeks ago I forgot 4 pills in total but I doubled up on the pill every time(it wasn’t back to back but it was in the same week following into the second week)this was during the first week of my pack . Answer Save. I took a preg test two days ago and it was neg. In the instance where I am pregnant, it would greatly affect my school, my work, and my home life. That's it. 2 months ago. Pregnant ? 4 months ago. Lv 7. 5 Answers. And how they will "take the baby here and there". Gilbert: the only thing nice about this is the nickname Gil. I am so paranoid about being pregnant, it just won’t go away. 6 hours ago. I took a test today and was negative.Could I be pregnant … If you were sexually active after having that period and haven't had another period since, then yes, you could be pregnant. 8 Answers . Answers, the pioneering internet “knowledge market” that started as Yahoo! I am now 5 days late for my period, although the past day I have felt it coming, it's not there . I was on BC up until like mid September. Pregnancy? 12 months ago. Q&A over a decade ago, that commonplace word is nearly impossible to spell. 6 months ago. I was on the depo shot for around 3 years , my shot was supposed to be June 29 , but I decided not to get the shot because i was going to switch off to the birth control pills (due to bad side effects). Ok so took two cheap pregnancy tests. However, if your period is a "few weeks late" and you took a pregnancy test a week ago and the test showed negative, it's highly unlikely that you're pregnant. My period was 2 days late and … Pregnant? It came back negative, but I still find myself feeling worried. Answer Save. That's … I was worried the light period could have been implantation bleeding so I waited a week after it started and took a pregnancy test. I took a plan b 5 days after the 7th . PS this is my first pregnancy Answer Save. I know abortion is a valid option, but I am not sure if I have the heart to do it. Or old wives tales i guess . For the past couple of months my period has been regular. - "PREGNANCY" THE WORST YAHOO ANSWERS!! Lv 7. Answer Save. Also, the first guy had his sperm rechecked after I found out I was pregnant and it came back “no sperm present”. I know the second guy is most likely the dad. I'm finally pregnant which is exciting, but very unsure on a few things; I ovulated on the 23rd of August with a dark line (on the ovulation test). 8 months ago. 3 hours ago. Warrington Lass. I read online it might be an infection, but then I began to get very mild abdominal … Anonymous. My wife had her first daughter at 19 she has 2 other kids with me and another guy. Only … If you are now pregnant you have three choices. I am on birth control pills, used a condom, and I had a light period for about three days. There are no at-home, home-made pregnancy … "Leakng out" - oh dear! Tri-Harder. Find more questions on Pregnancy on Yahoo Answers. Answer Save. I am on Yasmin, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and we used the withdrawl method also (we had sex for a very long time so I am sure he pre-came in me) About 1-1 and a half after, I had missed 2 pills..2 different days NOT simultaneously. Find more questions on Pregnancy & Parenting on Yahoo Answers. 6 Answers. If it has sperm on it, sure. Find more questions on Pregnancy & Parenting on Yahoo Answers. Both my partner and I got tested before having unprotected sex. Pregnant?!? One man has gathered a raft of questions about pregnancy from the much-loved, but not overly dependable, forum Yahoo Answers. 4 years ago. 3 years ago. Pregnant???? ? Edna. Getting a normal flow period a few days after unprotected sex, is this a sign that pregnancy did not happen or could this be implantation bleeding? only if the vibrator had sperm on it would you be able to get pregnany other than that you would need to have full sexual … Relevance. Relevance. 3 Answers. Pregnant??? Spelled pretty much like it sounds. I can only imagine dealing with pregnancy at such an young age, but it doesn't mean you still have to act young. The result - … Relevance. Lv 7. Even though I know that I am not in the best circumstance to have a child, I also feel like I should not run away from my own actions and that I should take accountability for it. you can try gender predicting tests. 1 month ago. Give birth and keep the baby. Relevance. The main thing that bothers me about MOST pregnant teens is that they still have that teenager mentality. it was possibly a little lighter than usual but it was 5 days and was most definitely a real period and not any spotting or anything like that. I am 20 years old and I quit taking bc about 6 months ago. 12 months ago. Find more questions on Pregnancy & Parenting on Yahoo Answers. I have noticed fatigue and headaches … I was due for my period 11/26 but have not gotten it. Otherwise, NO! ? 12 months ago. But I’ve read sperm can survive for up to a week in a woman’s body. pregnancy? pregnancy ? happened like 12-13 days after my period. 2. Favorite Answer. Most women never notice implantation … The result - a brilliant montage. Shouldn’t really be that tough to type correctly. 1 decade ago. could I just be overreacting or does anyone else feel the same way? She has commented that she wasn't planning this at all. Keep using the vibrator, clearly you're not ready for sex! Abortion.